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Just To Burn Down

They built beautiful, exuberant and colorful things just to burn them down.

They labored, they sweat, they spent the better hours of a day crafting fine details and creating whole worlds; just to engulf it all in flames.


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Soundcharts Review


My name is Michael and I’m a Music Business student at Berklee Valencia. I am an artist manager and lately I’ve been able to study more in depth the importance of data in today’s music industry.

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My Experience in Valencia

My name is Pablo Lalama Salazar.                                                                                     I’m a Music Business/Entrepreneurship senior.                                                                  I arrived to Valencia for the Fall 2016 semester.

It is a very interesting contrast being in Boston and getting to this warm city.

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5 Particularly Great Things I’ve Done in Spain (and You Can Do Too!)

Hi Berklee! I’m Eli, and I’m studying abroad at the Valencia campus this spring semester and it has been absolutely incredibly amazing and fantastic- and that’s an understatement. Seriously. The semester here started a week earlier than the semester in Boston, so it’s already been about a month and a half that I have been living in Spain. In such a short time, I have already had so many unforgettable experiences and will share them with you in this blog post!

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Tyler’s Travel Tips

Summer study abroad student Tyler Habig kept a blog recording his 6 week experience at Berklee’s campus in Valencia and traveling around Spain and Europe.


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