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Congratulate Berklee College of Music’s Class of 2021

Share a message of congratulations in the comment section below to celebrate the incredible achievements of Berklee College of Music’s class of 2021.

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In Memoriam: Ralph Peterson Jr.


Congratulate Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Class of 2021


  1. Dr Marcela Castillo-Rama

    Congratulations class of 2021 ! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors! We are so proud of you!

  2. Gina Zdanowicz

    Congratulations class of 2021! We are so proud of you! All the best on your music journey.

  3. As the Registrar, it falls to my office to make sure everyone who graduates has met all the requirements of their program. We have and you have. So when I say congratulations, it MEANS something! CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Kathryn Hencir

    Class of 2021–Congratulations!!! You have shown some serious grit in persevering through unprecedented times–and yet, you have excelled nonetheless. We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next. You should be incredibly proud of yourselves– we are so proud of you!

  5. Shannon Williams

    Hey you did the thing! I graduated from BoCo in 2019, so I just barely missed the craziness that you all experienced, and I really admire how you have all made it to this important milestone during what was probably some of the most frustrating semesters ever. (That sounds really dramatic but I mean, am I wrong?) Anywho, you all are amazing and I hope you can take a moment or two to breathe.

  6. Sally Blazar

    Congratulations to you all, Class of 2021! Graduating from Berklee is such an accomplishment at any time – we know how many classes you take at a time, plus practicing, plus jobs, plus dodging traffic on Mass. Ave – but even more so this year, having your last semesters be during the Covid pandemic, with classes online. All of us faculty, staff, and administration are cheering you on, wishing that we could celebrate with you in person and that you could bask in your graduation in front of us and your families. YAY for you!

  7. Nick Poché (Director, ISS)

    Congratulations to our amazing international student graduates. You have enriched Berklee experience with your diverse backgrounds and have become part of the colorful fabric that makes up our community. Onward!

  8. Alice Rugoletti

    Class of 2021 really ending with a bang! Finishing your final year of college during a global pandemic!! Congratulations, because you did it. You R E A L L Y did it! Treat yourselves after you cross the finish line because you sure as heck deserve it!

  9. Melissa Howe

    I am so proud of every one of you! You have accomplished so much with your creativity, hard work, and resilience. Go forth, the world needs you!

    Very best wishes for your future, wherever your journey may take you.

  10. Harshitha Krishnan

    Class of 2021,
    Y’all are incredible to have powered through your final year at Berklee online. We are so so so impressed with your resilience and so proud of your accomplishments.
    This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what you go out into the world and achieve.
    All the best and don’t be strangers! We’re all rooting for you!

  11. Chris Kandus-Fisher

    Congratulations Class of 2021! I wish you success, joy, and laughter!

  12. Anne Brown

    Congratulations to five of the first students I met at Berklee: Prithvi, Rowanne, Shawn, Kristalis and Nicole. You are all so amazing and talented in addition to being kind and generous. I wish you nothing but the best now and always!

  13. Clare McLeod

    Congratulations graduates, and a special shout out to the first students graduating with a Minor in Teaching Contemporary Voice! Your thoughtful approach to music making by each of you and in the service of others is inspiring.

  14. Cecil Adderley, Ph.D.

    Congrats Class of 2021! You’ve successfully completed your Berklee journey, and will now begin your careers. We all applaud you. Well done.

  15. Michelle Quiñones

    Congratulations 2021 graduates! I wish you all the best as you move one step closer to accomplishing all of your goals and dreams!

  16. Darla Hanley

    To the Class of 2021: Best wishes for a future filled with everything that makes you happy. The future of music is bright — in your great hands. Congratulations! –Dean Darla Hanley (Professional Education Division)

  17. Mana Heistand

    Congratulations class of 2021, especially to my beautiful daughter. Emma Heistand!!!! We are so proud of you and the dedication, commitment to excel and persevere, especially this year. You are my “Angel of Music” and the music you carry inside brings sunshine to all! May God bless you always!!!

  18. Miriam Ponce

    Congratulations Emma love you and very proud of you; congrats to the class of

  19. Ray Cagle

    I want to congratulate the Class of 2021. I want to say thank you to all the staff for making the learning a great experience. Best to all on there future journey.

  20. Damien Bracken

    Congratulations to our 2021 graduating class!! You stepped up to the challenge and you have proven you have what it takes! Now go get ’em:-)

  21. Kelly Downes

    Congratulations to the Class of 2021! What a year you have had! Best wishes for your success and happiness. Enjoy this achievement!

  22. Dorothy & Barry Gardner

    Congrats to class of 2021!!
    You did it in a most memorable year!!
    Well deserved and much happiness blessings and success!!

  23. Laura Dana

    Congratulations, Eric Dana and all Berklee and BOCO graduates! Eric… you dreamed Berklee. You worked incredibly hard to get there and then you made it happen! We’re so proud of you! Love, Us!

  24. Ken Winell

    Congratulations to the Boston Conservatory of Music Class of 2021 on your graduation. You have triumphed over adversity in the throws of a global pandemic you have adapted and continued your musical education despite the quarantine and learning how to learn remotely and via hybrid models. To my composer son, I am so proud that you were able to create new music and keep your creative spark. As you enter the next stages of your lives, remember how you have all persevered and triumphed!

  25. David Feth

    Sean Feth congratulations on your remarkable achievement! We are so proud of you and all the hard work that led to your 2021 commencement. Just remember, there are no limits and we look forward to your bright and exciting future!

    Love; Mom, Dad, Christopher & Julian : )

  26. Tamra Bora

    Congratulations Marietto!

    Tanti Auguri! We are all so very proud of you, you have been working so hard and we hope all your dreams come true!

    We love you!


