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Sound Collage Contest 2012: Creativity Has No Box!

I am here to tell you all that the art of imagination has not died—it has simply reinvented itself. For the novice and professional musician alike, the use of creativity and imagination has solely depended on some source of inspiration and when there is a lack of inspiration, you hit a brick wall. But what if you were given an entire catalog of inspirational sources to choose from, where could the possibilities take you? Some of the most creative electronic sound designers were given the chance to test the limits of where their minds could take them. It forces them to think outside of the box, experience the moments of too many musical ideas or the agony of a lack thereof, and produce something unique and special.

Sound Collage Contest 2012

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Kendrick Scott Clinic: Musicianship Transcends Your Instrument

Hey Berklee! I had an opportunity to attend alumni jazz drummer, Kendrick Scott’s master class. So I know you are probably asking yourself, “Why is a voice principal attending a master class presented by a drummer?” I asked myself the same thing. But after hearing his first tune I quickly realized that this event was going to give me much more than I probably had imagined. First of all, if you do not know who Kendrick Scott ’03 is, he is an accomplished jazz drummer who, for the last six years, has been featured in Terence Blanchard’s band; appeared on the Grammy Award–winning recordings A Tale of God’s Will and Flow, in which he contributed original works of his own; and plans to release his third studio album this spring.

KS Clinic 4

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