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Congratulate Berklee College of Music’s Class of 2022

Share a message of congratulations in the comment section below to celebrate the incredible achievements of Berklee College of Music’s class of 2022.

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Remembering Mike Renzi


Congratulate Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Class of 2022


  1. Steve Bearden

    Huge congratulations to the graduating class of 2022! Wishing you all continued health, happiness, and success!

  2. Jeffrey Kinnamon

    Congratulations from the Office of the Registrar! Our actual job is to make sure no one graduates from Berklee without satisfying ALL the requirements. So when WE say ‘congratulations’ it really means something! Well, we’ve done our job and CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Lori

    Congratulation to my daughter Jada and the Class of 2022!
    If you all can make it through all this to graduate, then you can make it anywhere. Best of luck on your new adventures! You make us proud.

  4. Fern Dorfman

    Congratulations to our son, Adam Dorfman and the entire graduating class of 2022! We know you are ready to take on the MUSIC WORLD!
    Love, Mom and Dad Dorfman

  5. Leslie Abbott

    KEIRA SMITH! Congratulations!! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication. We’ve seen you grow and excel during time at Berklee. Watch out world… are ready!!!! Love, Mom, Dad and Miles❤️

  6. Irma Zingarelli

    A big congratulations to the amazing class of 2022 and our daughter Victoria Z. Thank you all for sharing your talents with the world. We wish you and your classmates all of the happiness, success and health.

  7. Carolyn Fasana

    Congrats to Jada Sanchez! You did it! Wishing you all the good things for your future. Carolyn and Lizzie Fasana

  8. Chris & Donna Montgomery

    It has been an absolute pleasure to have seen and heard some of the great music you have all created and been a part of! We are so proud of the future music industry leaders who will pave the way for a generation that will follow. It has been a few years like no other, yet your determination, drive and passions have shown us all what great things we know will come.
    Amanda you have always made us so proud! We love you !!!

  9. Kevin & Betty Laughery

    Congratulations Class of 2022!!
    Not the ideal 4 years, but you overcame and persevered. Believe in yourself Always and watch your future unfold! Special shout out to our daughter Emily Laughery……..Mom & Dad are So Proud of you and Excited to see what the Future holds! Share your Sparkle wherever you go!! Congratulations & Much Success!!

  10. Lewis, Heather, Zoey, Riley, Charlie

    Congrats to all, especially the incredible Elyse Chapski! Blessed to know you and inspired by the wake of happiness you leave everywhere you go. So proud of you now and forever!

  11. Margie Beaudry

    Bravo!! This was actually the prelude. Now let the main event begin!

  12. Judi Mihalko-Ryan

    Congratulations to the entire graduating class of 2022 and especially to my beautiful daughter Dev. Beyond proud of you and what you’ve accomplished despite so many set backs. Love you to the moon and back. On to the next chapter!

  13. Michele Robinson

    Congratulations to all the graduates. I’m so impressed with your resilience as you navigated and persevered through the pandemic- wow!

    Jake Robinson, you continue amaze me with your talent and pursuing your dreams. I’m so very proud and can’t wait to see you cross the stage.

  14. Christine Scott

    Congratulations Ryan!!

  15. Dr. Jane Lambert

    Congratulations, Norman James Lambert, MP&E Berklee Class of 2022!‍ We are so proud of your commitment and dedication! Can’t wait to celebrate with you and the entire Class of 2022! You guys have persevered during challenging times! The future is yours!❤️

  16. Sarah Romeo

    A big congratulations to the Berklee Class of 2022. Berklee is a chapter of your life you will never forget. If we crossed paths, please do not hesitate to reach out for a recommendation letter and/or reference. I am excited to see the impact you will make on the music industry, from performances & albums, to production & education, and everything in between.

    Sarah Romeo
    Assistant Director of Core Music Tutoring
    Berklee Class of 2018

  17. Surim Lee

    Congratulations, everyone!!
    유진(Yujin), Jiexin !!! I hope you guys find your own way! Let’s work together

  18. Lucille Kaminkow

    So excited to come to Boston to see my grandson, Trey Rodman, graduating in the class of 2022. Proud of all that you have accomplished in the 4 years of attending Berklee.
    Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next chapter of your life.

    Love Mimi,

  19. Sylvia Neal & Family

    Congratulations to Jasmine Alexis Neal and the Berklee College of Music Class of 2022! We are so proud of your resilience, dedication, and commitment. These were difficult times, but, you guys did it!! Jasmine, we are so proud of you, and wishing you and the Class of 2022 a happy and successful future!

  20. Moe

    A special congratulations to Amy Renzulli and the class of 2022! Way to go!

  21. Kevin Renzulli

    What an amazing four years at Berklee it has been for you Amy. For you to go to Berklee was your dream come true. It was many years of hard work in middle school and high school and all of your extracurricular music activities that helped build your music foundation. I’m sure it helped too that you were raised in a house of constant music so you were no stranger to an extremely eclectic mix of music on a daily basis. So now you are ready to take on the business OF music in the real world. We all love you and know you’re going to make us even prouder because your future’s so bright, your gonna need shades! Congratulations to you and the rest of the class of 2022. Big hugs! Dad & Jeannie!

  22. Claudia Morales

    Congratulations to our amazing daughter Juliana Torres. We couldn’t be prouder of you, your strength, resilience and beautiful spirit.
    We can’t wait to see what you keep achieving in life.