    Mom, Papà, Jonathan, Luca

  27. Craig and Weatherly Verhelst

    Congratulations to all of the 2021 graduates! What a joy it will be to see the mark you will make on our world with your many gifts. Special shout-out to Caelan Verhelst. We are so glad for you and for all that you have accomplished; we can hardly wait to see what you will do next! You’ve surprised and thrilled us for 21 years; we love you more than words can say. With all our love, Mom, Dad and Isaac.

  28. Linda Leito

    Gianni Leito

    Congratulations Gianni. I’m so proud of all you have done and all you are yet to do. You have loved music from an early age, and you have succeeded in following your star. But there are many more stars to follow. My heart is bursting with pride and love for you, my second grandson. Just know I’m a phone call away if you ever need me.
    Best wishes on the next chapter of your life, Gianni.
    I wish you strength and happiness in all you do.
    I’m so very proud of you. And I’m happy to be able to watch you as you go further.
    Love Nonna

  29. Mina De Santis

    KARINA MENDEZ….You did it!!!!SOO happy for you & very proud of you..Best of luck to the future & enjoy ! Very excited for you Congratulations !!XOXO LOVE YOU :)<3

  30. Jeffery and Debra Duenz


    We blinked! You’re a Berklee College of Music Grad! It feels like you left for Boston yesterday. YOU started your journey on your own: applied (we didn’t know you had); auditioned, passed and were offered a spot (no doubt the panel were impressed with your abilities and sensed your future capabilities).

    Your journey at Berklee will be one of many great experiences.


    Love, Dad and Mom

  31. Susan Polack

    Congrats to Berklee COM Class of 2021 and to our amazing son Josh Polack!!! Wish we could be there to celebrate this amazing experience with you ! We are so proud of you ! ❤️. Mom and Dad

  32. Kelli and Chris Nicholas

    Congratulations to our amazing daughter Zanny and all the Berklee Class of 2021. We are so proud of you! You graduated during this most extraordinary time in history and your resilience, perseverance, talent and hard work will continue to propel you to great heights. Keep shining. Bravo Berklee College of Music Class of 2021!

  33. Jelena Novakov

    EVAN LUX CLASS OF 2021!!!

    I can’t even express how proud I am of you. You followed your dream through the thickest burdens of life and made it through, shining like the brightest star. Your dream of becoming a Berklee College of Music graduate is here and I can’t wait to see what becomes of you after this chapter. You are my inspiration.

    Odavde do neba, kad je nebo najplavlje!

    Your Mom ❤️

  34. Kathleen Orlin

    Congratulations Ben Orlin and the entire class of 2021! We’re so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished!

    Love, Mom, Dad, Sam and Brady

  35. Mary Youngblood

    A very big congratulations to the graduating class of 2021. You did it! And through the oddest of circumstances. Frank Youngblood, I couldn’t be a prouder mother. Mina, Mina, Mina!

  36. Irene Sang

    Congrats to the entire class with a special shout out to Diana Worby! Diana you embody grace, talent, power, grit, beauty, intelligence, and fun. We are all so proud of you and thrilled to watch what the future holds! Love, Irene, Philip and Rachel

  37. Pamela Sztybel

    Congratulations to Diana Worby and the class of 2021. I’ve always been so proud of all your accomplishments but to have graduated under such difficult circumstances further honors your dream and reminds the rest of us how all things are possible with strength, determination and grace. You are a STAR.

  38. Alan and Stacey Morrison

    Congratulations to Tanir Morrison aka Dexter Xyal – you are an amazing and talented individual with a kind heart and incredible soul. You left for Boston as a young high school graduate and now are graduating from one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. We are so proud of you, words cannot fully describe. We are your biggest fans and are so anxious to see where you go from here! Love you kid! Forever and Always! Love Mom and Dad!

  39. Alan and Stacey Morrison

    Congratulations Millie!!! (Amelia Eisenhauer) you are such a sweet, beautiful and talented young woman! We are grateful that you have come into our lives and take immense pride in being so close to you and being able to watch your journey after you graduate from Berklee! You and Tanir are an amazing couple and are destined for great things in the future! Love you! Love your other Mom and Dad!

  40. Cecilia Arenas

    Congratulations to the Class of 2021!!

    Pablo Manuel, you made it, I am so proud of your accomplishment! que es el resultado de tu perseverancia y dedicación (dos de tus mayores virtudes), sumadas a tu pasión por la música.
    I do not know what the future awaits for you, for sure great things. Stay strong and keep your dreams alive!

    Hugs and kisses ♾

    Love always , Mom ❤️

  41. Sandy Kipfer

    Congratulations Matthew and Class of 2021. YOU DID IT! What an accomplishment and great strides! Love Mom and Dad!

  42. Mindee and Terry Zis

    Congratulations Dovy Ehrenreich, Uncle Terry and I could not be more proud of your accomplishment and the talented, kind and thoughtful young man you have become. We love you very much!

  43. Steven Andrews

    Congratulations Noah Andrews!! What an amazing achievement! I am so excited to see how the next chapters of your life unfold for you. If they are blessed with efforts you have applied to your challenges and accomplishments so far in life, you are guaranteed more and more success. I couldn’t be prouder of you!

    Love you!


  44. Brianna & Ryan Taylor

    Congratulations, Kylie Melendez McCall! We are so proud of you for this achievement. You have worked so hard and it is wonderful to celebrate this accomplishment!

  45. Mommy, Daddy, Michelle, Shari, Bubbie, and Grandpop.

    Sami, congratulations on this phenomenal achievement! Your hard work, creativity, and joie de vie have led you to this incredible milestone – becoming a graduate of Berklee College of Music, majoring in both film scoring and composition. Your future burns bright. Know that you have our unwavering support. We love you!❤️

  46. Matthew

    Roger Atencia well done brother!! I’m proud of you, and I can’t wait to see where your success takes you on the next step in your journey. May God continue to bless and protect you along your path.
    Love you brother!

