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My ears are still recovering…

Back from SXSW in Austin, where Berklee hosted three (!!) events this year. While I’m 90% recovered, my hearing may take longer to come back… I saw 40 bands in 4 days! including twelve alumni and student bands that played at Berklee’s parties, and two more – Pink Nasty and Royal Forest – who were among the dozens of alumni bands performing at shows and parties around austin last week.

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There’s a conference too?

In the frenzy of activity at SXSW, two Berklee parties (check out Magen’s posts and video of the Lucky Lounge and Friends events), showcases and parties happening at all hours of the day and night, it’s easy to forget that there’s an actual conference going on: four days of  topical panels, artist interviews, demo listening sessions, trade show, and more.

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Free hugs on 6th!

SXSW music started with a bang on Wednesday. 6th street seemed especially busy for the opening night.  But all the folks on the street wearing green reminded me that in addition to the start of one of the biggest music festivals and conferences there is (if not THE biggest), it was also St. Patrick’s Day.

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Video from Istanbul: jam session and more

Berklee student Emir Cerman, percussionist and film scoring major, talks about how Berklee’s audition & interview (A&I) events came to Istanbul.


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Trombone, piano, and…laptop? Stephen Croes on the auditions

Stephen Croes, Dean of the Music Technology Division, talks about the auditions and the music and culture of Istanbul.

“I think the thing that stands out about the musicians we’ve auditioned [in Istanbul] is the enormous diversity.  There was a woman who’s got a degree in opera, who came in and sang an aria. It was very well done, a young woman of 21.  Some people sang classic American jazz standards with a certain edge of pronunciation that’s distinctly Turkish, and it grabs your attention.  

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