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Congratulate Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Class of 2020

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Ella Fitzgerald: Singing, Storytelling, and the Ultimate Creative Entrepreneurial Adventure


Congratulate Berklee College of Music’s Class of 2020


  1. Folake Afolayan (Berklee Counselor/Multicultural Specialist)

    Congratulations on your graduation!
    You have worked so hard throughout this chapter of your life. Your hardworking nature is no secret! (We see it). As this chapter comes to a close, I hope that new doors open and you continue to do what you love.

    Best wishes for your continuing success!!

  2. Renee Ruggiero (Executive Assistant, Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion)

    Congratulations! You all did it, and during one of the most challenging times in history! Enjoy this time with your friends and family, and remember to be the change you want to see in this world! You are amazing!!!

  3. Michelle Quinones (Director, Office of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution)

    Congratulations, Graduates! Wishing you all the best on the next step of your journey!

  4. Jeffrey Kinnamon (Registrar)

    As Registrar, it is my job to make sure no one graduates from the Conservatory without having met all the requirements of the degree. So, when I offer my congratulations, it means something! I’ve done my job – CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Rebecca Neary (Assistant Director of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution)

    Congratulations on all your success! Best wishes as you move on to your next adventure!

  6. Lacretia Johnson Flash (Assistant Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion)

    Congratulations for your hard work and achievements. May you continue to bring your light to the world.

  7. Alice Rugoletti (Academic Advisor)

    Congratulations on graduating, what an achievement! You should be proud of your hard work and talent! Can’t wait to see what you put out into the world!

  8. Andrea M. Tikofsky (Associate Director, International Student Services)

    Congratulations on your graduation. Your dedication to your artistry has been shown every day of your academic program. I look forward to seeing what you do next! Enjoy the celebration.

  9. Keyse Angelo (Berklee Counselor/Multicultural Specialist)

    You made it! You did it! I hope you are very proud of yourself, and you treat yourself with some major relax time after graduation! Let all of the hard work soak in. You are awesome—keep on shining! 🙂

  10. Chris Reade (Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Campus Life)

    Congratulations, everyone! I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished during your time at Boston Conservatory, and especially admire all of your determination, imagination, and resilience over these past few months. Good luck as you embark on your next adventure!

  11. Christopher Kandus-Fisher (Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion)

    Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all of your success!! I wish the very best as you start this new journey!

  12. David Dziardziel (Associate Registrar)

    Congratulations Conservatory grads! As an alum myself, I know you have worked extraordinarily hard to get to this moment. I look forward to hearing about all of your future successes!

  13. Mica Basilici (Copywriter, Enrollment Marketing)

    You did it! Congrats on making it to the other side. Your music, your art, your choreography, all of it will help heal the world. Remember you are the only person with your exact perspective and experiences, everything you are is unique. Hold on to each other and to your purpose. Best wishes!

  14. Cindy Albert Link ( Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement)

    Congratulations to the great Boston Conservatory Class of 2020! Savor the moment and know that the world needs your creative artistry now more than ever. Good luck, and stay in touch.

  15. Ruby Stardrum (Berklee Counselor)

    Congratulations, and best wishes to all of you! This is both an exciting and trying time for you—exciting because you have just accomplished something very important personally and professionally, and trying because there is so much uncertainty in front of you. You have the support and encouragement from Berklee’s staff and faculty in navigating this next chapter. Be well, and good luck!

  16. Roger Brown (Berklee President)

    Dear Graduates,

    You did it! I’m proud of you and happy for your next steps. Please use your gifts in whatever capacity you find yourself to help other people. The world needs you now.

  17. Panos A. Panay (Senior Vice President for Global Strategy and Innovation)

    We are all so incredibly proud of you graduates! You are the most talented, resilient, creative and indomitable class to every pass through these hallowed halls of Boston Conservatory (and you are among very distinguished company). Go forth and conquer with your humanity, creativity, spirit and artistry. Go forth and change the world.

  18. Scott Edmiston (Dean of Theater)

    The questions about your future creative life may seem daunting in this moment. What kind of artist can I be? Am I good enough? Am I original enough?
    Remember Stephen Sondheim’s advice:

    “Stop worrying if your vision is new
    Let others make that decision—they usually do
    Just keep moving on
    Anything you do
    Let it come from you
    Then it will be new
    Give us more to see…”

    We love you, and we will miss you.

  19. Loren Glaser (Associate Director of New Student and Family Programs)

    Congratulations class of 2020! Enjoy this time celebrating your experiences and growth throughout your Berklee journey. As always, music and artistry can heal, and purpose can drive change. I hope you will continue to shape this world. I’m wishing you all the happiness and success in the world—enjoy the next chapter!