  47. Jennifer Strickland

    Congratulations Allen!!

    You did it!! I’m SO PROUD of you and all of your achievements. Attending Berklee was your ultimate dream and you not only made it a reality, but you absolutely flourished while you were there. You worked incredibly hard and now you’re a Berklee Grad I love you so much and can’t wait to see what your ‘next step forward’ will be. ❤

    Jen, Cali and Baby S

  48. Alvaro Benavides

    Class of 2021:
    As the proud father of a Berklee student who is following your footsteps I want to express my admiration for the immense work involved in successfully completing your studies at Berklee… It is a great achievement and each of you must be very proud of it… Congratulations!!
    Now we are in a world that drastically changed in many ways and this situation has made us appreciate even more the contribution that you – the artists – make for the well-being of humanity.
    Today we recognize much more than before that the world needs art permanently, it is its spiritual food, which nourishes the hope of a positive tomorrow. Thank you for training so well to contribute with your music to build a better world, a better society, a better human being … This different world welcomes you today … It was waiting for you, it needs you, …we need you … You are the ones who will continue giving us joy in the coming years and who will show us the most noble part of the human being.
    Thanks to each of you for your effort to prepare so well to give that gift to humanity…. Thank you in advance for all the beautiful and positive things that we will receive from you …

  49. Camilo Velez

    Congrats Class of 2021! Special SO to Roger Atencia. You worked really hard for this and you deserve it!

    Now everyone enjoy and celebrate!

  50. Sharon & David Seymour

    To our Anna Mariko, it’s difficult to express the pride and joy that you have brought us in the last 22 years. Graduating from your dream school is another milestone you accomplished with conviction, passion and grace. We were amazed at how you handled yourself during this extremely adverse time in history. It showed great maturity isolating alone for months while over 3,000 miles from home. You’re a fabulous and strong women with an exciting future ahead. Stay strong in your faith, lead with your moral compass as you move forward in life and know that we will always be here for you.

    Love, Mom & Dad

    To the Berklee College of Music Class of 2021, you not only endured but excelled. Cheers!!

  51. Cami Alvarez

    Congrats Class of 2021 specially to Roger Atencia. I am so proud of you. You have amazing things coming in your way and you will be so blessed in this new stage of life.
    Felicitaciones Cuz!! I love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  52. Barb Thompson

    To all you MP&E students – what a whirlwind, especially with the recent craziness. But you are well-prepared (IF that’s even possible) for the music world and careers that you can love. Alex T you dreamed of “Berkley” before you could spell it…and now you’ve done it. We’re thrilled!

  53. Scott and Lynda Reissman

    Congratulations to Michael Ruggiero and the entire 2021 graduating class!! We are all so very proud of you and wish you much success on your future endeavors! We love you and are so proud of the young man you have become!

  54. Doreen and Mike Fraietta

    Congratulations to Michael Ruggiero and the class is 2021!! We are so proud of you in Houston! Much love.

  55. Julia Payton

    Congratulations Erik Payton and the class of 2021! I am so proud of you, Erik! Following your heart for music and watching you realize your dreams is such a tremendous and exciting accomplishment. Watching you work and compose music is my greatest joy! I am so proud of you!!

  56. Anna Taylor

    Congratulations Alex Thompson and the Berklee College of Music’s graduating Class of 2021!!! Alex, you have worked hard and accomplished so much! The Taylor/Mancini family (and all of North Carolina) congratulate you on your graduation!! We are so proud and can’t wait to hear what your future brings! Please keep us in the loop.

    We will hopefully see you at SSB in a month (LOVE your parents’ place!!), and we will catch up then!

    xoxo [adopted] Aunt Anna

  57. Michelle LoMagno

    Christopher LoMagno
    We are so proud of all that you have accomplished during your time at Berklee. You have grown into a talented and successful musician and we cannot wait to see what you have in store for the future! Wishing you success in all your future endeavors. We love you very much!

    Mom and Tory

  58. Deb Wyant

    William Wyant,
    We are so proud of you for following your dream and graduating from Berklee. WE always knew you had tremendous talent, and now the world will know it. Love you so much! On to the next adventure. ❤️

    Mom and Dad

  59. Vincent Bamundo

    Chris LoMagno

    Congratulations Chris and your fellow 2021 Berklee graduates. We are so proud that you followed your passion, excelled and grew these past 4 years. Always believe in yourself, give of yourself and remember your family and God are always there for you. We love you and can’t wait to be part of your next exciting chapter.

    The Bamundo Family

  60. Charmainge ST. Halaire

    Congratulations Class of 2021!!

    The biggest congratulations to the best husband ever, Saquan ST. Halaire ❤️

    I am beyond I proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You are an inspiration to so many people around you and I’m grateful for all that you do for our family. This is only the beginning and I’m blessed to be on this journey with you as you continue to excel and make all of your dreams a reality.

    I love you mon cheri!


    Your wife, Charmainge ST. Halaire

  61. Jeanette Serino

    Alec! We are so proud of you. It was a challenge and you conquered it. You work so hard and now it’s paid off. We love you so much!!!!

    The Serino Family

  62. Mike Grimwood

    Erik Payton, we are so ♯♭♫♮ proud of you!!!!

    ♥ Jiyon and Mike ♥

  63. Lucia Peel

    Alex Thompson, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such an incredible achievement. I am so happy for you and jealous of you. Can’t wait to see you in NC and hear more about these tough but wonderful years at Berklee!
    Your “more almost than Anna” almost aunt!!!!

