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Alumni Event

Morgana Overture Premiere with the San Rafael Symphonic Band of Bunyol

It was a real treat taking the short trip from Valencia to Bunyol to witness the premiere of one of my overtures by the local Symphonic Band from the Conservatorio Profesional de Música San Rafael de Buñol. This was made possible through collaboration and internal competitions from within Berklee, in order to select the pieces to be played.

Felipe Tellez Morgana Premiere at Buñol

Hip-Hop and R&B Event – Los Angeles

L-R Dawaun Parker, Makeba Riddick, Keith Harris & Carl Beatty (Chief of Staff - Berklee)

February 2012 – Berklee Los Angeles alumni gathered in the cathedral room at the Village Studios to listen to heavy-hitting Grammy winners Makeba Riddick, Dawaun Parker and Keith Harris speak about everything from artist management, to hit songs, to their career paths and aspirations. If anything was front and center during the 2-hour event, it was as Keith Harris put it…

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한국에서 열린 버클리 오디션과 한인동창회 – Berklee Auditions and Alumni Reception in Korea

지난달 한국 오디션과 한인동창회를 위해 버클리 어드미션 팀과 스탭분들이 한국을 방문하셨습니다.

10월 23일 부터 26일까지는 서울재즈아카데미에서 워크샵이 진행되었고, 27일부터 29일까지는 오디션과 인터뷰가 진행되었습니다.

워크샵으로는, 버클리 교수님들이 직접 진행하신 송라이팅 수업, 오디션과 인터뷰 준비하는 방법 등 여러가지 클리닉이 진행되었고,

새로 생긴 Berklee in Valencia에 대한 설명과 교수님들과의 잼세션도 있었습니다.

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