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Berklee’s first official visit to Eastern Europe

Hi my name is Gojko Damjanic and I am one of the Assistant Directors of Admission at Berklee. It is my honor and privilege to start my blog with a little story of our trip to Belgrade, my hometown. In 1992 I left Belgrade to begin my studies at Berklee College of Music. 17 years later I came back with a group of Berklee Faculty to start the first official visit to this part of the world.  With the help of Multikultovator  and Vlada Djordjevic, along with MS “Stankovic”  Berklee College of Music organized a first official visit to Eastern Europe. Clinics and auditions were scheduled October 12th to October 17th 2009. Around 90 participants were in the clinics and 60 auditioners had a chance to meet Jason  Camelio Director, International Programs.Gregory  BadolaosAssociate Vice President International Programs and Kurt J. Biederwolf-Chair, Music SynthesiAll major TV stations including Radio TV Serbia and newspapers covered this event, speaking about this historical visit made by Berklee College of Music to this area of Eastern Europe.

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Nairobi so far…

Our first day in Nairobi ended with a deep sense that we’re on to something here. We just had a great meeting with a group of educators from local universities, regional high schools, and other reps from various programs including initiatives in community outreach and development.

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Berklee Team – Kenya ’09

Hello folks, this is to introduce myself and to let you know that I am en route to Nairobi with a fantastic team from Berklee to conduct one of our special moments of off-campus magic. This time the location is the Brookhouse International Schools in Nairobi where we will conduct auditions, meet educators, meet our amazing alumni there, and hope to welcome newcomers to our growing world of family and friends.

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