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“Where I need to be.”

Andrew Riezebeek, a guitarist from the Netherlands, attended the Five-Week Performance Program on-campus at Berklee this past summer. In this post, he describes his experience, and what he’s gained in his second year attending the program.

Five-Week Performance Program 2010

Andrew Riezebeek, Photo by Shelly Booth

I have just completed the Five-Week Performance Program for the second time, and let me tell you, It was another crazy experience! This Five-Week proved once more that Berklee is the place where I need to be. It is the place that will help me reach my ultimate goals as a musician, and help get me where I want to go within the music industry.  I have been part of great moments during this year’s Five-Week Program and those moments will never be forgotten.

I was a bit skeptical at first. I was actually more nervous than last year. I was scared that this year would not be able to top last year’s Five-Week. I asked myself, “Would I meet people as nice as the people I met last year? Will I learn as much? Will my teachers be as cool?”  I was worried with all these questions. Now, looking back on my experiences, all these questions came out with super positive answers and even more!

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Take 5: An inside look at the Berklee 5-Week Summer Performance Program

Want an inside look at the Berklee 5-Week Summer Performance Program? Well, now you can view the entire 5-part documentary series, “TAKE 5,” on our YouTube page.

Follow our cast members from their hometowns across the country all the way until scholarships are awarded at the Blowout Concert.

Here’s a little breakdown of the series:

All Take Five Episodes are now live on the PULSE website and on our YouTube Page!

Episode 1: Meet our cast members from around the country. Get some background on Berklee and the 5-Week program. Hear the students’ dreams. (If you’re anything like some PULSE team members who will go unnamed, you might want some tissues for this part.)

Episode 2: Get an insider’s look at the Berklee dorms. See the students’ packed schedules. Hear the first notes that the ensembles start playing together.

Episode 3: Woah. We are deep in the trenches now. One minute it’s gospel, then it’s Michael Jackson, then it’s Beyonce. Watch as the students tighten their acts before the big show.

Episode 4: Madness. Total madness. That’s all we can say! And the Blowout is one week away.

Episode 5: Watch some clips from the amazing Blowout concert performances by the 5-Week students. And see which of our cast members are awarded full scholarships to Berklee. (Keep those tissues handy.)

A special thanks to our cast members: Aaron Liao and Austin DeVries from Seattle; Kadeem Roberts and Ashwa Marshall of Boston; and Tasmine Ballentine and Ashton Riker from Memphis. We couldn’t have done it without every single one of you!

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