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F Lot

Hello Ladies and Gents,

It’s creeping up again.  We’ve only just finished midterm re-writes and re-dos, and now finals are nipping at our heels.  If you’re feeling a bit nutty with all the musical deadlines and due-dates, you should change up the pace by checking out the new Lot F Art gallery right here in Boston.

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Beantown Jazzfest ’10

Each year students, locals and tourists all gather along Columbus Ave. to satisfy their wide range of musical palettes; and each year the Berklee Beantown Jazzfest delivers.  On September 25th from noon until 6 P.M., Columbus Ave. was alive with rhythm and blues.  The sun was beating down, the street was packed from side to side, and bands were cutting fierce on stages all over.

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Trip to Peru

This summer local musicians, artists, and athletes from various schools in the Boston area traveled to Peru to volunteer their aid. I decided to tag along and film the experience, as well as donate some of my own time to the locals.

Peru is littered with impoverished shanty-towns, crammed with people living in conditions we only see on the Discovery channel

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San Bartolo Benefit Show

This month local musicians, artists, and athletes will fly to San Bartolo in Peru (with St. Joseph’s Parish of Wakefield) to teach orphans music and math, and help them rebuild a village chapel. In an effort to raise funds for the trip, bands from the Boston area came to together at the Marconi club in Stoneham for a benefit show.

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Closer Look – Ep. 1 / Eric Egavian

Hey all you 5-weekers, summer-squatters, and over-achievers,

This week we kick off our new Berklee Online Series – “Closer Look”, where we showcase local musicians and explore how they use various hardware/software in a live setting. First up is Lead Guitarist of Amherst’s HADOKEN – Eric Egavian.

He’s gonna let us take a peek at his oh-so-magical pedal board, and give us at least a bit of an idea how he achieves all that warm tone.

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