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Berklee professors conduct clinics for music educators in Kenya

Music education, not only for students, but also for music educators is key to Berklee’s program in Kenya, with the goal of leaving behind tangible instruction to benefit the local community and Berklee alike.

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Kenyan School or Hogwarts?

Jambo from Kenya! I’m Margot Edwards, Publicist at Berklee. I’ll be writing in from Nairobi about Berklee’s visit this week to the Brookhouse International Schools.  The events include three days of auditions and interviews for the Africa Scholars Program, clinics and workshops for students and music educators. The team – including Contemporary Writing and Production professors Dan Moretti and Ron Reid, Michael Shaver from Admissions, Sam Skau from International Programs, and student Joey Guglielmo – will also be conducting music education outreach at local community centers and schools.  A 4th of July soiree at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence is also on tap for later in the week.

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Final thoughts from China

Mark Campbell, Berklee associate VP for enrollment, packs his bags.

As we prepare to return home from China, a final thought or two.

Expo 2010 is on here in Shanghai and the theme is “Better City, Better Life,” a recognition that sustainable urban environments are crucial to global prosperity and peace.

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Berklee Visits China, 4

The author (left) with Mark Campbell, Berklee associate VP for enrollment and Greg Badolato, assistant VP for international programs.

Our visit to Beijing has proven very informative. Having had the opportunity to meet with and visit a variety of music educators, institutions and alumni living in China, I am struck by the palpable pulse of opportunity and possibility here.

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Berklee in China, 3: Learning to understand

Mark Campbell, associate VP for enrollment, reflects on the challenge and rewards of communication.

Effective communication leads to understanding, awareness and appreciation of similarity and difference.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get across your meaning, or to hear another’s intent. It’s a never-ending challenge; listen well, speak clearly.

Funny. . . but it does get the point across!

In coming to China, our approach has been to listen intently and focus on understanding first. We are here to learn. At the same time, music provides a common medium to share, to understand… to feel.

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