The most memorable part of my LA Program internship experience was the task of actually securing an internship. Turns out, even though you’re interning for free, it is really hard applying for internships, especially for companies across the country. Like many other people I knew in the program, I applied to what felt like a zillion internships in hopes that I would secure one. In many cases I never heard back from companies and other sites put me through a whole slew of interviews. I ended up having a roommate before I actually knew where I was going to be interning! This was nerve-racking, but trust me, if you can stay focused, determined and not get discouraged, you will land the right internship for you.

With the move-in date for LA looming, I worried about not securing anything yet. I felt desperate enough to apply to internships outside of my main industry focus. One month away from moving I was offered an internship over the phone. I had to give an answer within the week. I figured I should just take it because it was getting close to the deadline and I had no other offers in sight, but in the back of my mind I knew that I would not be happy with this internship. I ended up having to make a difficult phone call to turn the offer down and the interviewer was not happy with me. I thought that my internship experience was over before it began. With a few interviews left, I made the move to California without a secured internship.

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