  64. Jeff Amtman

    Congratulations Ari !!
    Such an amazing accomplishment ! You have made everyone so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself !!
    Enjoy your special day and celebrate your great achievement ❤️


  65. Jerry and Grace (Salinas) Garcia

    Congratulations Berklee Class of 2021! You’ve achieved a wonderful milestone during a very challenging time in history. To our dear son, Abel Garcia, we are so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We know that your grandparents in heaven are smiling down on you with great pride. Your music, lyrics and talent never cease to amaze us. We hope that you will continue to pursue your dreams and know without a doubt that you will have great success.

    With all our love and prayers, Mom, Dad and baby sister Maria

  66. Cindy Hatch

    Congratulations Abel Garcia & all 2021 graduates! What an accomplishment!!

  67. Lisa Fitzsimmons

    Way to go Alex!!! I am so impressed by your hard work and success. I must admit that I still don’t really understand what you do, but I just love to hear your excitement and pride when you share clips with me! You have a grand future ahead of you!

  68. Jo Robinson

    Well done Alex!! Looking forward to watching where your hard work, talents and dreams take you. So proud of you!

  69. The Álvarez’s family

    Pablo, we are so proud of you, from the beginning to the end, you had been showing commitment, hard work and excellence. We are enjoying with you this great accomplishment and the world is your playground. Congratulations!!! We love you very much! Your family who you make extremely happy. Tíos Mau, Ximena and you cousins Valentina, Matías and Victoria

  70. Gloria Bearden

    Congratulations Abel!! So very proud of you and your commitment to your dreams. Blessings for continued success in the bright future ahead of you! We love you!!

  71. Manuel Roberto Sánchez

    Manuel Iwinai
    ¡¡Mil felicitaciones !! Estamos muy orgullosos de ti, por haber conseguido el cupo, luego la beca y ahora tu grado, han sido muchos momentos de trabajo arduo y disciplina, pero los resultados están a la vista. Éxitos !!!!. #IwinaiBerklee2021

  72. Denise Sol

    Big congratulations to Alici Sol ☀️ And the entire Berklee Class of 2021 !! You are an amazing and talented individual with a kind heart and incredible soul. We are so proud of you and we know that many more blessings are coming to you!!
    “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭23:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    We love you so much!!! Mom, dad, Aline, Alfie, Lunie & Tangy.

  73. Henry Gaitán Urrea y Celia Galeano

    Muchas felicitaciones Manuel. Muy meritorio este grado. Te deseamos muuchos éxitos en el futuro.

  74. Knox Barker

    Congratulations to Alex Thompson, Berklee College of Music, Class of 2021 GRADUATE! So much to be proud of and so many opportunities to be a part of … can’t wait to see how you share your talents with the world! I’m really proud to know you and wish you all the best in the days ahead! 🙂
    Love, Your Very Most Favorite (Almost) Aunt Knox

  75. Roger Helwig

    Congratulations Hunter Helwig! This is a tremendous accomplishment and we are all so proud of you. YOU did it! You persevered, you worked hard, you did it!
    Love you so much!

  76. Kimble Corbridge

    Hunter Helwig,
    We are so proud of you!! You made it!! Congratulations! You are a great singer and performer. You will go far!
    Uncle Kim and Aunt Linda

  77. Oris & Alice Corbridge

    Our dear Grandson Hunter Helwig. Congratulations on your Graduation from the school of your dreams ‘Berkeley School of music.’ We are so proud of you and know your mom is looking down on you and saying “Great Job, now go out and accomplish all the dreams I’ve dreamed for you.” We love you and wish you much success. Love Grandpa & Grandma

  78. Andrea Corbridge

    Hunter Helwig, I am soooo proud of you!!! Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. You are such a talented young man and you have such a bright future ahead of you! I can’t wait to watch you share your talents with the world! Congratulations!!!
    Love, Your favorite Aunt Andrea

  79. Mrs. C

    Congratulations Abel

    I am so very proud of you and excited for your next journey in this wonderful thing we call life. You have made your dreams come true and now get ready for even more success to come your way. I am so grateful to have been a part of your life!! Hugs and much love

  80. Bharath Kalyanram

    To our Son Dhruva. CONGRATULATIONS first and foremost! You have done it! I can’t even begin to describe how proud we are of you. The way you have pursued this journey through everything that has come at you – the good, the bad, the ups and the downs. All of these have only shown us the good Man you have grown to be. You have shown us that you have the ability to take on any challenge and see it through with passion, purpose and perseverance.

    So proud of you Sonny. Wish we could have been together – but we are here cheering for you – full throated and full of love. God bless you. Relax and enjoy the fruits. Have fun.

    Dad and Mom

    P.S – Class of 2021 – Congratulations and have a great life ahead full of happiness, good health and success!

  81. Aparna Srivastava

    Congratulations dear Dhruva !
    We are so proud of your achievement !
    You are super talented !
    May God Bless you with many more accomplishments !
    Blessings and love to you for a great future ahead!
    Cheers to the entire class of 2021 !

    Lots of Love ❤️❤️
    Deepa Mami

  82. Velandai Srikanth

    Congrats Dhruva and to your class of 2022! We are all so proud of you!

    Lots of love
    Srikanth, Jane, Meera, Indy, Sachin, Louis and Sox all from the land of Oz

  83. Juliet Taylor

    Congratulations Emily Gelineau!!!
    From the first audition in Sydney to now there is so much to be proud of – not only a degree but the experience of leaving home at 17 and making a life far away from Perth in Western Australia.
    Thank you for taking us to Boston and Valencia and including us in every experience, and challenge you had along the way.
    You are admired by many and we hope your hard work brings you success and happiness always.