    Love you to the moon and back.
    Dad, Mom , Alejandro

  23. Tova Englard

    Congratulations to my daughter, Sapir Englard for graduating with honors:
    Suma Cum Laude.
    We are very proud of you and your increadable achievements during the 2 last challenging years.
    Go, conquer the world.
    The Englard family

  24. Peter G Leondedis

    Congratulations, Alex Leondedis! You never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished and who you’ve become and I am so excited for your next adventure! Congrats again to you and to the class of 2022!

  25. Ed & Denise Smith

    Congratulations to Edward Smith, MP&E, and all of the Berklee Graduates! Such a fantastic achievement ! Your outstanding talent, resilience and sheer determination in these challenging times is so inspiring. Thank you for the music, and we wish you all happiness and success as you go forward ❤️

  26. Bobby, Genae & Sammi Sundby

    Congratulations Berklee Class of 2022 and to our son, Parker Sundby! The last four years have been amazing, but the best is yet to come! We are so excited for the future, for Parker and all his classmates! We look forward to all of your future musical creations!

  27. Michael J Petillo

    Congratulations MIKE PETILLO!
    When you got that standing ovation in Times Square after killing it at B.B. Kings at the tender age of 13, I KNEW you were going to do great things. You have made even bigger strides than I had imagined. We could not be any prouder of you. You possess something that can’t be taught. Now it’s time to go out and let that magic shine on the rest of the world.

    Love you always,

    Daddy-O and Mom

  28. Maria Marrufo Ochoa

    Congratulations to you and all of the Berklee class of 2022 graduates! We are all so proud of you! You have worked so hard and persevered! We wish you the best in life, personally and in your musical endeavors!
    Love you beyond words,
    Mom, Dad, and Elisa

  29. Maria da Conceição Resende

    Congratulations to my son, Eduardo Moraes Resende and the entire graduating Class of 2022. You did it!!!!
    Believe in yourself always.
    Love you “ao infinito e além”!!!!

  30. Vonda Bentz

    Congratulations Class of 2022!
    A special congratulations to our incredible son, Daniel Bentz. You make us proud each and every day. We’ve enjoyed watching your growth at Berklee from afar. You’re truly an incredible young man. We can’t wait to see where your many talents take you.
    We love you!❤️ Dad, Mom & Grammy

  31. Gabriela Macedo

    HUGE congrats to this amazing class of 2022. Proud of my amazing daughter Alice Macedo, a wonderful lady, full of passion for music. I just hope you are as happy in the future as you have been in the last 4 years at Berklee. Go class of 2022! The future is yours!

  32. Michelle Karlich

    Congratulations to my lovely daughter Maya Taylor and the entire Berklee class is 2022! What an amazing accomplishment. The journey has taken twists and unexpected turns having to return home and finish online. You all prevailed and made it thru with flying colors! So very proud.

  33. Marianne Hartwig

    Way to go Robert!!!
    Wishing you much luck and musical melodies throughout your next chapters in life !!
    Aunt Marianne, Uncle Wayne, Trent & Troy

  34. Richard Cloobeck

    Congratulations to David Gabriel Cloobeck and the entire Berklee Class of 2022!

  35. Pastor Kirk N. Broxton, Sr.

    Congratulations Kirlisa! You persevered! Now you get to share world class music, presentations and sheer joy.

    Dad and Mom

  36. Alisha Weisser

    Nicolette, we are so proud of you! Congratulations to you and the entire class of 2022! Cheers to 2 more years at NYU
    Love Mom, Dad and Chloe

  37. Linda Allen

    Congratulations Nicolette! On to the next adventure. We are so proud!
    Love you,

  38. Ken and Cindy Rodman

    Congratulations to all of the 2022 Berklee Graduates, with special congratulations to Trey Rodman for his perseverance through all that the world has thrown your way. We are so excited to watch you graduate and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you as you share your talents with the world!

  39. Chris Kandus-Fisher, VP of Student Affairs

    Congratulations to all of the Graduates! You have worked so hard and deserve a HUGE round of applause for all that you have accomplished. Wishing you a wonderful future!

  40. Nile & Theodosia Southern

    Congratulations to our beloved Chloe Southern!
    You are a powerhouse of talent, grace, beauty and vibrant music spirit!
    May your songs and songwriting continue to soar and inspire the world.
    We are so proud of you and love you beyond the sky and the stars!
    Your family
    Theodosia, Nile and Nefeli Southern

  41. Elizabeth Stinson

    Congratulations to our Audrey and the class of 2022. For the rest of your life, you will be able to say that you graduated from Berklee College of Music. Nothing can ever take that away from you! The best is yet to come…

  42. Saburnia Thistle

    Congratulations, Devin Thistle on your graduation from Berklee! I am so proud of you! The world awaits the gift you have to offer…time to fly! Love, Mom

    Thank you, Berklee , for opening the world of music to my children! I have one more attending…and one on his way in about 6 years! We have loved the experience with everyone at the school…it has been amazing!

  43. KBarr

    So many good wishes and congratulations to Berklee’s Class of 2022!
    You are a powerfully talented group!
    Special love goes out to our own Alex Marr in the BGJI : your grad recital was AMAZING! Drummer; composer; world builder; true poet.

    CONGRATULATIONS! From your proud family and friends in Vancouver, Victoria
    and Halifax, Canada.

  44. Danielle Brackett

    Congratulations Jason Brackett! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! Your passion for music, commitment to learn, collaborate and create have been your driving force at Berklee. We know you will continue to excel as you continue your musical journey! Love, Mom, Dad, Isa & Alyse

    Congrats Class of 2022! You are all amazing!

  45. Jennifer Moore

    So excited for Carrick McCullough and the entire class of 2022! Go fill the world with music!

