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Berklee City Music Concert: 17 Scholarships, Over a Hundred Celebrations

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Last Tuesday, 8/6/13, the Berklee City Music Scholarship Concert was held at the Berklee Performance Center.  The concert was a huge success as 106 talented youth from across the Network took the stage to sing and perform at the final event of the Berklee College of Music’s Five-Week Summer Performance Program.  With performances ranging from rock, pop, and jazz to hip-hop and R&B, students had the audience mesmerized.  Along with exceptional instrumentation, vocals, and choreography, students exuded the confidence of professional artists.

Actress Kiki Haynes hosted the event and said, “Connecting with an audience through your voice and performance is something that I’ve always believed is key to success. These students have shown me just that, and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with Berklee City Music this year.”

Kiki Haynes MCA

That evening, 17 students were awarded full-tuition scholarships for study at Berklee College of Music, beginning fall 2013.  Scholarships were awarded by Roger H. Brown, President of Berklee College of Music; J. Curtis Warner, Jr., Executive Director of Berklee City Music and Associate Vice President for Education Outreach; and Dr. Krystal Banfield, Dean of Berklee City Music.

Scholarship award winners represented nine of our Network sites:

Berklee City Music Night at the TD Garden with the Boston Celtics

This blog post was authored by Staff blogger Justin Johnson, Interim Systems Coordinator from Berklee City Music Boston.

As the 2013 NBA season comes to a close, the Boston Celtics hosted the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, April 10.  The game had many playoff implications, which created a very enthusiastic crowd at the TD Garden. The game was also a marquee night for Berklee City Music.  Minutes before tip-off, three City Music High School Academy students––Adeline Um, Melissa Israel, and Grace Mann––stepped on to the court to sing the national anthem. Their beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was met with boisterous applause from the 19,000 fans in attendance.

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Before and during the game City Music work-study students could be seen walking around the arena selling 50/50 raffle tickets.  The 50/50 raffle is conducted each game by the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation. The purpose of the raffle is to provide extra support for the Foundation so that they are able to provide resources to impact youth-based organizations in the community. Berklee City Music will be the beneficiary of a portion of the jackpot.

The highlight of the evening was the awarding of the “Heroes Among Us” award to Dr. Krystal Banfield, Dean of Berklee City Music.  Dr. Banfield was the honoree for her continued commitment to furthering the mission of Berklee City Music through low or no cost, after-school music education and mentorship.

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Dr. Krystal Banfield Accepts the Heros Among Us Award

To cap off the evening a check for $50,000 was presented to Berklee City Music, a contribution from the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation. Celtics Co-owner and President of the Shamrock Foundation Stephen Pagliuca presented the check to J. Curtis Warner, Jr., Associate Vice President for Education Outreach and Executive Director of Berklee City Music, and Dr. Krystal Banfield.  Berklee City Music sincerely thanks the Boston Celtics for their continued support.

From left to right: J. Curtis Warner, Jr., Associate Vice President for Education Outreach and Executive Director of Berklee City Music; Dr. Krystal Banfield, Dean of Berklee City Music; Stephen Pagliuca, Celtics Co-owner and President of the Shamrock Foundation

From left to right: J. Curtis Warner, Jr., Associate Vice President for Education Outreach and Executive Director of Berklee City Music; Dr. Krystal Banfield, Dean of Berklee City Music; Stephen Pagliuca, Celtics Co-owner and President of the Shamrock Foundation

The Next Generation of Leaders

Staff blogger Justin Johnson, Interim Systems Coordinator and Academy Assistant, from Berklee City Music, Boston, blogs about the Women’s History Month Breakfast Celebration.

