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Aires De Argentina at the Boston Public Library Courtyard Series

Last Friday I had the pleasure of stepping into one of Boston’s prettiest and unadvertised courtyards. The Boston Public Library was the day’s venue and Aires de Argentina was the band performing. I-Yun Chung announced her band, and off they went. This multicultural five piece band of Berklee pros produced the most low key yet most interesting shows I have been to yet. I-Yun has a great affinity towards Argentinian music and has therefore produced a band to play just that.

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Berklee Presents Chasing Blue and BMUZ at Grey Fox

For the second year in a row at Grey Fox, Berklee’s American Roots Music Program was represented by two fine bands, in this case Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, and Chasing Blue.  A seminar on the program by its loco pater familias, Matt Glaser, was super well attended, and Berklee musicians were seemingly everywhere, playing, camping, you name it.  None was seen in a kilt, however.

In a Berklee first at Grey Fox, the college presented scholarships to next summer’s Mark O’Connor Berklee Summer String Program.  Our inaugural winners are ace fiddler Emma Hart, of Stamford, Connecticut, and viola whiz Julia Donahoe, of Concord, Massachusetts.  We were also very pleased to meet mandolinist J.D. Williams, recipient of the Grey Fox Scholarship, who will be joining us here at Berklee in the near future.

Mike Reese from Chasing Blue, and the entire Blue Moose crew, blogged about their Grey Fox Experience, and there’s some video you can see as well.  Viva Grey Fox and Berklee: together forever!

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Cinco Son at The Tito Puente Music Series

People were out and about at O’day park last week to see Cinco Son perform as part of the Tito Puente Music Series. Be it on stoops, in the streets, sidewalks, or the park itself, people we’re all over and excited to be there!

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Women of the World and Shaunette at Mother’s Rest for the Summer in the City Music Series

For my first show at Mother’s rest I got really lucky. A golden sun afternoon with two outstanding bands, relaxing in the shade, and enjoying some sweet female vocals.

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Sharin Toribio at Prudential Lunch Series

It’s concerts like these that make me wish I spoke Spanish. Sharin Toribio performed on a beautiful hot day in July at the Prudential Courtyard Series.

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