  46. Fatima Kaser

    Congratulations to our daughter, MARIA-ELENA V. KASER and all her best friends and supporters from the Class of 2022. We are lucky she counted with you all when she most needed you. You all made it through this tough times, so we are sure you will make it in the professional life now.
    Looking forward to seeing you all in Boston very soon.
    Fatima & Ken Kaser

  47. Shelly Kinnune

    MORGAN FAW….YOU DID IT!!!!!!! Only a few days away from your last day at Berklee, and it has been so fun to see and hear how much you have developed in your craft! You surpassed so many of life’s ‘tests’ during this time, and you are emerging brightly and ready for what is to come…I could not be more proud of you!! Looking forward to celebrating your big day with you! Lots of love, Mom

  48. Sherrie Peters

    Class of 2022, I admire your sprint towards collaboration while the world bemoans group projects. Your work transcends the confines of the 9-5 work day. You are so willing to support and work diligently to make the dreams of others a reality, and they yours. The world has so very much to learn from the way you stand on the box and don’t fit in it. Today we celebrate you! May we all leave here loudly kind & in unison.
    A special congratulations to my son, Chris Peters. You made your small town big dreams come true & you let us enjoy it with you. Keep making strangers into friends & sharing your gifts with the world. Proud isn’t a big enough word for how we feel about you.

  49. Walter Gladwin

    I really miss the Berklee Today magazine. Is there another media?

    Walter Gladwin ’69

  50. Alisha Weisser

    Congratulations! We are so incredibly proud of you. Keep following your dream. Next stop, NYU
    Love, Mom and Dad

  51. Cindy and Ken Rodman

    Congratulations to all the 2022 Graduates and a special congratulations to our son Trey Rodman. Your hard work and determination through some trying times has made us so proud. Can’t wait to see what your next chapter will bring. We love you!
    Mom , Dad and Riley

  52. Lily Antonini

    I am very proud of my daughter Lily Marie Antonini for her accomplishments in her 4 year degree at Berklee College of Music. My daughter is an amazing singer and songawriter that can make quality music in minutes, I am happy that she enjoys her career and treasures the opportunity that she got to improve her musical talents at berklee.

    Te quiero mucho Lily Marie y eres un gran orgullo hispano, tu graduación llena de felicidad a tu familia Mexicana, italiana y Estadounidense, sigue adelante mi niña hermosa produciendo tus musical albums y Dios te guiará a tu próxima oportunidad, JesusChrist bless you protect you y te ilumine siempre con prosperidad, success, love and happiness my ladybug


    CONGRATULATIONS my Principessa on arriving at this magnificent moment in your life!
    The road to success is always paved with hard work, learning and strong dedication.
    It is no light task!

    You, Francesca, have never swayed from your very young days.

    We are all so very proud of you and all that you have come to be!

    Love you

  54. BRAVO to Adian Reckziegel, my handsome talented grandson.You are begining an
    exciting time called the rest of your life.
    Just be your self and it will all open up.
    Nothing worth doing comes easy!!

  55. Andy Cohen

    Congratulations BRANDON COHEN and classmates!! Here’s to an incredible future!!

  56. Linda McNeilly

    Congratulations ROBERT McNEILLY, Berklee College of Music Class of 2022! I am so proud of you and this accomplishment – Bachelors of Music – Contemporary Writing & Production. You continue to amaze me with your talent, passion and performances. Berklee has been the perfect fit for you since you transferred in in 2020. The journey has been bumpy due to COVID but you weathered through and are flourishing as an artist and a person. As your Mom, I am your biggest and longest fan and am looking forward to all the places you will go! So please always reserve me a ticket. You are my favorite person and I love your forever and always! – Mom

  57. Terri Sheppard

    Kali Sheppard you never stop amazing me! You had a dream to get into Berklee, never mind graduating a year early! You’ve held your vision of being a Music Therapist and clearly you have made it! You are SO talented, I still wish you would sing more…lol You are so smart in and out of school, I’m so proud your my daughter and I love watching you grow into a beautiful woman who knows what she wants.
    Just don’t stop doing your best. Love you lots – Mom, Joey, Skyler

  58. Paul Reggio

    Congratulation to my son Ben Reggio. YOU CRUSHED IT!! I could not be more proud of you and the growth you’ve experienced as a songwriter and artist over these past four years. I can’t wait to hear the music you will bring to the world as you move forward. Love you so very much!
    And big congratulations to the Class of 2022! Artists are the peacemakers. Share your gift liberally!

  59. SILVINA Disla

    Jaylen Max Disla
    I could not be prouder of all your incredible accomplishments in life! You are not only graduating in three years, a whole year earlier, you are only 20 years old, but you are also handling your artist career like a pro, with a record deal. You are multi talented, smart, sensitive, humane, loving, and an overall joy ! The universe is not even your limit! There are no limits to what you can be, do or have! I can’t wait for what comes next! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! And God bless you always!

  60. Ivonne Aguilar

    Congratulations to the talented class of 2022 and our daughter Maria Aguilar!
    Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose and Be the Change that you wish to see in the world.
    Love: Mom, Dad, Enzo and Estrella.

  61. Dena, Kade, Sophie & Bryan McCoy

    Congratulations Ava McCoy! Your family is so proud of you! We are excited to celebrate this big day and wish you and the class of 2022 all the best! This is just the beginning of many more happy and successful times ahead! Congratulations!

  62. Wendy Ammirato

    Congratulations to the Berklee Class of 2022! It takes talent, persistence and grit to achieve this goal and you are now a member of that impressive community! Gabi Ammirato and Mike Wozniak beyond proud of both of you!! Go share your artistry with a World that needs it!

