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City Music Master Class: In Review

City Music teachers Winston Maccow and Annette Philip had the privilege of leading a four-day master class at Network site Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center last month.  The class culminated in a well-attended concert at Lincoln Park’s 750-seat auditorium. Titled “The Red Hot R&B Revue,” the performance was a huge success, combining the talents of 26 high school students playing, singing, and dancing for a grateful audience.

Here’s a short video highlighting the event.  You can hear Winston and
Annette’s reaction to teaching these talented students!

Here’s what 3 students said about working with Winston and Annette:

“Working with Ms. Phillip and Mr.Maccow was truly a life changing experience. I learned so many new and useful techniques.  I look forward to continuously using the things that I was taught throughout my life, and throughout the rest of my musical career!”


“Working with Mr. Winston and Ms. Annette was amazing and my favorite experience this school year! Their positive attitudes and energy that they gave off kept me coming back each morning happy and ready to work. I appreciated Ms. Annette taking the time to get the group together and praying with us before the concert, because it boosted my confidence. Their hard work and determination to help us put on a wonderful concert has inspired me to continue to develop my voice and further my music education.  Also, I am planning on coming up to a 5 week summer program before I graduate for sure!”


“My take on the experience was that it was amazing. I loved working with Momma ‘Nette and Mr. Winston. I enjoyed myself so much that I am now applying to the college to get more opportunities to work with them and more people like them! That experience is one I will never forget thank you for coming and giving us that chance and opportunity!”





Recap: Master Class at East Bay

David Mash and Greg Badolato of Berklee had a master class on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 presented by The Berklee City Music Network Site East Bay Center for the Performing Arts. The class discussed creating music with the tools of modern technology including its uses in practice, ear training and improvisation.

David Mash is Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology at Berklee College of Music. David was the founding chair of the music synthesis department, the first degree-program in MIDI and music synthesis in the United States. He also played a leading role in the development of the Berklee City Music Network – a consortium of community based organizations providing after-school music education to youth from under-served communities at no cost to them, currently in 32 cities across the US. He also helped develop the Berklee PULSE music method.

Greg Badolato is the Assistant Vice President for International Programs and is the former chair of Berklee’s Ear Training Department. He has traveled extensively for the college as a musical and educational representative to various parts of the world.

David Mash’s thoughts after conducting this masterclass at East Bay…

What was the theme of your masterclass?
It was a class about using technology in music making and learning.

How do you think this masterclass would benefit other sites?
This is useful information for all students of music.

How did you and Greg prepare and tweak your repertoire for the masterclass/performance?
We chose music to play that illustrated the points we made in the slides and in our discussion.

How much support did you get from the Network site?
The site was great, and provided us with a sound system and video projection systems for high-quality A/V support

What do you hope students took away from this masterclass?
That technology has changed the way we compose/produce, perform, and learn music.

Here’s a student’s response to attending this Master Class:

Hi my name is John Dandan, I am currently a freshman at San Jose State University in California, studying piano jazz studies. I am also a part of the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, a Berklee City Music Network partner. On January 24, 2012, Berklee gave a special presentation at Easy Bay Center regarding music technology and its history. This presentation meant a lot to me because not only did I learn how far music technology has developed through the years, but also some effective practice techniques. It was quite a unique experience and what put it over the top was  when I got a one on one with one of the presenters. He answered all my questions about Berklee auditions and more. I am also thankful for everything, this presentation, and especially East Bay Center; if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what I’d do and what direction to take with my music career.

Berklee City Music Alumni Spotlight: MJ Rodriguez

The Berklee City Music Newsletter caught up with MJ Rodriguez, who is currently playing “Angel” in the Off-Broadway production of RENT.

What inspired you to participate in the Berklee City Music program?
NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) afforded me the opportunity to attend City Music, and it was always something I wanted to do. Their program is spectacular! By the end of the program, you obtain so much useful information that is so crucial in the music world.



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Berklee City Music First Hand

Following up on our previous post about Nicolas Perez, here is the man himself along with Gregory Groover speaking about their experience with Berklee City Music.

Kris Allen Interview

This past spring, Kris Allen, the Berklee City Music All Stars, along with the Music Empowers Foundation went on tour to four cities to spread awareness for the need for music education.

We spoke about this a few times recently, so to get the whole story, you can read here and here.

Today, we share with you a snippet of an interview with Kris about his experience being on tour.

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