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Berklee in Boston

Lampedusa Benefit Concert Inspires Response of Hope

lampedusa-bostonA few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a benefit concert at the Berklee Performance Center, which featured a multi-star Americana cast comprised of Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Robert Plant, Buddy Miller, and the Milk Carton Kids. The concert, titled Lampedusa, aimed to raise awareness for the current worldwide refugee crisis. Previous to the concert, I had no idea that 65 million people worldwide have been displaced. As I left the concert, I challenged with a choice—will I allow myself to react in despair, or will I choose to respond with hope?

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Behind the scenes of the music video for the song "Yo Soy Inmigrante"

Chronicling the Trials and Triumphs of the Immigrant Experience

In spring 2016, Bolivian student Luis Gamarra wrote and recorded the song “Yo Soy Inmigrante” to help change the tone of the national discourse surrounding immigration. Here, Gamarra shares his thoughts on the experience.

Behind the scenes of the music video for the song "Yo Soy Inmigrante"By Luis Gamarra

I am extremely lucky and blessed to be in this country as an immigrant. I arrived to the United States after winning a residency lottery offered by the U.S government. Only a few thousand families in the whole world get to have this opportunity. I decided to leave my family, my country and friends for the chance of making all the big ideas and goals in my head come true. Being 18 years old in a brand new country and having to work at 3 different jobs to pay for your bills is definitely not easy, but I knew a great opportunity would come if I kept working very hard.

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Sharing My Voice through Summer in the City

By Belinda Huang

IMG_0706This past weekend, I had an amazing opportunity to play at Longfellow House, a historical site in Boston, through Berklee’s Summer in the City program. Being that I had never stayed in Boston for a summer yet, nor had I played a show in the city before, I was both nervous and excited.

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Encerramento do semestre e formatura da turma de 2016

Enfim, o semestre de aulas chega ao fim. No meu caso, minha jornada na Berklee também chega ao fim, culminando na formatura que acontecerá amanhã. Assim como as aulas acabaram, este será meu último post neste blog que tive o privilégio de administrar durante os últimos 2 anos.

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Berklee inicia parceria com a MassArt

O post dessa semana é dedicado a uma novidade no major de Film Scoring. O programa de Film Scoring da Berklee, o qual estou cursando, tem sido cada vez mais desafiador e produtivo. O ensino que nos foi dado, assim como a prática, culminaram neste projeto novo que foi inserido na nossa grade curricular: uma colaboração com um aluno de outra faculdade.

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