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yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a Contemporary Writing and Production major, finished her 5th semester in the Spring 2015. She studies arranging, recording/mixing with ProTools, playing trombone for concerts/recordings, and singing in vocal ensembles. She graduated Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo with Bachelor of Music from Music Education major, Music Education minor, with a license of teaching music in japanese Junior high/senior high schools.


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Loft Sessions: original songwriters and arrangers captured on video

Composition and film scoring major Evan Chapman (’13) writes about the latest installment in his Loft Session video series, featuring original Berklee songwriters Sam Fischer, Melanie Lynx, Vince Cannady, and Sarah Walk accompanied by a full string section, choir, and various percussion instruments. 

The Loft Sessions concept materialized back in September of 2012, with a short four-video series, which featured my good friend, Vince Cannady, a string trio, and three back-up singers. Vince, an incredibly talented vocalist had just begun performing his original music, and up until this point hadn’t received the traction someone of his caliber should. I released four videos shortly after which featured a re-arrangement of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Use Somebody” and two of Vinces originals which were filmed and recorded live in the Berklee loft space, comprised of Berklee students. Upon the release of these videos, it became apparent that this concept furnished the capacity to provide a platform for unrecognized talent in a way that local shows could not. 

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Maria Schneider Clinic & Special Class


本日は先月末に行われた、今をときめくJazz Composer/ArrangerのMaria Schneiderによるクリニックおよび、今週火曜日にMariaが僕も含めてたった10人程度のJazz Composition 2のクラスにやってきた時の様子をお伝えします!


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ミュージカル曲のアレンジに挑戦!2 Musical Theater Arranging Part2


のコンサート「Curtain Up」の本番でした!

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ミュージカル曲のアレンジに挑戦!1 Musical Theater Arranging Part1

今学期とっているMusical Theater Arrangingというクラスで、ミュージカル曲の


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