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Berklee in Dublin 2010: “The Art of Improvisation”

Berklee in Dublin students outside the Newpark Music Centre

The Berklee in Dublin “The Art of Improvisation” program kicked off this Monday at our host institution and Berklee International Network partner Newpark Music Centre, located in Blackrock, Ireland, just outside the Dublin city center.  Classes started off in full force on Tuesday, with over 50 students from 12 different countries immersing themselves in all things improv.

Greg Badolato of International Programs, along with Berklee faculty Jim Kelly, John McGann, and Ken Zambello, and Newpark faculty member Ronan Guilfoyle, make up the stellar team of instructors for the courses in this week’s workshop.

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Semester in Athens: getting acclimated

The start of a new semester abroad is such an exciting time, and I was so fortunate as to be with yet another fantastic group of Berklee students embarking on their study abroad program last week.

Semester in Athens student Zach Baldwin-Way takes in the majesty of the Acropolis by night.

Semester in Athens student Zach Baldwin-Way takes in the majesty of the Acropolis by night.

One evening, after a mouthwatering traditional “taverna” dinner, complete with the tenderest lamb and hearty quantities of tzatziki (a dip of cucumber, yogurt, and garlic) and saganaki (fried cheese, enough said), we made our way up toward the Acropolis.  As awe-inspiring as the Acropolis is during the day, I have to say that it is perhaps at its most beautiful at night.  Rising above the city lights, the monuments and the hill itself are majestically lit, and the result is breathtaking.  We kept pausing on our way up the hill to marvel at the 2500-year-old structures rising above us—it’s pretty astounding how ancient these monuments are.

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Souvlakia and bouzoukia in Athens

Souvlaki is always a hit with the students on their arrival in Athens.  If you’re familiar with a gyro sandwich, then you have the basic concept: a thick grilled pita with shaved chicken, pork, or kebab, with tomato, lettuce, sauce, and deliciously seasoned french fries (yes, fries in a sandwich – genius!).

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Geia sas from Athens, Greece!

Geia sas from Athens, Greece!  I’m here gearing up for another semester of the Berklee Study Abroad program.  The students have been arriving the past couple days to start their semester, hosted by the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, a Berklee International Network partner school.

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