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Author: Salim ALi

Maria Finkelmeier’s Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship

Maria Finkelmeier

Percussionist, educator, composer, and entrepreneur Maria Finkelmeier

Maria Finkelmeier, who the Boston Globe has described as  a “one-woman dynamo,” came to Berklee to drop knowledge about the many successes–and failures–of her lifetime that made her a great entrepreneur. From percussion to public art exhibitions, Finkelmeier has been creative in her engagement with art and its diverse audiences around the world.

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Beyond the Band with Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, a.k.a. Shakey Graves, is “a gentleman from Texas.” This one-man-band is a singer-songwriter from Austin whose style is unmistakably authentic: potent lyrics sung through husky yet soothing vocals that pierce your guard and make you listen and feel him as he dips in and out of time.

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At Earthapalooza, Awakening to Environmental Truths

Environment health progressions discussionAs a person who recycles, I thought I had this “saving the earth” thing down. All I had to do was follow the three “R’s” of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Well, since my time in elementary school, three more “R’s” have been revealed to help us along our way to preserving our planet: Rethink, Refuse, and Repair. Berklee’s Earthapalooza be like: Yes, the world is suffering, and YES we need to change it, SO here’s how.

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