By Ananya Ruth Samuel

Ananya Ruth Samuel at the Internship Expo

Ananya Ruth Samuel (at right) at the 2018 Internship Expo.

“Berklee.” This name has changed my life time and again. From applying to the college, to applying for graduation, it’s been a journey beyond imagination. With graduation comes responsibilities, and with responsibilities come existential questions, such as:  “How am I going to pay my bills, after Berklee?”

Other questions that have bounced around in my head include:

  • “What is my dream job?”
  • “Is it too late to apply for an internship?”
  • “Am I alone in this? Can anyone here at Berklee help me?”

If you’re asking these questions too, congratulations; you’re on the right track. Fortunately, the Berklee Career Center can help you with every step of the process, from preparing you for opportunities when you are still in college to those after you walk down the aisle at graduation. One of the many initiatives that the Career Center takes to help you get closer to your dream is the Internship Expo.

Students interact with Apple at the Internship Expo

Students interact with Apple reps at the 2018 Internship Expo.

On October 18, I attended the Internship Expo for the first time. It was an invigorating experience, with representatives from over 30 companies on campus, including Apple, Sweetwater Sound, Live Nation, CAA, Shelter Music Boston, and many more. Paramount, Viacom, Cirque du Soleil and Position Music joined us virtually, while the Uchida building at 921 Boylston Street was filled with inquisitive students wanting to know more about their dream jobs—and I’m glad I was there too!

Regardless of my major, I gained confidence in talking to industry professionals and learning what each company offered to future interns was exciting.

There was a company for every student interested in any facet of the arts and entertainment industries. I am a music therapy major and was skeptical about gaining anything from the Expo. I was surprised to find that there was a representative from Massachusetts General Hospital with opportunities for the Health and Wellness community. Regardless of my major, I gained confidence in talking to industry professionals and learning what each company offered to future interns was exciting. The Internship Expo was a great opportunity to network and get to know professionals outside my area of interest. For my friends who have been dreaming of this moment, I know it was an amazing day as well.

We’ve all applied for jobs and internships and worried that our application would be lost in an ocean of applicants. Here at the Internship Expo, there was a top representative of the company looking at your resume, at your smile, shaking your hand, and listening to your pitch – all the while assuring you that they would pass it to their recruiters. The significance of this is not lost on me, as someone who spent hundreds of dollars traveling to job and internship interviews and to meet company representatives.

If you’ve missed this year’s expo, don’t worry! There’s always another opportunity, always another event—be on the lookout for the next Career Center event, schedule an appointment with one of the career advisors, refine your resume and cover letter, and be ready to go when the next opportunity pops up!

Ananya Ruth SamuelsAnanya Ruth Samuel is a vocalist currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in music therapy with a minor in psychology. Hailing from Chennai, India, she’s a versatile singer, who has profound interest in languages and cultures. She envisions providing mental health support through music in war-affected areas and marginalized groups across the world.