    Love from all of us xxxx

  84. Alfredo Landsberger Glik

    Stefany Glik we are very proud!
    Good job!!!
    New chapter in your life!
    We love you very much
    All the best for class of 2021
    Dad Sylvia Sabrina Marina Carolina

  85. Padma Venkata

    Congratulations, Dhruva! So proud of all that you have accomplished. Very proud of you and honored to congratulate you. Wishing you the best for your future.
    Padma Athai and Mani Mama

  86. Baird-V Family

    Abel Garcia. Class 2021

    Congrats. You’ve finally graduated! Its been a pleasure watching you grow into the man and musician you have become. You have inspired Alejandra to be a better musician and person, and we can not thank you enough. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next! Love, Daniel, Claudia, Daniella, Alejandra Baird-Valenzuela

  87. S Prakash

    Dear Dhruva
    Congrats! Very Happy and Proud of your accomplishment! Looking forward to the next step, too!
    All the Best


  88. Raack Family

    Congratulations to The Berklee Graduating Class of 2021 – and a special shout out to IAN WILLICK. It has been so exciting to follow your interests, studies, vocal /instrumental performances through the years and to witness your growing and ever-evolving talent. Good luck in this new musical chapter. We’ll be watching!!

  89. Mary Grimwood

    Erik Payton, I am so proud of you. Congratulations !
    I Love you
    Grandma Mary

  90. Renee Margossian

    A most heartfelt Congratulations to the Berklee Class of 2021! You have had mighty mountains to climb, but climb them you did. Your perseverance has paid off. I hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are.

  91. Tesa Wheatley-Fabyan

    Congratulations to my little brother Josiah Walker! You are such a talented musician and I’m so proud of the young man you have become. I know this past year has been tough but you’ve stuck it out and pushed through. I love you and I know with God’s help you are definitely destined for greatness!

  92. Raam Mahadevan

    Congratulations Dhruva! We are so proud of your achievement!!

    Wishing you and the Class of 2021 all the best in your future!

    Love from Babu uncle and Jayashree aunty.

  93. Louise SIegel

    Congratulations @Siegel_sax, we are so proud of your accomplishment!

    Congratulations to the class of 2021!

    Mom, Dad, Alex & Sean

  94. Jason and the Gelineau Family

    Congratulations Emily Gelineau and the entire Class of 2021!

    What a journey it has been, never easy but definitely worth it. But you have all hit the right note!

    We are excited to see and enjoy the creativity that you will contribute to our world as you continue your journeys post Berklee.

    Dad, Grandma Bev, Aunty Tara and the entire Gelineau Family from Canada and Australia. xx

  95. Ernesto Martínez Villaseñor

    Class of 2021,

    What you just accomplished is no small feat. And when you consider you did it in the middle of one of the worst times in history, you should be really proud of yourselves. I tip my hat to you all.

    Now go do your thing and kick butt.

    All the best.

  96. the LaPollas

    Congratulations, Neal!! We are so proud of your accomplishments and excited about your future plans!

    Best, best wishes. Love

    mom, dad, Dayle and oma

  97. the LaPollas

    Congratulations Hani!! What an accomplishment! Wishing you lots of beautiful music in your future.

    Love Skip, Ran, Dayle and Oma.

  98. Angie De Cola

    Congratulations to the Class of 2021!!

    Special congratulations to Emilia De Cola.
    You are very talented and we are very proud of all your accomplishments and hard work. May God Bless you in your next chapter of your life and make your dreams a reality.

    Love Nonna Emilia and Zia Angie

  99. Cherise Hodge Tucker

    Congrats to our cousin Josiah Walker and the entire class of 2021. Josiah, you will do great things as a music ambassador of God’s Kingdom. We can’t wait to see your name rolling up in the credits. Your God given talent will transcend across nations with no boundaries as they will all know your name as a child of God even here on the island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands where we, your family, are so proud of you! From Cherise, Ne’Kye, Nia, Jonathan (JT), Proctor, Ellie and Abriel .

  100. Nancy Brown

    Congratulations to all the students and especially to Michelle Bergh. You completed your degrees during a difficult time in the world. I know you will go on to live lives of meaning and beauty. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  101. LaQuinta Johnson Collins

    Sending our overwhelming congratulations and love all the way from Birmingham, AL to Boston, MA to KéVon J. Johnson who will be a graduate of Berklee College of Music’s Class of 2021 this upcoming Saturday! I speak for all of your family and friends when I say we are beyond proud of you, your dedication and your commitment to following your dreams. We look forward to celebrating with you in person one day very soon.


    Mom, Anthony, Kendi, Keshawn, Grandma Mary, Aunt Ree, Uncle Darrell, Aunt Mia, Hayleigh, Hayden, Mike, Aunt Bobbie and Aunt Rena

  102. Amita

    Congratulations to you Dhruva Bharath class of 2021, and others in the cohort. You have shown great courage and resilience over the past year-Pandemic, online learning in different geographies, and containing the virus by keeping safe. You lot are inspiring!
    All the very very best!
    Dhruva – congratulations on your hard work fuel led achievement. So proud !

  103. Kevin Payton

    Kevin and Jen Payton

    Congratulations to Erik Payton. Graduating Class of 2021. We are so proud of you. This is a major accomplishment. Your journey is just beginning. Your talent and hard work will soon be recognized professionally. Much love!