  20. Katie Schmitt (Area Coordinator, Housing and Residential Education)

    Congratulations graduates! While your time at Berklee ended in an unexpected way, I hope you will carry all of the experiences, memories, and relationships you made into your next chapter. We cannot wait to see the incredible ways that you’re going to infuse your talents into the world.

  21. Nicole Mlynczak (Associate Director of Career Services)

    So very proud of each and every graduate for this, your most bright of accomplishments—what a wonderful and welcome silver lining. Boston Conservatory and Berklee as a whole will have your back now and in the future. Best to you all, be well, and my most sincere congratulations to you!

  22. Tori Donahue (Manager of Media Relations)

    Dear Boston Conservatory Class of 2020,

    I know this is not how you expected or wanted to graduate from BoCo, but you have accomplished a tremendous goal! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off in spades as you virtually collect you diplomas and can hopefully reconvene on our campus soon for the in-person celebration you all deserve. Thank you for bringing your creativity, artistry and love for music to our college. You are tremendously missed at this moment, and I look forward to the time that I can thank you for all you’ve done for us who work for Berklee!

  23. Kelly Downes (Chief Equity Officer and Title IX Coordinator)

    “Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.”
    —Nora Ephron

    Congratulations and heartfelt best wishes to the Class of 2020!

  24. Irene Sanhermelando (Senior HR Manager, Berklee Valencia)

    Congratulations! Smiles, music, and dance are international languages everybody can understand! You are creating a better world!

  25. Boyd and M. Vanessa Bartow

    Dear Leah Lozada,
    Congratulations on becoming a 2020 graduate of an amazing school—one that has nurtured your talent and helped it grow. The emotion your voice brings to those who listen cannot describe how proud we are of you and how far you have come.
    I will always hold dear to my heart when you sang with such grace at my mother’s funeral. Everyone in the room was brought to tears, inspired, and in awe. Thank you for displaying such passion with your craft, you are an amazing woman.
    Wishing you the best this new chapter you are about to embark on.
    Congratulations on reaching this milestone, one that you will never forget!

  26. Barbara Maley

    Dearest Nicolas Leon,
    I have watched you grow from a new born into a talented and loving musician. You are an inspiration to all that know you. As your grandmother, I have had the pleasure of watching you perform and know that you love every minute of it. My heart swells with pride. You are now a graduate of Boston Conservatory. That is a pretty impressive thing to accomplish. Know that you are loved and that I can’t wait to hear more of your music. Remember your past has had such a big part in creating your present and your present will help determine your future.

  27. Alissa Minot (Executive Assistant, Institutional Advancement)

    Congrats to our AMAZING 2020 Conservatory grads! I’m in awe of your resiliency and perseverance during this time. I’m looking forward to seeing you shine in brighter days ahead.

  28. Mary Giurleo (Senior Foundation Relations Officer)

    Congratulations Boston Conservatory Class of 2020! We are so very proud of you!

  29. Shannon Cyr

    We are so proud of you, Hannah Cyr! Our little girl with big big dreams!
    Love from your entire cheering section,

  30. Giselle Lozada

    Dearest Leah Lozada,
    Words cannot express the joy and proud feeling of being your mom. From an early age you knew what you wanted to do…sing. Throughout your schooling you were fortunate to have key people who guided you and prepared you for attending Boston Conservatory (Dr. A. Denning, Dr. A. Clark, Mr. A, Mr. B, and Mrs. M. Morrow). At Boston Conservatory, M. Phinney took the baton and elevated your skill to the next level. I thank each and every one of them. Though your senior year did not finish as you had hoped, know that all of your accomplishments cannot be taken away from you. The friendships and memories you’ve made during your four years while being in Boston will live with you forever. I love you. Congratulations Boston Conservatory Class of 2020!

  31. Maryfaith Schweighardt

    Wow! So much to say and so little has been said! At this point in the lives of these few individuals who have worked their entire lives to be not where they are today. I pray you remember to accept the gifts you have been given, and continue to rehearse for the many, many, many opportunities ahead of you. Remember, you are a hard working, creative, sensitive, capable, caring, and focused individual. You are exactly what the world needs today. Your hopes and dreams are real—trust them and accept that it will be challenging, but also filled with the joy and hope on the glorious journey you will create. God is with you and loves you, allow His power to push back any seas (or disease) that try to keep you from continuing your journey!

  32. Michelle Limbocker

    Congratulations on your graduation, Callie! All your hard work and dedication has paid off! You’ve been trained by the best, so go out and conquer the world. We love you like a daughter, and wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of happiness, love, and career!