  63. Frank Nardone

    ‘Congraduations’ Class of ’22!
    I obviously don’t know you all, but I do know that if you’ve worked even half as hard as my favorite graduate, you’ve r e a l l y earned this degree!
    Best of fortune to all of you moving forward in your chosen careers. At some point, we expect to ‘hear’ from every one of you!
    As for my personal favorite ’22 Grad… Sooooo stoked for you, Franz!
    You’ve proven to everyone that has followed you on this journey that music is truly the cornerstone of your beautiful soul.
    Your musical evolution has been magical, transformative on every level, and it has been nothing short of a pleasure to witness from our front row seats.
    So thank you for squeezing everything you could out of your Berklee experience, and for sharing your struggles and triumphs with us along the way.
    Thank you for your indomitable spirit, no matter how menacingly the Grizzly in front of you growls!
    Thank you for always being the amazing you that you are, with and without your drumsticks in hand.
    You rock Lil’ Bro!
    Yes, we know… it’s all about the music.
    Love you always, Dad

  64. Beth Jacobson

    To my incredibly talented nephew, Brandon Cohen…
    Unbelievably proud of you!
    Looking forward to seeing where this new path leads.
    Cheering you along the way.
    Congrats to the entire 2022 graduating class!

    Best wishes.

  65. Susie Kaplan

    We are SO proud of you!!!
    love, M+D

  66. Robyn Lee

    Congratulations Michael Clanton job well done. Can’t wait to see what God has next for you. Keep moving forward. We love you♥️

  67. Weston Hansen

    Congratulations to my love Ellie Dietz! I am so proud of what she has accomplish these last several years, and so excited for the bright future.

  68. Liting Ji

    I finally made it after overcoming multitudes of hardship!
    Expect a bright and hopeful future after leaving this warm family……
    Bye bye, Berklee!
    Thank you very much, Berklee!

  69. Myrna Iny

    Congratulations to our great-nephew Brandon Cohen and the entire graduating class of 2022! We know these last years have been challenging, but you persevered and here you are! Bravo! All the best, Brandon, we love you and wish you the best always.
    Aunt Myrna & Uncle George

  70. Marcia Beck and Mischa Levine

    Mazal tov to Dov Beck-Levine and to your wonderful, talented friends! Your musicality and drive continue to blow us away. We can’t wait to celebrate this accomplishment – and to see what comes next! Congratulations!
    Love, Mom & Dad

  71. Won Ho Ha

    Wow, you made it, my lovely daughter Soo Bin Ha!!
    You made great accomplishments in short period.
    You’ve showed your mighty unbelievable effort and passion.
    So much proud of you !!

    And thank all the faculty members and fellow graduates ,
    who have helped you enjoy study in Berklee and inspired all the way.

    I wonder what your next chapter will be like.
    May God bless and be with you.
    We will,too.^^

    Love, Mom, Dad and all family from Korea

  72. Yuki & King

    Congratulations to our son, Kaiki and the class of 2022! We are very grateful and proud of your accomplishments. Keep adding more knowledge, keep developing your competencies, and keep moving closer to your dreams. We wish you the best!

  73. Yaniv Z

    NISSAN Z. – Mazal Tov! Our Green Prince You Are the Best.
    Congratulations Class 2022, it’s time to find your unique path in the universe of Music.
    With Love The Z. Family.

  74. Joann Mancini

    Congratulations Sam and the Class of 2022! All your hard work will bring you success in the years to come. We wish you happiness and joy on your new journey.

    Grammie & Pop

  75. Dianne Stober & Ben Slocumb

    Congratulations to the Class of ‘22 for all you’ve achieved through a challenging time to navigate! Congrats, Eli, for your perseverance, honing your talents and all you’ve learned. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

    Here’s to what’s next, we know the future is bright!

    Mom, Dad, Hannah, and of course, Cheb

  76. Molly Silva

    Congratulations, Molly! We are all so very proud of you.
    Love, Mom

    Congratulations and best of luck to all 2022 graduates!

  77. Diana Ware

    Congratulations to 2022 Berkeley College graduates, especially my granddaughter, Kennedi Mims-Frederick. So proud of you Kennedi and continued success in your next chapter. Love you Nana

  78. Derron Jenkins

    Kennedi Mims-Frederick

    My God Daughter whom have proven that God does have favor to those He anoint to utilize the gifts he has bestowed upon them. Always been a straight A student since you first stepped on a school campus. I don’t think Berkeley really know who came to their campus. Love all your classmates because all of you are going somewhere. Love you sweepea and congratulations!

  79. Judy & David Breitstein

    Congratulations to DANIELLE BREITSTEIN on your graduation from Berklee College of Music! We are so proud of you! We are excited that you have been accepted to Berklee’s special Master’s program in New York City and wish you the best!
    Lots of love, Grandma & Grandpa

  80. Nancy Krause

    Talent, hard work, resilience, and determination are a mighty powerful combination. CONGRATULATIONS on your application of all of the above. You are an amazing human being.
    Love, Mom, Dad, Noël, and Nelson
    CLASS OF 2022,…
    Keep making beautiful sounds!!!!

  81. Bettie and James Mims

    Bettie and James Mims

    CONGRATULATION!!!!! Class of 2022. Kennedi Mims-Frederick you are Gods Angel therefore you are a star. You have manifest this from the age of 1. You spoke early, read early, you thought early. You said, “I am big star”. ‘It’s A Small World’, was the first song you hummed all the way through, you were 6 months old. You have been writing songs and stories since you were 4 years old. Your first professional show was when you were 4-years old at Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

    You said you want to help people and I know you will. You are going to change world. You are loving towards everyone. Berklee has may you grow and grown. It has sharpened some of your talents that you have except for Science. You want to do that next – go, go save the environment.