  104. Drs Kamakshi & Kartik

    Berklee Class of 21.
    To all of you as you graduate, make music to heal the world and the environment. You are the younger generation who can and will make a difference. All of you have persevered and graduated. Congratulations
    A big hug to our nephew Dhruva. Wow a graduate. Too good. Really looking forward to seeing you in your dunce cap and gown!!!
    May the fingers of yours continue to produce magic.
    God bless Plinkety plonk
    Vidya and Kartik

  105. Nancy Colodny

    Congratulations Bryn Jahna! We are so proud of you- our Berklee graduate! Only wonderful things ahead!
    With lots and lots of love,
    Dad & Mom❤️ ❤️

  106. Elisabeth Anderson

    CONGRATULATIONS to my former, unforgettable Piano Student EMILY GELINEAU and to all 2021 Berklee Graduates!
    Such a tremendous accomplishment especially considering the raging pandemic situation everywhere. Verrrry proud of you, Em and wishing you every possible success in your future: personal as well as professional

    Remembering our wonderful times together ” in music” and
    with lots of Love

    Elisabeth Anderson XOX
    your PT

  107. Beatriz Arenas

    Congratulations Pablo Manuel!! Lo lograste y como los grandes!! Eres un capo!! Disfruta este momento, te lo mereces! y sigue siempre con esa fuerza y ganas por conseguir tus objetivos, que estoy segura que siempre los alcanzarás!
    Éxitos y TQM!

    Tu madrina Tusy

  108. Shekar Ramanathan

    Congrats Dhruva on your graduation! We are very proud of your accomplishment. Blessings and best wishes for a great future ahead!!

    Shekar Uncle, Lakshmi Aunty, Nisha & Diya

  109. Anthea Adair

    Congratulations class of 2021 and Erik Payton!!! ❤️ We were blessed with the opportunity to watch your passion develop and see your dedication grow. We’re so proud of where you have taken this incredible talent of yours. We know great things are in store for you!


    Uncle Scott, Aunt Anthea, & the whole Adair/Neal clan. XOXO

  110. The Arzoumanian Family

    Congratulations to the class of 2021, especially to our daughter, Janette! It hasn’t been easy these past two years and not the way you would have liked to go out.
    “Never settle, make your mark, hold your head up, follow your heart” – Nothing More
    “Get up, get up, get a move on” – Shinedown
    Go out and pursue your dreams.
    We are proud of you – Mom, Dad, and Jillian

  111. Jennifer Lackey

    Congratulations Berklee CoM class of 2021!! What a milestone! Y’all made it! You should be so proud of yourselves! To my darling daughter Mackenzy Lackey, I am so proud of you, who you have become and what you have accomplished already! I can’t wait to see your footprint in the music industry. Go kill it! You are so amazing and talented and I love you dearly! I am your biggest fan! Love Sita (mama)

  112. Sherrylyn Waldron

    Congratulations to the class of 2021! Special congratulations to LUKE WALDRON. You faced many challenges during your college experience but continued to push through and have been successful! We are so proud of you! Your level of maturity and development musically, spiritually and emotionally has been outstanding. May God continue to lead you and open doors for you to express your gifting! We look forward to the next chapters of your journey.
    We love you,
    Mom, Dad, Lance, Arianna, Stephanie and Odel

  113. Julianna Despinos

    Congratulations Berklee College of Music Class of 2021!!! You have made it to the end through hard work and perserverance. We wish you the best and much success on your future endeavors.

  114. Lee Cherry

    Congratulations to all of you! I hope you are feeling so proud of all that you have accomplished and the impact that you have made on the Berklee community! I know you all have bright futures ahead of you, wherever they take you. I hope you take time to celebrate, enjoy this moment, and rest – you deserve it!

  115. JoeAnn Smith

    Congratulations Kemet! So Proud Of You!

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Luv Mom

  116. Chandrika Shah

    Congratulations ! Class of 2021! Congratulations to Kunal Gala and wishing you all the best for your future endeavors. Proud of You!

  117. Lisa Janzen

    Congratulations Noah Andrews and the entire class of 2021! We are so proud of you Noah and can’t wait to see what your future holds.

  118. Esmeralda Flores

    Congratulations Samantha Cortez, dad and I are so proud of you. Against all obstacles and challenges you did it. You are incredibility talented and again so very PROUD of you. We love you so much!



    Muchas felicidades por este momento tan importante en tu vida. Al fin cumpliste un escalón de tu gran sueño…Nunca pares, nunca te conformes, hasta que lo bueno sea lo mejor y lo mejor sea lo excelente. MLVG

  120. Amy Feifer

    Matt Norden ‘21, we are so proud of you! Berklee was an amazing, learning experience for you, helping you grow as a musician. The challenging road of the pandemic made you stronger and more resilient. Here is to the next step on your musical journey. We can’t wait to see where you soar.

    Mom, Dad, Marissa, Aunt Dore, Aunt Amy and Uncle Scott

  121. Amanda Conley

    Congratulations to Dan Conley for achieving this goal while working and dealing with other Life Events. I am very proud of you for following your dream. Your dedication sets a wonderful example for others to follow.


  122. Irena and Robert Stawitz

    Christopher LoMagno

    Congratulations on another amazing accomplishment. You have demonstrated your multiple musical talents throughout the years. We know you will be successful in all that you strive to achieve. Most importantly, we are exceedingly proud of the wonderful person you have become.
    We love you, Grammy and Grandpa Bob

  123. Bryan Paz

    Mackdaddy, & Mahima

    I am so proud of you.
    Can’t wait to see you grow.

    xo Bryan


  124. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Congratulations Mira Jeffrey-Craft! We are beyond proud of you and so excited for all that is to come. We love you to the moon and back!!! Love, Mom, Dad, Jolie, Sam, Cooper and Lucy❤️

  125. Bryan Paz

    Kaitlyn – Proud of you.

    xo Bryan

  126. Shalaka Gupte

    Congratulations Dhruva ! Very proud of your accomplishment.
    Wishing you all the best in future endeavor!
    Luv & best wishes
    Shalaka auntie, Dinar uncle, Sanal & Shubie

  127. John & Dorn Walker

    Congratulations to Josiah Walker & the Berklee College of Music Class of 2021 Graduates! Josiah, the Lord reward your diligence, hard-work, and resilience to continue focusing on your studies via online Zoom classes in the midst of a pandemic.