  33. Susanne Janice Scherman

    Jacqueleen Schweighardt –
    We are so proud of your accomplishments and for graduating with a degree in dance. You have graced the stage with your beautiful form and movements, precision and interpretation; and you have graced our lives with your loving and kind-hearted soul, wonderful humor, and insight. Thank you for being YOU! Well done, and congratulations!
    The Schermans

  34. Louise Briggs

    Congratulations, Melissa Briggs! I can’t believe your graduation day has come so quickly! What a remarkable time you’ve had at Boston Conservatory—I know you’ll miss all the wonderful classes, fabulous teachers, lifelong friends, and incredible performances with renowned choreographers. It flew by so fast, and we’re so proud of you for doing your very best throughout this magical and rewarding chapter! This time will always be a piece of who you are, and will live on in your dance, and in your heart. We couldn’t be prouder of all your accomplishments, and will probably cry when we see you in your cap and gown! Love, Mom and Dad

  35. Richard and Jeanne Cyr

    Hannah Cyr, there have been so many precious moments during you time at Walnut Hill in high school, and your college years at Berklee. These beautiful memories will be cherished forever. We admire you, Hannah, for moving away so young, rising to the challenge, and being so successful over these seven years. We are very fortunate that we are able to brag about your success and all the times we were able to attend your performances. We Love you! Pepere and Memere

  36. Meagan Hart-Molloy (Associate Director of Student Involvement)

    Congratulations Conservatory graduates! I cannot wait to see all the good you will do for this world. It’s been an honor working with you throughout your Boston Conservatory journey!

  37. Mariah Minigan

    Colin Minigan, I’m so proud of the work you’ve done and the person you are. Congratulations! You have absolutely earned your passage through this milestone, and it’s a privilege to be a witness to your accomplishments. I love you to the moon and back!

  38. Kimberlee Maiwald

    Kalliopi Koutsouleris – we are so very proud of all your hard work and accomplishments these last 4 years. We cannot wait to see what your future holds. To the world you may be just one person but to these 2 people you are the world. Love you so much! boom-boom-boom, bang-bang-bang—Mom and Dad

  39. Rudy Duran

    Congratulations, Jocelyn Gonzales! We are so very proud of your determination, dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. You have faced challenges and obstacles but each time you have overcome them, including following your heart and attending your dream school. You always believe in yourself and you never give up. Go forward with the same enthusiasm and passion into the world. We love you, and will always be by your side throughout your life’s journey.

    “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”–Martha Graham

  40. Susan Quenga

    Never stop dancing, Hannah Cyr! We are so incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to see the next chapter! Love, T’ante Sue and Uncle Sil

  41. Lee Cherry (Deputy Equity Officer for Admin., Advising & Support)

    Congratulations graduates! You should be so proud of all that you have achieved, and all of the hard work and resilience that it took to get here. You inspire me, and I’m wishing you nothing but the best moving forward. I’m confident that you will use all that you have learned to create a positive impact on the world around you. You’ve got this!







  44. Joyce Milliron

    Congratulations, Jessica Ruettiger! We are so proud of You. Follow your dreams and never quit. You deserve only the best in life. Love always Gee and Bill ❤

  45. Lisa Lorenzo

    Tara Jean Canlon, congratulations on your graduation! You are an amazing young woman who has the world at her fingertips. Reach for the stars, they’re closer than you think. May your future hold nothing but happiness and love for you! ❤

  46. Susan Jones

    Dear Tara-Jean—We have watched you dance your way from a tiny little ballerina into becoming a beautiful young woman with a graceful and sassy personality. We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments we can’t wait to see what’s next. Congratulations!
    Love The Jones Family
    Tommy Susan Julia and Samantha

  47. MaryAnn Benanti

    Congratulations Tara-Jean Canlon on your graduation! You are a very beautiful and talented young lady. Keep dancing gracefully and reach for the stars. May happiness always surround you! God bless!

  48. Lisa O’Donnell

    Tara-Jean, warmest congratulations on your graduation! Can’t wait to see what you do on your next adventures. Love you, Lisa Tim and Vin xoxo❤

  49. Kaelan O'Donnell

    Happy graduation, Tara-Jean. So proud of all you’ve accomplished and what you will continue to accomplish in the days to come. You are a beautiful dancer, actress, and singer, and we couldn’t be prouder of you. We love you so much! xoxo Your loving friend, Kaelen.

  50. Julian Hirshfield

    I am very proud of you.

  51. Guadalupe villamil

    Tara-Jean, congratulations! I’m really proud and happy for you. I love you ❤ Keep up the good work!

  52. Aunt Susan

    Congrats, Tara-Jean! I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see what’s next as you continue on your life’s journey. Love you, niece and god-daughter.

  53. Vanessa

    Congratulations Tara! So incredibly proud of you! It’s been amazing to watch you all these years, and it’s been an honor to see you become the beautiful dancer and woman you are today. I love you so so so much and I know this is only the beginning for you!

