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Digital Learning

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Mais uma vez um post sobre Los Angeles. Na verdade sobre um grande evento que ocorrerá dos dias 2 a 5 de Novembro deste ano. 

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Teaching an Advanced Conducting Course Using Google Hangouts

446This post was written by Julius Williams, Professor of Composition and Conducting at Berklee, Artistic Director of the Berklee International Composers Institute, and Music Director of the Trilogy Opera Company. He is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning composer and conductor. He has conducted countless orchestras around the globe, and his compositions have been written for and performed by major symphonies, opera companies, film, and musical theater. He is also a recording artist, educator, author, and pianist. His career has taken him from his native New York to musical venues around the globe, and he has been involved in virtually every musical genre.

I started using Google Hangouts for the first time this semester as a way to teach conducting class COND-212-W001 Conducting 2 to students who were not on campus. It has been an interesting learning experience to use a web conferencing tool to teach an art form that always has seemed to require the physical touch of the teacher and student. To learn the art form of conducting, students need to look at and mimic movements. They need to learn how to listen to breathing, and also understand the sense of collaboration and energy of the music that is being made. Learning to conduct with a teacher is a sometimes an intimate experience. Conducting students have to learn leadership: they have to simultaneously find that inner sense of being connected to the music and have an understanding of what they need to do to conduct an ensemble.

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Blended Learning: Clear Communication, Proactive Email, Realistic Goals, and Impactful In-Person Class Time

Jay Rinaldi Blog
This post was written by Jay Rinaldi, Assistant Professor in the Electronic Production and Design Department. Jay also teaches classes at The New England Institute of Art in the Graphic & Web Design Department. In addition to teaching, he has worked as a computer game musician and sound engineer and as a freelance audio professional for TV (advertising) and in multimedia. Jay has conducted over 250 live video webcasts and designs and develops websites.

Since Fall 2013, we have run a subset of MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology sections in a blended format. In the blended format, each week we spend one class session together in person and then students spend an additional three or more hours working with learning materials online at Rather than lecturing in class, now half of my teaching time is devoted to helping students structure and manage their own learning. 

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Rock History: 6 Degrees of Imitation

jgreelyblogJeannie Greeley is the Senior Multimedia Producer for the Media Development Team in the Digital Learning Department. Jeannie was a freelance journalist and columnist in Boston’s media landscape for more than a decade. She’s used her storytelling and editing skills to create dozens of videos for Berklee students, from instructional media to feature-length documentaries.

For the last few months, I’ve been on something of a digital archeological dig, burrowing through lost 45s, unearthing 70s bell bottoms, and finding missing teeth on the floor of CBGB from punk’s heyday. 

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How to Organize Digital Learning Material

This post was written by Susan Gedutis Lindsay, Associate Director of Instructional Design in the Digital Learning Department.

There are many—dare I say “innumerable”—ways to organize digital learning materials to support student learning. The structure you choose should be driven by the learning goals that you set for the student. As a result, your course design will vary, depending on whether you are teaching a performance topic, a technical topic, or a historical topic. Right now, we are working with liberal arts professor Kate Dacey to create an online Rock History course for Fall 2014 and she has chosen a great lesson structure worth sharing. 

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