The Women’s History Month Breakfast Celebration was held on a beautiful Spring morning in the David Friend Recital Hall. This annual event, presented by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, gives the Berklee community a chance to come together and honor the women who serve in several capacities across the institution.2013_0327_WomenHistoryBFast_03

This year’s keynote speech was given by City Music’s very own Dr. Krystal Banfield, Dean of Berklee City Music. Dr. Banfield’s speech centered on one question: How do we as professionals within a college institution prepare the next generation of leaders to address the challenges of our communities on an internal, local, regional and global scale? Dr. Banfield addressed some of the challenges we face as a society in the areas of gender equality, gun violence, and the poverty crisis. It is our duty as leaders at institutions such as Berklee to give tools and guidance to begin to guide the next generation that will help them address these challenges.

Dr. Banfield next focused on the Boston Public School district and how it is part of a trend to “actualize the village, a concerted effort to engage multiple sectors of the surrounding communities which includes colleges and universities as well as non-profit community programs to educate our youth”. Their efforts are based on a model created by the Harlem Children’s Zone; a holistic approach to rebuilding a community so that its children can stay on track through college and go on to have successful careers.

Berklee College of Music through the City Music program and the department of Community Affairs and Campus Engagement are part of the Boston movement of this initiative. The City Music program actively engages Boston youth and future leaders so that they may gain a sense of community and belonging at Berklee, while being provided a quality education from Berklee instructors. Initiatives like these are the tools we can provide the next generation so that they can become leaders and address the challenges of their communities.

Following Dr. Banfield’s keynote, the audience broke into groups where they were encouraged to share their musical journey and how it helped them to become a leader. Groups were asked to discuss how music empowered them, what their musical influences were, and to list some core values that came from those experiences.

Irma Seleman a singer, songwriter and arranger took the stage for a very energized set that went well with the message of Dr. Banfield’s speech. Irma is a second year dual major in Contemporary Writing and Production and Performance. Her music is influenced by Soul and R & B musicians such as Jill Scott, Anita Baker, and Stevie Wonder. The energy of the band sent people back to work with a smile on their face and ended the celebration on an inspiring note.2013_0327_WomenHistoryBFast_11BCMN_Anniversary_Wider

New and Improved Search Tools On PULSE

Over the past year, we’ve released a ton of great new content on PULSE! The list includes launching four brand new units, adding new materials to the existing units, and even the redesign of certain sections of the site. We’ve also posted new videos, interactive tools and games, and great new tunes to learn. In addition to the new content and redesigns, we recently revamped the Index and created a new resource for teachers. These search tools were developed to help our users find exactly what they’re looking for.















To start, we upgraded the PULSE Index with new features and a sharp new interface. You can now search for terms and filter the results by media type, room, or categories. It is easier than ever to find materials to support the topic you are teaching or songs to build connections to the classroom.















Next, we decided to create a tool to help teachers refine their content search. There are so many wonderful topics and materials that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. This is where our new “Teacher Quickstart” can help.

Teachers are asked a series of quick questions about their classroom, such as if a computer is present or if students have access to computers. Then they choose the topic of the day’s lesson. The final result is a list of suggested activities that they can use right away.

This is perfect tool for a number of different scenarios. For instance, the Quickstart is great for teachers who are new to PULSE navigation, for teachers who want to make a quick change to their lesson plans, or for teachers as a tool to discover new materials on the PULSE site. Currently, there are activities for the Production, Arranging, and Improvisation Units.










We’re hoping that these tools inspire and kick-start your classrooms! We are always amazed at the creative approaches to music education exemplified by the brilliant teachers that use PULSE.

Give these tools a spin, and let us know what you think!

Women of the World present “Koloro” on February 25th. Interview with Annette Philip

This blog post was authored by Joanne Dill, Project Manager in the Berklee City Music office.

Women of the World was formed to bring women musicians from across the globe onto a common platform to collaborate and create, not only through the sharing of music, but also to explore and celebrate the differences in ideologies, and cultural tenets that exist in the daily lives of women all over the world. The 10-piece core ensemble performs a varied repertoire of folk and traditional music, currently in 17 of the world’s languages. 

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