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Summer in the City 2012

Ethan Schiff, producer of the Berklee Summer in the City 2012 WUMB, Georges Island and Harvard Longwood concert series’, Founder of  Indie Basic, Artist Manager at Ethan Schiff Entertainment and current Berklee Music Business Major, gives his insight to the wonderful opportunities Summer in the City gives emerging artists.
Amelia Ali

Amelia Ali

When you’re a relatively new upcoming artist, there’s often a good amount of compromise that needs to take place. At this stage in a musical career, exposure is ultimately the most important thing to be gained from a performance. Sometimes even if you don’t get paid or loose money to traveling expenses, the chance to raise awareness about your music is worth it. But every once in a while you come across an opportunity that is beneficial both financially and promotionally. The Berklee Summer in the City Series is just that.

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Cinco Son at The Tito Puente Music Series

People were out and about at O’day park last week to see Cinco Son perform as part of the Tito Puente Music Series. Be it on stoops, in the streets, sidewalks, or the park itself, people we’re all over and excited to be there!

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Grupo Fantasia at the Tito Puente Music Series

Last week I had the pleasure of getting to see Grupo Fantasia at Mozart Park in Jamaica Plain. With no hesitation, the band and the couple hundred people in attendance broke out into a Merengue as soon

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Berklee guitarist felt the souls of Mississippi blues pioneers

Noe Socha turned 20 on his trip to Mississippi, though his birthday was the dimmest of the highlights from his trip. Noe is a deep devote of the blues and the Mississippi musicians whose music has transcended generations and oceans to influence a kid from Capri, Italy, who started out playing classical music on his guitar. This was his first trip down South and every time he stepped out of the van to explore another historic landmark, he tapped into something spiritual coming up from the grounds where Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Honey Boy Edwards, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Albert King once roamed with their guitars.

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