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Berklee Music Business

Music Business Seminar – The Next Big Thing in Music is Not Music At All

Students Alán Hensley and Laura Shand from the global entertainment and music business master’s program reflect upon the seventh of the Music Business Seminars, where they were able to listen to Chris Carey during his talk ‘Big Data’.

Last week we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Chris Carey, an acclaimed economist and insight specialist, for our Global Entertainment and Music Business Seminar to give a lecture on big data analytics. Initially, one may find it odd for a music school to ask an economist to give a lecture on statistics and analytics, but soon into the lecture it becomes easy to discern the useful application for such knowledge. It would be safe to say that most of us Berklee students wouldn’t list math or statistics as our favorite academic areas of study, in fact, the two subjects wouldn’t make most of our top 5 lists. The thought of even doing a regression analysis pushes most of us students to instead devote time honing our musical craft with our instruments or fortifying our techniques in the studio. The rationale is that if we perfect our artistry, statistics and complex math may never have to be part of our career. While a quantitative analysis of music preferences in Europe may not be in the foreseeable future for most Berklee students, Chris Carey quickly opened our eyes as to why we should consider learning about one of the increasingly influential areas of the music industry. Chris’s lecture illustrated that data analytics is a growing sector in the music industry that is rapidly shaping the business environment and how organizations react to the market.

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Music Business Seminar – An Orange with Marty

Student Nicolas Schipper from the global entertainment and music business master’s program reflects upon the fifth of the Music Business Seminars, where he had the chance to listen to American entertainment lawyer Martin Frascogna.

He is a young international entertainment lawyer with an impressive background: more than 7 books about assisting artists with international expansion; professional lectures in the most important music conferences in the world, such as MIDEM; and many more amazing things. His name is Martin Frascogna, with whom we shared three amazing days. Marty talked about a lot of different subjects and the main theme was the music industry in the United States. He also talked about what is happening with music reproduction.

“Piracy, streaming is nothing more than a format change we have been going through”

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Music Business Seminar – Don Gorder on the US Music Industry’s Trudge to Modernization (Pre 1972 – 2014)

Students Alex Foing and Megan Himel from the global entertainment and music business master’s program reflect upon the fourth of the Music Business Seminars, where they had the chance to listen to Don Gorder discuss the changes in the US music industry.

Since the dawn of time, the relationship between art and commerce has often seen troubled waters. We have gone through format changes, evolving paradigms, local to global, bottom to top, and from analog to digital. But in our era of digital consumption, there will always be two prevailing mechanisms that help steer the industry’s course: Legislation (the ability to protect and exploit ownership) and Technology (the vehicle used for distributing, sharing and monitoring). As long as the economics of art force it to be monetized, these two guardians will hold the power to bring about the industry’s flourishing or demise.

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Five-Week Summer Program Students are ‘Shipping Up to BOSTON’

Valley Student Earns Prestigious Music Scholarship:

We are all very excited for Isabella Perrino and all of the other outstanding students who have been accepted to the Five-Week Summer Program at the Berklee College of Music here in Boston. Check out the video of Isabella on the local news in Phoenix, AZ as she talks about her time at the Phoenix Conservatory of Music and her preparation to  and read more here!

Entrevista con Javier Samayoa (Interview with Javier Samayoa, Berklee Canta en Español)

Javier Samayoa,  productor  ejecutivo de Berklee Canta en Español, nos cuenta su experiencia con la realización de este evento y su punto de vista en cuanto a los latinos en Berklee.

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