    Kennedi the world is your oyster. You can paint the world whatever you choose. God got you. When it looks like no is there God is always there. Remember, to treat people the way you want to be treated. Let your light shine.

    We love you
    Grandma & Grandpa

  82. Lorena Berry

    Congratulations to our daughter, Morgan and the Class of 2022!! We could not be more proud of you baby girl! You have accomplished so much through such challenging times! You can do anything you set your mind to! Continue to chase your dreams and follow your heart! Love you to pieces!! xoxo Mom, Dad & Cameron

  83. Beth and Brian Gottesman

    Congratulations to our son, Sam Gottesman! We are so proud of you. We are so happy you were able to study in Valencia, even for only 2 months, because of the pandemic. It definitely was a different learning environment due to Covid and you got through it incredibly well. We love you and are looking forward to the next chapter of your life. Also, congratulations to the whole class of 2022!

    “I paid $120,000 for someone to tell me to read Jane Austen, and then I didn’t.”
    – John Mulaney

    Love, Mom, Dad, & Sydney

  84. Anh

    You did it Bernice Chan! We are so, so proud of you! Congratulations to the entire Class of 2022! We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you!


    Mama and Papa Bear, Renee and even Cream Puff

  85. Diane Moleski

    Congratulations Brittany Moleski!

    We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! You are an AMAZING and INCREDIBLE singer and performer, and we enjoy watching you on stage! You have worked so hard and have persevered during a world-wide pandemic to achieve your goals and live your dreams! You are a very determined, confident, talented and beautiful young woman with a caring heart and a fun-loving personality. Cherish all your Berklee memories with your friends and professors. Continue to Follow your heart and Chase your dreams! You will go far in life! We will ALWAYS be here for you, and you will ALWAYS be our “brown-eyed girl.”

    Congratulations Brittany and the Berklee Graduating Class of 2022!

    We love you bunches—
    Mom and Dad

  86. Tamara Field

    Congratulations to our daughter Liv and to the entire graduating class of 2022!! You did it!! Lots of hard work but it paid off. The world will be a better place with you in it! Bring on the music!

    The Field Family

  87. Ann

    Beyond excited, to see our son, Chase Roork graduate, from this prestigious, college, with the class of 2022….. Doors are already, opening for you, seize each moment, of every day, you, are a shining star…..
    Peace and love
    mom and dad

  88. Sylvia Salas

    Congratulations to Cyrina Salas! We are proud of you! A major accomplishment for all graduates with many challenges over the last two years. Well done!

  89. Anne Alder

    Congratulations to our wonderful son Andrew Alder. We are so very proud of you! Bravo! We wish you all the best in your future musical endeavors The sky is the limit.
    Love always. Mum. Dad, Brad and Tobi

  90. Ocea Wynn

    Caleb, we are extremely proud of your accomplishments. You should be proud of what you have accomplished during the last four years. Stay true to yourself and make a lasting make on the world.

  91. Sepideh Banava

    Our dearest Shabnam, heartiest congratulations to you! We are so proud of you for your hard work and great accomplishment. You are an amazing young talented artist with a bright stellar future.
    Love you,
    Mom and Dad

  92. Mehra Ardeshiri

    Biggest congratulations to Shabnam Kermani, on your graduation <3 you made it through out the hardest years of your life. You are the strongest girl I know and I am so certain thar you are gonna succeed in your future academic and career endeavors

    love uuuu so much

  93. Frances W. Hopkins

    YOU have finished ✅ Amazing JOB well done!! Your love and dedication for your art has amazed me. A preemie who has grown into a great man showing Black Excellence. Such a kind, caring and generous soul. My miracle baby! Me and your brother are beyond proud of you! GOD already knew the plan stick with it and continue to put GOD first in al things. You stayed the course SON continue to press toward the mark of greatness. I always told you everything you need is already in you,; continue to pull it out. Keep being the best version of yourself! Keep keep shining bright and “Make Them Hear You”
    Love ❤️ your #1 Cheerleader


  94. Sandra Coy

    Congratulations Cyrina Salas on this incredible accomplishment! We are immensely proud of all your hard work and success. We cannot wait to see what you do next!

    Love, The Coy Family

  95. Alex Vasquez

    You “Jazz” Javi!!!

    Congratulations on your hard earned achievements of today and best wishes in all the ones coming ahead.

    Hard work does pay off!!!

    Kudos to the class of 2022 for persevering and achieving through difficult times.

  96. JC Gregory

    Congratulations to our nephew Bryan Sykes on his monumental achievement.
    Many Thanks to parents, Keith and Dawn and sister Daija for allowing us to share in this moment.
    What a view you have from Heaven Ms. Dorothy.
    We love you Bryan and GOD Bless you,
    Uncle JC & Aunt Alicia

  97. Alvaro Benavides & Ana Cristina Jaramillo

    A nuestro amado Gabriel, hoy estamos aquí para compartir este momento especial… para nosotros de enorme felicidad… para ti, tal vez uno mas que algún día recordarás con nostalgia. Gracias por dar alegría a nuestras vidas. Felicitaciones por tu disciplina, tu esfuerzo y tu trabajo. Que la vida te devuelva con felicidad y bienestar todos tus esfuerzos….Con todo nuestro amor, un gran abrazo.

