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Alberto Vargas: Exploring Film Scoring at Mix One, Part II

In the second half of his original post, Alberto Vargas, a Spring 2012 intern and a Music Production & Engineering / Contemporary Writing and Production Major tells us what he learned from his internship experience and time at Mix One Studios, a recording studio in Boston specializing in voice-overs as well as post-production for film and television.

In the beginning of my internship, I set up a couple of goals I wanted to achieve. I wanted to have the opportunity to work in a professional environment, be able to use the equipment and be a part of the projects and sessions. Those goals came true. I only wish I could have gained more experience in the company and have been able to earn the trust to conduct a session of my own. But I also realized that with the little time I was there, it was not possible.

This internship definitely gave me great experience for my career and it will help me further develop my career and goals. I learned the value of being professional and patient with clients, to have a great work ethic and know it is about the team and not just yourself, and, most importantly, to not be scared to take risks. Obviously know when is the proper time to do so, but nonetheless to take it. I learned to believe in my talent and to know that I have a lot to offer. I can’t say enough how important this is.

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Alberto Vargas: Exploring Film Scoring at Mix One

Spring 2012 intern and Music Production & Engineering / Contemporary Writing and Production Major Alberto Vargas looks back on his internship at Mix One Studios, a recording studio in Boston specializing in voice-overs as well as post-production for film and television . In part one of a two part series, Alberto describes what it was like getting started at Mix One.

This semester, I had the opportunity to work as an intern/assistant engineer at Mix One Studios in Boston. I have always been interested in this company, thanks to collaboration with Berklee and the Contemporary Writing and Production (CWP) program. Furthermore, one of the owners is Ted Paduck, a professor in the Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) department. Mix One is a great studio with many different rooms and purposes. It has two main recording rooms (Studio A and Studio B) for large tracking sessions and three post-production studios for smaller projects. Their work varies from large music sessions for artists, university projects, media production, commercials, and much more. They have amazing equipment and spaces to generate the best sounding recordings possible and the people to make it work. The company has a large variety of clients, from media companies, sports networks, and other media related organizations, to artists, universities and more.

I got the opportunity to work under David Porter, an amazing mix engineer and producer. In the time I was there he worked mostly doing voiceovers and overdub sessions for commercials and TV ads, but he also organized many of the large sessions and supervised them. I was very lucky to have David as a supervisor because he believes in the interns that come and work at the studio and encouraged me to help out. I remember the first day I came into the studio for an interview and David explained to me the typical chores of an intern, taking out the trash, serving coffee, etc; but then he told me that it was up to me to show what I could do, and that little by little, I would be able to assist more on the sessions.

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