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Study Abroad Summer Program: part 2

Summer study abroad student Tyler Habig kept a blog recording his 6 week experience at Berklee’s campus in Valencia and traveling around Spain and Europe.


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Study Abroad Summer Program: part 1

Tyler Habig has been selected to study composition for film and video games at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.  During the 6 week summer program, Habig will take four classes: Introduction to Film Scoring, Introduction to Scoring Technology for Composers, Film Scoring Techniques for Composers, and Video Game Scoring Fundamentals.  Taught by faculty Alfons Conde (The Abandoned [2006] , The Bride [2015]), Vanessa Garde (Exodus: Gods and Kings [2014], The Raven [2012]), Lucio Godoy (The Others [2001]), and Sergio Jimenez (Call of Duty: Black Ops II), the composers will be heavily “immersed in the aesthetic relationship between media and music and narrative analysis. They will also receive an introduction to the technology involved in this industry, such as MIDI/audio sequencing in scoring to picture and maximizing dramatic expression through the use of available software tools.”


Habig intends to use this summer experience as a supplement to last year’s workshop in San Diego, California – the Palomar Film Music Workshop – where he recorded a film scene under the instruction of Larry Groupé (Nothing but the Truth [2008], The Cable Guy [1996]) and Roger Neill (King of The Hill [1997], Mozart in the Jungle [2014]).

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Valencia – Creating Another Home

Study Abroad student Eli Gauden from Norway tells us her story as to why she decided to stay another semester in Valencia, Spain instead of going back to Boston for the new semester.

Dancing by Torrens Serrano

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Tom’s Valencia C.F. experience

Undergraduate student Tom came to Valencia for the Study Abroad program and fell in love with Valencia CF whilst here. Read all about his passion for the team below, or if you prefer, through the football (soccer) team’s official site.

Words by Thomas McGeoch


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7 Reasons Why you Want to Study Abroad in Valencia

Zach Zachary is a study abroad student in valencia in Fall '15

As the semester winds down, I’m taking the time to reach out to those who still have the opportunity to study in Valencia next year by sharing a little bit with you about my personal experience spending a semester in Valencia.

I’ll be honest I applied to the Valencia campus on a bit of a whim. I was undeclared and had no idea what I wanted to do at Berklee academically. All my friends were applying to the Study Abroad program, and my Facebook feed was littered with people boasting screenshots of their acceptance emails. I can’t say for certain if seeing a certain number of those images was what finally made me take the plunge into the application, but I did it. Within a few weeks, I was deposited to study in Valencia. Little did I know at the time that the study abroad program would become my favorite part of Berklee.

To think I could fit the entirety of my experience into a blog post would certainly be ambitious, so I’ll keep to some key points that really made my time in Valencia incredible:

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