  98. Alvaro Benavides

    For the Class of 2022:

    How to express in these few words everything you deserve? … Each one of you has had to go trough a journey that surely has not been easy… But likewise, each one of you is an example for many who want to walk the same path that you are completing today… Despite all the difficulties, especially during recent years, you have succeeded… Congratulations!!

    Now you begin another stage of your own tour of the world, which is waiting for you… in advance, thank you very much for your contributions to improve it. Realize that you will make a difference for many people, since you received the gift and privilege of transmitting feelings, creating beauty and joy… From now on, thank you in advance on behalf of all those who will receive your gifts throughout your lives… Thank you very much and may life give back to you in the form of happiness for you what you give to the world.

    Hugs for each of the members of the class of 2022

  99. Cynthia Salas Coronado

    Congratulations to our daughter Cyrina Salas!!! We are extremely proud of your accomplishment!! You’re an amazing young woman with strength and determination to achieve all that you work hard for. Keep reaching for the stars!

    Love you.

  100. Kristi Stevens


    You earned every second of this day!!! We are so very proud of you!

    Mom, Peyton, and Grandpa

  101. David McMahan

    Congratulations to Enrique Hernandez de Tejada, you are going to do great great things!! What an accomplishment!! Again congrats see you soon!

  102. Christine Roberge

    Congratulations to our daughter Christine. You did it !
    Wishing you all the good things for the future.
    You always made us so proud !

    Love, Mom and Dad

  103. Masoud & Elizabeth Jafari

    Congratulations Shabnam on this wonderful achievement. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    We are so very proud of you.

    Uncle Masoud & Auntie Elizabeth

  104. Sasan and Sahar

    Congrats Shabnam!

    We are very proud of your amazing accomplishments and wish you the best in your next chapter.
    GOT spin off will have your music in it:)

    Sasan and Sahar

  105. Sophie Roberge

    Congratulations to Class of 2022, and to my sister Christine Roberge

  106. Gma and Gpa Kirby

    Congratulations Brittany Moleski!

    We are so proud of you. You are an amazing and very talented singer. Your singing is beautiful. We love you with all our ❤️ ❤️! You are the shining star that lights up our smiles!

    Your loving Gma and Gpa

  107. Lisa Larkin

    Congratulations to our son Riley and the entire graduating class of 2022!

    We are extremely proud of you and know you’re going to do great things and we wish you the best and brightest future!!!

    Love Mom, Dad and Travers

  108. Cathy A. Frank

    Congrats and all the best to the resilient class of 2022! Special shout out to Robbie Frank from his family <3 We love you!!

  109. Dale M Smalley

    Congratulations to the Class of 2022!!! I would also like to personally Congratulate my nephew Kevin Lyman I can’t wait to see what your future holds, I know you are destine to do great things

  110. Summer Chang

    To our amazing daughter, Summer!

    You did it!! Your resilience and hard work has paid off! We are proud of you and your achievement. This is the beginning of many happy and successful times ahead.

    We love you unconditionally.

    Mom, Dad, and your little sister.

  111. Sheryl Marbury

    Congrats Jorel JFly Flynn. You might just be the hardest working man in the industry! I’m so proud of you for making this happen AND keeping all your other projects on track. God bless you!

  112. Congratulations to Gabriel Andrés Benavides and all the graduating class of 2022:

    Fly away, my little bird
    Leave the nest, my little bird
    Grab your dream and wait no more
    Cause today means everything
    There are no walls
    You have it all
    To be at the top
    To part the sea
    To show yourself
    To plant a seed
    And fill the world with As and Gs.

    M.J. Santos

  113. Krystle Jafari

    Congratulations Shabnam on this outstanding milestone! Wishing you continued success and happiness! May all your dreams be fulfilled!

    Krystle & Shane

  114. Didy Zheng

    Congrats to our daughter Shenika Shi and the entire 2022 graduation class!!!

    Unbelievably proud of you! All Your hard work will bring you success in the future ! We wish you happiness and joy on your new journey into the music world!!!

    Love, Mom, Dad and Jasper

  115. Claudia Barbar

    Congratulations DANI BARBAR for your achievement!!! We are so proud of you!! Keep following your dreams and passion. You are a n amazing singer and your dedication will take you very far !! You are a star and a blessing to all of us!! Anything is possible!!!! YOU DID IT!!!

  116. John Heidelman

    Kenneth Travis Heidelman

    We are thrilled by the growth of your technical skills and creativity during your time at Berklee. You assumed the challenge of a dual degree and excelled academically and by collaboration with your peers and professors!

    Great to see you jumping in to your dream of being a successful Music Producer. Dreams come true through dedication!

    Mom & Dad

  117. Alice and Marshawn Gilliard

    Congratulations to Kennedi Cathlene Mims-Frederick and all the graduating class of 2022!

    We know that life presents many challenges. However, you have not allowed them to be a stumbling block. In fact, you have used life’s challenges as a way to keep making progress in life. We are proud of you and of how you have matured. We are proud of how you have maintained your focus on your musical goals. Congratulations and continue focusing on setting and reaching your goals!!!!

  118. Xeron J Pledger

    Congratulations to my friend Jorel “J-Fly” Flynn for his dedication to the arts! We are celebrating your accomplishment this day my friend. My family and I wish you continued success. This just gave you more tread for your continued journey. – The Pledger Family

  119. Matt & Dora McNeilly

    Congratulations Robert McNeilly! Nice work and excited to see the future unfold for you and your fellow graduates. The best has yet to come!

  120. Pam Reaves

    Congratulations Jorel “JFly” Flynn on your achievement!!!

