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String Theory: A Column by the Editor

First published in the spring 2009 edition of Open Position, my “String Theory” column was created and designed to enlighten and inspire guitarists to study music theory. Playing an instrument is a multifaceted journey of discovery, and I believe understanding the language of music through theoretical principles enhances one’s playing and overall understanding of music. I find it most important for guitarists in particular to learn these theoretical concepts because of the inherent difficulty of seeing theory on the instrument itself. The guitar is not a theory-friendly instrument.

Enjoy this reprint of the inaugural edition of my “String Theory” column with more to come!

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Berklee Blog Is the New Home of ‘Open Position,’ the Guitar Department’s Online Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the new home for the Guitar Department’s online newsletter Open Position. My name is Robin Stone and I have been a professor in the Guitar Department for the past 31 years. In the spring of 2008 I published my first edition of Open Position as managing editor, taking over for the former editor Charles Chapman.

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