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“Andrew Riezebeek”

“Where I need to be.”

Andrew Riezebeek, a guitarist from the Netherlands, attended the Five-Week Performance Program on-campus at Berklee this past summer. In this post, he describes his experience, and what he’s gained in his second year attending the program.

Five-Week Performance Program 2010

Andrew Riezebeek, Photo by Shelly Booth

I have just completed the Five-Week Performance Program for the second time, and let me tell you, It was another crazy experience! This Five-Week proved once more that Berklee is the place where I need to be. It is the place that will help me reach my ultimate goals as a musician, and help get me where I want to go within the music industry.  I have been part of great moments during this year’s Five-Week Program and those moments will never be forgotten.

I was a bit skeptical at first. I was actually more nervous than last year. I was scared that this year would not be able to top last year’s Five-Week. I asked myself, “Would I meet people as nice as the people I met last year? Will I learn as much? Will my teachers be as cool?”  I was worried with all these questions. Now, looking back on my experiences, all these questions came out with super positive answers and even more!

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Riezebeek & Five-Week: gearing up for a second year

Andrew Riezebeek will be attending Five-Week for the second time this summer.

Hey Berklee fans! Here is the last blog for you before the Five-Week finally starts. I am really stoked and cannot wait to be a part of this very unique experience once again. I have been doing a lot of things to get myself prepared and it has been a great time. Here is what I have been up to lately!

First of all, I started preparing my audition piece. I chose to play a sax solo on the guitar. I really like the way saxophone phrases and concepts translate to the guitar so I went ahead and challenged myself. The specific solo I am working on is an amazing sax solo in the tune “Run For It” by Charlie Hunter. This track has such a great feel and groove to it and the solo in the song really blew my mind.

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Catching up with Five-Week student Andrew Riezebeek

Last fall, 15 year old guitarist from the Netherlands, Andrew Riezebeek, blogged about his experience at the 2009 Five-Week Summer Performance Program and Guitar Sessions.  In this post, Riezebeek shares with us his music projects as he prepares for Five-Week this coming summer.

Hey Berklee fans and students! Here’s another post for you guys and girls coming straight from Amsterdam!

I have been doing a ton musically and all of my recent experiences have been really important to get prepared for the Five-Week Performance Program 2010.

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From Guitar Sessions to Five-Week: A young musician on a mission

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