  121. Emma & mom

    Congratulations daddy!
    We’re so proud of you!
    Felicidades José Abner
    Te amamos

  122. Lencia McKnight

    Congratulations Uncle JFly on your ACHIEVEMENTS!!! Love you❤

  123. Zoe Kuburoglu

    Congratulations to our daughter Nicol Kuburoglu and to the whole class of 2022. So proud of all you have achieved and for the way you have grasped this opportunity and given it your all. Thanks also to staff at Berklee for their support and guidance and also to the amazing group of friends Nicol has made during the few years.

  124. Stephanie S.

    Congrats Nick! I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what is next in line for you, and I love how I am able to see you grow as a music educator! Love you!

  125. Rita Fitch

    Congratulations Nickyyyyyy We’re so proud of you and all your accomplishments! You are an awesome music educator! Love you, mom, dad, Gueli!!!!

  126. Amy Alfred

    Congratulations to Zachary Alfred-Levow and the rest of the graduating class for your perseverance, hard work, resiliency, and talent. It is so very exciting to watch you go through this important milestone. Your whole family loves you and supports you and can’t wait to see what you do in the next chapter of your journey. Love, Mom and Larry

  127. Victoria Alfred-Levow

    Proud of my all star brother Zach Alfred-Levow, the mayor of Back Bay!! From day one of move in to this weekend, you made wonderful memories and friends and I look forward to all that Berklee will give you in the rest of your life – Xoxoxo

  128. Pinky Phala

    Congratulations to all the Berklee students you have all worked so hard through an unprecedented pandemic. Shout out to my boy Matome Phala family so proud of you. Mummy loves you ❤️

  129. Abby Geiger


    I’m so proud of you for this huge accomplishment!
    I can not wait to see how you touch the people that you work with and watch you share your passion for music with the world.
    Forever grateful to be present to watch you take this next step in your journey!

    Love you!
    Your sister from another mister

  130. Sarah Alfred-Levow

    Congratulations to my brother Zach Alfred-Levow on his amazing accomplishments as a 2022 Berklee grad! I’m so incredibly proud of you not just for what you’ve done in the music therapy program and how you’ve grown in your internship, but who you are as a person. Your clients are beyond lucky to have you in their lives, and I can’t wait to watch you continue to blossom.
    Grandpa would have been proud beyond words.
    I love you so much!

    #PlayTheLick #MingusTheJazzCat

  131. A & C Weisser

    Congratulations, Daniel Bentz! Wishing you so much success!

    Love, Alisha and Chris
    (Nicolette’s Parents)

  132. Mira Michelson

    CLASS of 2022 — Congratulations!!! May you all continue to follow your dreams, make beautiful music, and leave a positive impact on the world —


    Congratulations SYDNEY!!!

    Despite all the bumps, tangents, and diversions of these past couple of years —

    YOU DID IT!!!

    Enjoy every second of this celebration of your hard work and dedication — you earned it big time!!!

    You are an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and producer, and with your perseverance and a Berklee degree, you are unstoppable. Congratulations also to your upcoming EP release — we are looking forward to the world hearing your songs.

    Grab every opportunity — the world awaits you — and we are so excited for the amazing adventures that will come your way!

    We are so proud of you!!!

    M + D + Dylan

  133. Larry Hershman

    Congratulations to a very special person!!!

  134. Rachel Leong

    Congratulations Noah ! We are so proud of you and your achievements. You are a talented musician. Wish you a successful future!
    Love you,
    Mom , Dad and Christine.

  135. Earl and Lisa Lambert

    Congratulations Michael Clanton, we are so extremely proud of you !!! We are looking forward to your future endeavors. May God continue to richly bless you❤️.

    Love you,
    Aunt Lisa and Uncle Earl

  136. Shirin Jafari

    CONGRATULATIONS SHABNAM!! You are the most talented, kind, smart, and beautiful sister ever! I’m so so proud of you and I know that you’ll succeed in anything you set your mind to!

    I’m so excited for the next chapter of your life, starting with getting your master’s degree in music technology in Berklee Valencia, Spain!!!

    Love you SO much ♥️

  137. Sung Cho

    Dearest Oliver Cho, we are so Impressed with you and in Awe of your hard work and resolve. We love, love, love you so very much. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments. Mom and Dad and Audrey

  138. Grandma Aggie

    Robert McNeilly

    Way to go!!!

    Grandma Aggie

  139. Jeannie Mullen

    Congratulations to all of the Berklee graduates today! What a huge accomplishment for each of you to have reached this day. Happy memories and best of luck to each and every one of you. Permit me one indulgence …. a shout out to my second cousin, Daniel Bentz, a most amazing young man … one with an enormous heart and the purist of spirits. Congratulations, Daniel!

  140. LeRoy

    Congratulations Marcus Roman. We’re really proud of what you’ve done. Your future is nothing but bright.

  141. Felicia Woods

    Congratulations Michael Clanton (Mikestro)! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. If you stumble, shake it off and get up. Live the life you have imagined!

    Love the Rivers and Woods fam

  142. Kevin J. Miller

    Stephen Tyler Retzlaff Congratulations Tyler, we’re all very proud of your accomplishments and dedication. Above all else, we’re very proud of the man you’ve become, your character, and how you care for everyone else. All our love, Kathy and Kevin, Aunt Sis.

  143. Mary Berkowitz

    Congratulations Michael Jay Berkowitz!
    We are all so very proud of you!!
    We love you!
    Mom, Dad, Melissa, Scott, Margaret, Jake, Maria, Maple & Mysti! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  144. Andrea Wynn

    Caleb Lattimore!

