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Ben Konen

Cluttered Clarity: Friendship in the Music Business (part 2)

Ben KonenBen Konen is a student at Berklee College of Music. With the help of International Programs he and his band, Cluttered Clarity, will be touring around Europe this summer. Read more about Ben’s adventures here.

Last week I explained that sometimes in your career, you have to take business decisions against your friends. This week, I will explain that good friends will also help move your career forward.

For those of you that read the previous blog posts, you know that the last couple of months were really busy. I had to organize a tour and all the work that it brings with it. Unfortunately I only had little time to do all that work. When I told my friends about the project, I had a lot of great feedback from them. Further more, some people offered me their help, which I gladly accepted.

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Cluttered Clarity: The Project

Ben KonenBen Konen is a student at Berklee College of Music. With the help of International Programs he and his band, Cluttered Clarity, will be touring around Europe this summer. Read more about Ben’s adventures here.

Eight months ago, Jernej and I realized, that living in Boston was great. However, being away from your hometown for such a long time had one major downside. The local music scene forgets who you are. We decided to start a new band and apply at local festivals in Luxembourg and Slovenia.

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