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Summer in the City

Interview with John Mclaughlin by Andre Vasconcelos

This post is authored by Andre Vasconcelos. Manager of the Brazilian tab of the Berklee Blogs.

It is about time that the Berklee Blogs landed another interview. This time I was gifted with the opportunity to send some questions via email to noone other than John Mclaughlin. Yes, the guitarist for Miles, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, the one that jammed with Jimi Hendrix for HOURS, and many other projects. John is considered by many, and rightfully so, to be the father of Fusion guitar with his genre-bending capabilities and an unparalleled knowledge of the instrument.

As expected from his multicultural background, his music is a really rich and rewarding experience. Adding his extensive jazz vocabulary to the powerful intensity of the rock n’ roll riffs written in intriguing and challenging time signatures derived from his passion for Indian music, you get a very quick gist of Mclaughlin’s newest album with the 4th Dimension, Now Here This. The guitarist will be at the Berklee Performance Center on June 22nd, a highly recommended concert.

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Harborwalk Sounds: Berklee at the ICA

My name is Michael Borgida, and I have been working with the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston for the past 6 years on the program Harborwalk Sounds: Berklee at the ICA.

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Alex Guaraldi is a student producer of the Berklee College of Music Summer in the City music series.  He writes about his series, the Berklee Greenway Sessions:

For the past few months I’ve been working with Berklee to help produce the Greenway series in downtown Boston. The goal of this series is not only to showcase some of Berklee’s most talented and original artists, but to reach out to the community and give back to Boston. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Greenway staff and can’t thank them enough for all their dedication and support. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to sample each of the different food trucks that are at each show. It’s hard work, but I’ll manage.

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Berklee at the Regattabar: Ariadna Castellanos Rivas

It was a beautiful evening in the Regattabar courtyard at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square on Monday, July 9: the perfect kind of evening for a flamenco duet concert.

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The Blind Woods at Bonnaroo 2012

Andrea Belanger, bandleader of The Blind Woods, discusses the groups recent trip to Bonnaroo 2012.
Hey everyone! We have officially made our return to Boston after a long haul from the best weekend of our lives in Manchester, TN. We became familiar with amazing organizations for environmental and social change and in conjunction met the greatest people from all over the country. This is the rundown…

We cruised through general admission camping handing out hundreds of our beautiful Blind Wood’s stickers, getting the Bonnaroo buzz going right away! Before our tents were even up Ricky and Ryan were on top of the RV jamming and drawing a crowd.

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