    We are so very proud of you!
    Remember, the audience is all eyes and ears on you! We are proud of your accomplishments.
    Wishing you much love and happiness.

    Casey, Andrea, Casandra & David, Adriana, and Gabriel

  145. Celia Larkin

    Congratulations Blake Myles Hopkins on competing this step in your journey. You light up the world with your music and the best is yet to come. Hearing you sing is always a joy. Be proud of yourself.

  146. Sonbol Banava & Josh Pugh

    Our Dear Shabnam,

    Warmest Congratulations and BRAVO!
    This is an impressive achievement and we couldn’t be happier for you.
    You are such a talented artist with a remarkable focus and diligence. A great future is ahead of you!

    Sending you our love and warm hugs!
Aunt Sonbol & Uncle Josh

  147. Melinda

    Congratulations, Blake Myles Hopkins !!! Wow, look at the God in you! Continued success on your wonderful journey! It’s been a joy to go on it with you these past 4 plus years! I have no doubt in your ability to reach the highest heights! Congratulations and Best Wishes for a great future ahead…Go Get Your Blessings!‍

  148. Bart Mitchell & Susan Siebert

    CONGRATULATIONS to Cody Tracey — Master of Music Education !! – and to all the amazing Berklee grads. We are so proud of you Cody & love you —- Bart & Susan

  149. Tina Maris

    Congratulations Hannah Garcia! Today we celebrate you for all your hard work and dedication. I am so proud of your achievements and can’t wait to see what your next chapter will be. CHEERS Pooh Bear! Love Mimi



  151. Darlene Mims

    Darlene Mims

    God Bless you and CONGRADULATION Class of 2022.

    Kennedi you chose me to be your mom and I thank you. From the first time I felt you, I knew you were something. You took me on a journey, I ate things I never ate before. I would play a plethora of eclectic music. I can tell whether you like the song or not. If you liked the song, things were, but calm but if you did not like you kicked. I tested it; it was true. I read various book to you every day and also hit the middle C to put you asleep. This journey is amazing to have, on to the next.

    When I gave birth, you were born with a veil over your face. When I saw this, I went to my quiet place, and I asked my heavenly Father what will you have to do? He said Kennedi has chosen you to be her mom. She will belong to the world, so journey will be different I was ready to go. First, we gave a party at two where to write the invitations in your printing. The third birthday party you we had the Science guy. This where you started showing your Science. God told me that you were going to use both sides of your brain. That was extraordinary. The fourth birthday was a professional magician. The magician said that had a voice of an angel. He looked at my audience and said hi to Ms. Brenda Lee Eager. To him Ms. Brenda Lee Eager was the best songstress of Chicago. Ms. Eager brought her grandson to you party. I told Ms. Eager that I had been looking for a singing teacher for Kennedi. God told me she is the one. Kennedi started class with Ms. Eager. Kennedi had been her student 6 months and Ms. Eager let Kennedi open up for her at the Henry Ford Theater. You have been there ever since. You left your mark on your elementary school. In the front of your school a picture of yourself showing yourself as a singer with your line wear and then you are holding a beaker. How apropos This journey was on a roll.

    The next journey was painful. Kennedi you receive all types of all type of accolades, you had the honor of eating lunch with the Supreme Court Justices, you met the Obama Family, and much more. A woman reporter asked you what is your story? You said you really didn’t have a story. The next week you went to Los Angeles for Christmas. I went home and as soon as I washed my hands, the room started spinning, boom I had an aneurysm. God had us exchange our contacts numbers with week before you left. It was for a reason. The doctor told my sister that they thought I was not going live. My Heavenly Father spared my sole. You said to me when I asked you “what is you story? Kennedi you told me my encounter with death was your encounter. You said you felt it when I fell. God said this ‘ journey was going to be rough, but you are going to make it.’

    This next part of the journey has been a secret between God, you and I. This was the time when people were telling me you had plenty of time. You need to stay in a traditional school. Palisades had started a new program. You taught yourself and they had teachers who were suppose to help you. The first two years were O.K.. We had to make a choice. It was one of those choice that no one is going to like. Me, myself, and I made a decision after I had a talk with God said to do it. I took you out of Palisades and did not tell anyone. We decided to check you back into Palisades. You decided that you wanted to star in a play. You did not play a lead role perse, but, they wrote in a solo act in just for you. The teacher said that it the best they ever had a Palisades, The news paper in Palisades said that Kennedi was a lot peoples’ fisherman . People came to wanted your signature, because they saw you as a star. Your High School day ended with a 4.3 . You only applied to two school – Harvard with a full school scholarship and Berklee School of Music. There was no mistake about it, you choose Berklee. I didn’t know how .we were going to make it . On to the next journey.

    The next journey was a very tricky one, so we thought. There were a lot of people who thought the world of you. When it was mentioned that we didn’t know where or how. God answered our prayer for two years. One day we were talking about a scholarship. The next day a scholarship came. God is so good. This journey with me is over. But, I don’t want it to be over. Kennedi will you still let me be your Mother, your guidance counselor, your God Mother? My Heavenly Father says if you choose it, it shall be done. Lets’ take a journey.


    Remember, always treat people the way you want to be treated. Forever let your light shine.

    Love Mommy

  152. Sarah Auerswald

    Congratulations to Kennedi and the rest of the graduating class!! What an accomplishment! You deserve to be proud of all you’ve done!! Well Done!!

  153. Darlene Mims

    Kennedi, I am over covet now and looking at what I wrote, Congradulations and I meant CONGRATULATIONS.

    CONGRATULATIONS Class of 2022 – Love you all

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