    Josiah —may your sacrifice of a college experience, face-to-face professors engagement, studio time, live ensemble participation, invaluable networking contacts — and so much more — be rewarded with a plethora of film scoring opportunities post Berklee.

  128. Chanelle Wimbish

    Congratulations, Othello! I am So proud of all of your hard work and dedication! Cheers to the next journey. Love you!

  129. Namrata, Prahlad and Nayan

    Congratulations Class of ’21! Berklee isn’t the easiest of places to get through, and the last year and a bit have been particularly ruthless. Here’s to resilience, love and hope- may your love for music and the arts bring solace to all of us. We can never have too many musicians no matter what the world tells you!

    To Dhruva, we couldn’t be prouder. We’ve watched you grow and deepen your relationship with all that you love. We’ve heard you tackle everything from composition, to writing, to apartment hunting with grace (and some interesting language :D). Send us more music D. We can’t wait for the world to fall in love with you too.

    Loads of love and hugs Dhru mama!
    Nams, the professor and Nayan

  130. Mika Räsänen

    Congratulations all Berklee graduates 2021 and our son Tuomas J. Räsänen!

    It has been so great to follow your passionate dedication to music and your instrument. You never gave up on your dream.
    In the process you have also opened a whole new exiting world for your parents

    Great effort, excellent results! We are so proud and happy for you!
    Journey continues….

  131. Ana Paula & Mike Soto

    Dear Sami, we are so proud of you, our talented voice of an angel singer !!!! We are so proud of you graduating from the best school of music in the world. Lots of hard work behind this day, suffering, joy, sad and happy moments, life in essence….

    Continue shining like you always do, and remember hard work and discipline will always overcome anything. Never give up, follow your dreams !!!!

    Love and kissed, Ana Paula and Mike Soto

  132. Lee and Carol Kjesbo

    Congratulations to Noah Andrews! Wish we could celebrate this big accomplishment with you in Boston. Watched your composition last night. FUN! and very creative! Wishing you the very best in your next venture. With love,

  133. Darice Gall

    Congratulations to my Godson, Gianni Leito, on his graduation. You did it, G! So excited to watch what you’ll do next! Love you.

  134. Sam Sharata

    Congratulations on your amazing achievement Natalie. You’re following your dream, pursuing your life’s passion, and I can’t be be more proud of you. The world is full of challenges and opportunities, and I believe you’ll step up and succeed with the same enthusiasm, curiosity, and determination that has brought you to this very exciting day. We all love you and wish you the very best as you take the next step on the road of life.

  135. Madeleine Toh

    Congratulations, class of 2021! This is a day of celebration for your dedication, courage, determination, and perseverance through the years at Berklee.

    A special shoutout goes to Shradha Ganesh (Film Scoring + Electronic Production & Design) and Luis Arturo Celis Avila (Jazz Composition + Performance) of TR. You guys made it! I cannot be prouder of you both. Well done!

    On to greater things 😀

  136. Cathie Hanna

    Congratulations to Berklee Class of 2021, especially my son, Travis Hanna. Your determination and grit has led you to this incredible moment. What a milestone in this most challenging time in history!
    Remember this day and the sense of pride and accomplishment that you take from it.
    There is no script…Life is improvisation! Dream Big! Believe Deep! Follow Your Passion! LIVE YOUR MUSIC! It is time to create your future and make a difference. Let the adventure begin! CHEERS!
    With Love and Hugs,
    Your Forever Fan, MOM
    “Creativity is intelligence having FUN!”

  137. Ramos Moreno Family

    Congratulations class of 2021!
    Congratulations from the Ramos Moreno family all the way from El Paso TX, and Mexico. This milestone should be celebrated with a tequila shot and a hug!

  138. Olga and Vernon B

    Congratulations Vlad, We are super proud of you!
    Into the great wide open and beyond!
    Lots of love,

  139. Ramos Moreno Family

    Silvana, we want to congratulate you on this your big day where all the hard work and sacrifice you have invested into yourself this past years is going to finally flourish into something great that will initiate your career for life and set you on the path of success. Remember to always follow your heart and be passionate about everything you do in life, we are more than proud of you and will always love you!

  140. Matt Barnick

    To Victor Cervantes and the Class of 2021, CONGRATS on a job well done. Victor, I am so proud of your journey, growth and accomplishing a huge milestone in your life. #teamvictor

  141. Ligia y Teresa

    Un sueño quisiste alcanzar todo fue posible , todo pudo ser con el don de la musica, la magia con inspiracion y tus manos habiles haran vibrar las cuerdas de una guitarra.
    A tus padres con honor les has cumplido una ilusion, sus corazones orgullosos de ti viviran. Feliz celebraras con grandeza este triunfo, te haras grande.. alabaras al creador y EL te llenara de bendiciones.
    Te deseamos los mas grandes exitos en la musica y bendiciones en tu vida.
    Ligia y Teresa

  142. Bridget Easterly

    Congratulations Cole Holden on your amazing achievement! I admire you so much for this great accomplishment and wish you great blessings in your future endeavors.

  143. Donald

    Congratulation Class of 2021. Bless the world with your gifts and talent. Othello Dad and I are so proud of you!. Keep a going!!!!

  144. Karen Dyer

    Congratulation to the Class of 2021! You made it through a tough year. You never gave up. You know now what you are made of. You are talented and after the year we have had, RESILIENT.

    A special shout-out to my nephew, Christian Bouldin. Auntie is so proud of you. You, as your grandfather would say, “stayed the course,” and you made it to the finish line! You are talented, smart, and such a wonderful human being. I am so happy to know you and even prouder to be your aunt. I love you. Congratulations, Chris!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Auntie Karen

  145. Cindy Wildman

    Luis “Tito” Talamantes
    It’s been an AMAZING journey! Feel so honored to have been part of this portion of your life!! As you know, you’ve already had an impact on the lives of so many! This is just the first degree that validates all that you do naturally. May it be the first of many more as you continue to change the world!

