This spring, the college’s Gracenotes Volunteer Committee sponsored its second annual trip to New Mexico. A group of nine staff and faculty members traveled to Santa Fe to work with Habitat for Humanity. Here, one of the trip participants, Robin Woo, shares his experience.

Gracenotes 2018 builds an adobe world

By Robin Woo

Nine Berklee faculty and staff members. All had different backgrounds and experiences. Different age groups – a faculty member taught more than 25 years, at same time, a staff member graduated a college less than 2 years ago. Just a few had house building experience. The trip leader was the only person participated Gracenotes on the past. How would this trip work out? Will we be really helpful to local Habitat for Humanity? Can we build a good team chemistry?

I confess that my trip started with so many questions and doubts regarding ‘productive outcomes’ of the trip. Soon, I realized those questions were needless from the very first day. Naturally, we all had many conversations with open mind during time together on airport layovers, van commutes, lunches, dinners, team huddles and team activities. Everyone cared and respected each other with her/his heart. And, everyone took care of each other at construction site before anyone said anything.

Sometimes, we censured typical work issues such as communication, benefit, work environment and before/after the merger. But, at ‘Last Supper’ a night before returning to Boston, I witnessed we were discussing how to make Berklee better and how to help students better. I am truly grateful and honored to get to know these gems of Berklee through the trip. Ellen Thompson (a trip leader), Leslie Koval, Jeannie Gagne, Rene Pfister, Brittany Costa, Audrey Kimball, Rachel Taravella, and Min Lee, I, once again, thank you for making this trip successful.

Robin WooRobin Woo is an assistant director at Office of the Bursar, originally from Seoul, South Korea. He helps students with party payment and scholarship process. He has been with Berklee over 4 years. Besides Berklee, he sings with Tanglewood Festival Chorus.