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버클리 음악치료

음악치료 와 테크널러지 심포지움- Music Therapy and Technology Symposium

얼마전 David Friend Recital Hall 에서 특별한 행사가 있었다.

Music Therapy and Technology Symposium (음악치료와 테크널러지 심포지움).

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버클리 음악치료, 나의 리서치를 발표하다- Berklee in the 11th Annual Student and Professional Music Therapy Conference

연구발표: 음악이 인간의 신체적 구조에 미치는 영향.

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[English Version] Berklee Music Therapy Students in Grand Cayman Island-part2


(Berklee Music Therapy major students: Georgia Wells, Eddie Konopasek, Jessica Brizuela )

2010 June, a shortly after Berklee’s crazy finals week, a group of Music Therapy major students of Berklee went to Grand Cayman Island to raise awareness about the benefits of music therapy.

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버클리의 음악치료 연구원들-Berklee’s Music Therapy Researchers

버클리의 음악치료사 양성 교육, 얼마나 일까요?

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