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Berklee Presents Felix Peikli at The Regattabar Courtyard Series

While this past week’s Regattabar show was rained out with flash-flood-like speed, the show before that easily brought enough sunshine to everyone’s day to make up for it.

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Emily Elbert at the ICA Harborwalk Sounds Series

Down again at the sun-sprayed dock of the ICA for another awesome show. This week: Emily Elbert and friends take the stage.

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Esperanza at 17

Esperanza Spalding when she was at Berklee

Esperanza Spalding when she was at Berklee. Photo by Liz Linder.

It was the moment that broke a million 16-year-old hearts: Esperanza Spalding, not J***** B1383R, was called up for the Best New Artist Grammy. But Spalding herself was 16 (okay, 17) not long ago, and starting her studies* at Berklee.

I spoke with two professors who taught her that very first semester. The conversations have been edited for length.

Were you in class with Esperanza before she got famous? Post your impressions in the comments.

* Psst. Justin. Call us. And by “us” I mean the Berklee Admissions Department. We can totally work something out. Don’t give up hope.

Ron Mahdi, associate professor, Ensemble Dept.
Class: private bass lesson

When did you meet Esperanza?

I was her private teacher when she first came to Berklee. She was 17 years old. At one of the lessons she just asked me Ron, guess what day it is? It’s my 18th birthday. She was young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, trying to realize her dreams.

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Athens: Of Snow and Spots

After four beautiful days of sunshine and highs in the mid-70s, the weather took a decidedly New English turn on Friday and Saturday of my week in Athens. Snowflakes sprinkled down and cold winter winds whipped into our faces. Goodbye Mediterranean feel, hello Vermont in February. But it didn’t slow things down on Saturday for the Berklee crowd, especially student violinist Adam Moskowitz, who performed Mozart and Schubert in a morning recital; and Ben Thomas, who played a jazz gig into the wee hours.

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Allee in Athens: Signomi!

Allee Futterer is not shy. At 19, she is the youngest Berklee student in the Athens program, but she is always the first to start a conversation with a complete stranger. I’m not sure if signomi (excuse me) is the first Greek word she learned, but I’ve sure seen her use it a lot, as she asks for coffee or someone’s name.

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