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Congratulate Berklee College of Music’s Class of 2021

Share a message of congratulations in the comment section below to celebrate the incredible achievements of Berklee College of Music’s class of 2021.

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In Memoriam: Ralph Peterson Jr.


Congratulate Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Class of 2021


  1. Dr Marcela Castillo-Rama

    Congratulations class of 2021 ! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors! We are so proud of you!

  2. Gina Zdanowicz

    Congratulations class of 2021! We are so proud of you! All the best on your music journey.

  3. As the Registrar, it falls to my office to make sure everyone who graduates has met all the requirements of their program. We have and you have. So when I say congratulations, it MEANS something! CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Kathryn Hencir

    Class of 2021–Congratulations!!! You have shown some serious grit in persevering through unprecedented times–and yet, you have excelled nonetheless. We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next. You should be incredibly proud of yourselves– we are so proud of you!

  5. Shannon Williams

    Hey you did the thing! I graduated from BoCo in 2019, so I just barely missed the craziness that you all experienced, and I really admire how you have all made it to this important milestone during what was probably some of the most frustrating semesters ever. (That sounds really dramatic but I mean, am I wrong?) Anywho, you all are amazing and I hope you can take a moment or two to breathe.

  6. Sally Blazar

    Congratulations to you all, Class of 2021! Graduating from Berklee is such an accomplishment at any time – we know how many classes you take at a time, plus practicing, plus jobs, plus dodging traffic on Mass. Ave – but even more so this year, having your last semesters be during the Covid pandemic, with classes online. All of us faculty, staff, and administration are cheering you on, wishing that we could celebrate with you in person and that you could bask in your graduation in front of us and your families. YAY for you!

  7. Nick Poché (Director, ISS)

    Congratulations to our amazing international student graduates. You have enriched Berklee experience with your diverse backgrounds and have become part of the colorful fabric that makes up our community. Onward!

  8. Alice Rugoletti

    Class of 2021 really ending with a bang! Finishing your final year of college during a global pandemic!! Congratulations, because you did it. You R E A L L Y did it! Treat yourselves after you cross the finish line because you sure as heck deserve it!

  9. Melissa Howe

    I am so proud of every one of you! You have accomplished so much with your creativity, hard work, and resilience. Go forth, the world needs you!

    Very best wishes for your future, wherever your journey may take you.

  10. Harshitha Krishnan

    Class of 2021,
    Y’all are incredible to have powered through your final year at Berklee online. We are so so so impressed with your resilience and so proud of your accomplishments.
    This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what you go out into the world and achieve.
    All the best and don’t be strangers! We’re all rooting for you!

  11. Chris Kandus-Fisher

    Congratulations Class of 2021! I wish you success, joy, and laughter!

  12. Anne Brown

    Congratulations to four of the first students I met at Berklee: Prithvi, Rowanne, Kristalis and Nicole. You are all so amazing and talented in addition to being kind and generous. I wish you nothing but the best now and always!

  13. Clare McLeod

    Congratulations graduates, and a special shout out to the first students graduating with a Minor in Teaching Contemporary Voice! Your thoughtful approach to music making by each of you and in the service of others is inspiring.

  14. Cecil Adderley, Ph.D.

    Congrats Class of 2021! You’ve successfully completed your Berklee journey, and will now begin your careers. We all applaud you. Well done.

  15. Michelle Quiñones

    Congratulations 2021 graduates! I wish you all the best as you move one step closer to accomplishing all of your goals and dreams!

  16. Darla Hanley

    To the Class of 2021: Best wishes for a future filled with everything that makes you happy. The future of music is bright — in your great hands. Congratulations! –Dean Darla Hanley (Professional Education Division)

  17. Mana Heistand

    Congratulations class of 2021, especially to my beautiful daughter. Emma Heistand!!!! We are so proud of you and the dedication, commitment to excel and persevere, especially this year. You are my “Angel of Music” and the music you carry inside brings sunshine to all! May God bless you always!!!

  18. Miriam Ponce

    Congratulations Emma love you and very proud of you; congrats to the class of

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