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annie lynch

Tommy Bohlen at CMJ

Thursday Night in the Lower East Side was no ordinary weekday as bands filled every venue in sight, hour to hour with each venue packed with music loving souls $1500 personal loans. An absolutely gorgeous day in fall Manhattan left us energized to do a marathon run of shows all along Bowery and Ludlow St.

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Showcase Photos – part 2

More pics from last friday.

The Hollow Sound:

The Hollow Sound

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Berklee SXSW Party

Hey Everyone,

It’s Brian from the office of Alumni Affairs. We had an absolutely incredible party today at SXSW! We jammed 9 great bands into 4 and 1/2 hours of stage time and they all managed to bring down the house. From the funky, reggae infused tunes of Ma’ayan Castel, to the subtle melodies of Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers, on up to the brilliantly composed chaos of KID:NAP:KIN, everyone brought their “A” game. No one left disappointed.

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