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Berklee at the Regattabar: Ariadna Castellanos Rivas

It was a beautiful evening in the Regattabar courtyard at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square on Monday, July 9: the perfect kind of evening for a flamenco duet concert.

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Paris in April

The Berklee Global Jazz Institute is an honors performance program run by Danilo Perez. Isaac Haselkorn, a graduating drummer for the group writes about his experience at International Jazz Day in Paris.

When rumors first came out that our ensemble would be going to Paris to play at International Jazz Day, we couldn’t believe it. We had just finished a series of concerts and a clinic in Monterey California as Berklee’s representatives to the Next Generation Jazz Festival.

We arrived in Paris at 8 AM on Wednesday morning, dead tired.  Determined to seize the day, we resolved to do all the appropriately touristy things, given that we wouldn’t have another long block of time to do so. 

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The Blind Woods at Bonnaroo 2012

Andrea Belanger, bandleader of The Blind Woods, discusses the groups recent trip to Bonnaroo 2012.
Hey everyone! We have officially made our return to Boston after a long haul from the best weekend of our lives in Manchester, TN. We became familiar with amazing organizations for environmental and social change and in conjunction met the greatest people from all over the country. This is the rundown…

We cruised through general admission camping handing out hundreds of our beautiful Blind Wood’s stickers, getting the Bonnaroo buzz going right away! Before our tents were even up Ricky and Ryan were on top of the RV jamming and drawing a crowd.

Summer in the City 2012

Ethan Schiff, producer of the Berklee Summer in the City 2012 WUMB, Georges Island and Harvard Longwood concert series’, Founder of  Indie Basic, Artist Manager at Ethan Schiff Entertainment and current Berklee Music Business Major, gives his insight to the wonderful opportunities Summer in the City gives emerging artists.
Amelia Ali

Amelia Ali

When you’re a relatively new upcoming artist, there’s often a good amount of compromise that needs to take place. At this stage in a musical career, exposure is ultimately the most important thing to be gained from a performance. Sometimes even if you don’t get paid or loose money to traveling expenses, the chance to raise awareness about your music is worth it. But every once in a while you come across an opportunity that is beneficial both financially and promotionally. The Berklee Summer in the City Series is just that.

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