    Joe and Cindy Wildman

  146. Monica D

    Congratulations to my amazing nephew, Chris Bouldin! My heart is so full of pride for you and all that you’ve accomplished! You set your intention, followed your path and achieved your goal of joining your fellow uber-talented peers of the Berklee College of Music Class of 2021! As granddad always said: Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life! May your passion always be your guide. Love you forever and a day, Auntie Monica

  147. Erin Hawk-Miller

    Spencer, we love you and are so incredibly proud of you! We can’t wait to see the future adventures of GUPI!!! Wishing this entire group of remarkable students a joyful celebration of your accomplishments! You have worked so hard for this day! Bravo!! With congratulations and love, Mom and Jeremiah

  148. Sarah Folsom

    Congratulations Erik Payton!!! We absolutely love hearing the music you compose, you have such a gift! Excited to see how you continue to use it in the future. With love, Sarah and Dan Folsom

  149. Karina Blank

    We are so proud of you Victor Cervantes!
    From your family in Las Vegas!

  150. Blanca Cervantes

    Congratulations Victor Cervantes for another amazing accomplishment ! I’m so proud of you ! May God continue blessing you and giving you many more successes in your life in the world of music as a gifted musician that you are.
    Love you with all my Heart ❤️

  151. Santos Family

    Congratulations, Victor Cervantes! We’re so proud of all the hard work you put into your degree. We love you so much!

    – Santos Family

  152. Anthony K Collins

    Congratulations to KeVon Johnson on this milestone in his life. He has work so hard, and it has paid off greatly. Your mother and I along with Kendi and Keshawn are in a state of enjoyment right. Enjoy the blessings that this will bring into your life, and continue to push forward in all that you do. We love you, and we look forward to celebrating with you in person soon.

  153. philip wood

    All the way from DownUnder, congratulations to all the Berklee graduating class of 2021. The last 12 months must have been tough for you all, but new horizons now await you, so good luck!

  154. Mama Liz

    Gavi Belen Sanchez-Chavez, on behalf of the entire familia, I want to express how proud we are of you and your many achievements. You are the shining star of our big Japanese-Mexican familia!!!!! XOXO Mama Liz, Julian, Andy, Michael Gina and Gianna, Uncle Dave, Aunt Christine, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Clarissa, Roy and Grandama Jeanand Grandapa Roy in Heaven above .

  155. Joseph Bugeja

    Congratulations on your amazing achievement Sarah Marie Bugeja. You’re following your dreams. Proud of you.
    Nannu Joe

  156. Martha Bohorquez

    Congratulations Class of 2021 and especially to our niece Katie Roeder. What a great accomplishment. We’re very proud of you Katie linda!!Love you, Martha and Teresa.

  157. Mum, Dad, Will and Mischa.

    You did it Sam ! We can’t be with you to share today, but our hearts are bursting with pride. The Steele family are feeling massively cool today, you’re amazing. Our heartfelt congratulations to you, your friends and the class of ‘21.

  158. Donna Messersmith

    Emily Hesler, we are so proud of everything you have achieved in 2-1/2 years. From day 1, you surpassed expectations with your talent, dedication and passion for music. We’re excited for you and all that we know you will achieve.

    Aunt Donna and Uncle Monty Messersmith

  159. Sharon Miller

    AMAZING work during such a difficult and unusual time, SPENCER HAWK! We are very proud of you and excited for your future. You achieved with God’s help via many, many vigilant prayers! So happy you hung in there.

  160. Sharon Lira

    Along with Class of 2021. Congratulations to my son Erik Jonathan Nava, I’m so proud . Awesome job! Here is to the future and life plans,

  161. Elizabeth Hesler

    Congratulations Emily! We are so very proud of your achievement. You worked hard and you did so well. It’s so nice to see how excited you are about your future and the passion you have for your interests. We know you will continue to achieve your goals. Love, Mom, Dad, Christine, and Emily

  162. Pooja Mahesh

    Huge congratulations to the class of 2021! And an even bigger shout out to my best friend, Prithvi Prajosh!!!! So proud of you and I cannot wait to see all the incredible things you do. Congradulations on this incredible achievement you superstar!!!!


  163. Larry Link

    To ALL Graduates — and Faculty and Staff, too. A FAN-tastic accomplishment, but more so given the challenges of this year. You all should be immensely proud. We have “zoomed” through the year to this fitting conclusion.

    We miss, terribly, hearing your voices and instruments “live,” being close physically, enjoying meals or coffee and impromptu street encounters. Nonetheless, we have felt your “presence” in every phone call, text, email, video, zoom, slack, youtube, etc., and of course, ANY performance (of which we feel blessed because there were so many). Congratulations to all, but especially Ellis!! ~ Best wishes, Larry & Cindy

  164. Janet Eubanks

    Brian Eubanks. Congratulations on graduating with the Class of 2021. I’m glad you did what you love. I’m very proud of you and all your accomplishments

  165. Tomlinson Family

    Congratulations Madison Smith!

    We admire your determination to persevere and complete your Master’s Degree, while the entire world faced unprecedented challenges. We cannot wait for the world to hear your beautiful voice.

    Congrats on your special day!

  166. The Gordons

    Congratulations to Madison Smith. The songbird of the family

  167. Olivia Geiger

    Congratulations Gianni Leito and the Berklee College of Music Class of 2021! So proud of you G and have loved seeing you develop as a very talented guitarist since you were very young! Keeping rocking!

    Love always,

    Livvy and Will

  168. LaTrice

    Huge CONGRATS Devin, you make us proud looking forward to your next chapter. I BELIEVE in you and can’t wait to follow you around the world!!!!

    Love Mom

  169. Douglas Waller


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