  54. Jessica McNerney

    Congratulations to the very beautiful and extremely talented Tara-Jean Canlon! You light up every room that you enter. You make everyone happy around you because you radiate sunshine and positivity. The world is lucky to have such an amazing person! This is just the beginning of your journey. ❤

    “Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.” Nora Ephron ❤

    Love, Jessica, Alexander, and Maximilian

  55. Donna Hayes

    Tara-Jean Canlon, congratulations on a well deserved graduation. All the best with your future endeavors. Dance your heart away, you go girl. Love ya, The Hayes Girls

  56. Carminda Canlon

    Congratulations, TJ! My prickly sweet amazingly talented cousin, I love you and I’m so proud of all your hard work to get here. Keep being great, I know you’re going to do big things! ❤

  57. Jan Kuhns

    Mazol Tov, Caroline Knapp. We are so very proud of you, and we know that Broadway is in for a treat when you make your arrival. All our love, Grammy and Jim.

  58. Jane Curasco

    TJ Canlon! Look at you! You’re absolutely brilliant and amazing in every way, and today is your day! We love you so very much and are forever proud of you. Can’t wait to see what the next chapters will bring for you, and looking forward to being a small part of it. “May your dreams stay big, worries stay small, and may you never have to carry more than you can hold.” We love you! Jane, Steve, Nina, and Will

  59. Roy and Angie Brandell

    Congratulations, Erica Brandell! We are so proud of you. Watching you dance is one of our greatest joys in life. We love you so much! Mom and Dad

  60. Doug Lockwood

    Shimmee your shoulders!

    Undulate your snakey spine!


    Congrats, thanks for coming here.

  61. JoAnne Codd

    Erica Susan Codd—We are so proud of you! May you always dance with your heart. Go E! ❤

  62. Karen Nightingale

    Congratulations, Nicole Nightingale! I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. Always believe in your dreams, as there is nothing you cannot do. I love you! Mom

  63. Brian and Adrienne Syvertson

    Congratulations on your graduation, Delci Syvertson! We could not be more proud of you and your accomplishments! Your passion, discipline, work ethic, and dedication have truly been an inspiration to watch as you have consistently pushed yourself to be the best you can be. We wish you all the best as you launch into the next chapter of your life’s journey. We love you more than you can imagine! Love, Mom and Dad

  64. Shari Walsh

    Congratulations, Delci Syvertson! We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you. Lots of love. James and Shari Walsh

  65. Keung Chiu Yuk Lin Caroline

    Congratulations to Hoi Tong!

    You have completed an important milestone with great achievement. Our family is proud of you!

    Best wishes for a bright future and unlimited learning adventures! 前程似錦,學海無涯! We will always support you with love!

    From Dad, Mom, Helen, and Melody

  66. Grammy B

    Congratulations, Delci Syvertson, on your graduation day! As I have reflected over the years watching your God-given talents, I have seen the joy and love in your eyes and face as you performed, doing your best in the profession you have chosen. I am so proud to be your Grammy B! May God’s richest blessings be upon you today and in the years to come. I love you! Grammy B

  67. Joe Cawley

    From the Cawley family here in Durban, South Africa, we want to send our heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of the Boston Conservatory 2020 graduating year. We had originally planned, booked and paid for our airfares to be in Boston for this momentous occasion to celebrate with you and your wonderful supportive families but unfortunately the world has been turned upside down at this moment in time. We will however be watching the “Virtual Commencement” on-line from lock-down here in Durban.
    As our son, Emmitt, was part of the 2020 Dance Division, we would like to send a special shout out to all the dancers and wish you the success and happiness you all deserve as you go out into the world of dance—remember to always stay true to yourselves and your artistry.

  68. Taryn Springs

    Taraja Hudson- I am so proud of you. I’ve seen you grow and learn new ideas, adopt different ways of dancing, all the while staying true to your yourself. There are no limits to what you can do. Mommy has enjoyed ever play, every recital since you were three and beyond!
    Always dance, you were born to do this!

  69. La’Shae Lopez

    Congratulations Taraja, I’ve been lucky enough to watch you grow into not only an amazing dancer but an amazing person overall. I know how unfortunate it must be to not be able to celebrate this amazing accomplishment, but please believe we are all celebrating you from a distance. Sending all of my love

  70. Tanya Randle

    Congratulations, Taraja Hudson! To a young lady who is living her dream of becoming a dancer. You have the most beautiful soul and can dance like an angel. I’m so proud of the young woman you have become, and the most versatile dancer I know. Go get your dream!

  71. Tanya Randle

    Hannah C., Bella R., and Meg Ave G.,
    I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and consider you guys my bonus nieces. You guys are amazing and beautiful. Never stop reaching for your dreams!

  72. Diana Horton-Barnett

    Taraja, congrats to you! You are an amazing young lady and I’m so proud of you! You have so much to look forward to, this is just the beginning. Go get’em girl!

  73. Bedell Springs

    Taraja, I have loved watching you blossom over the years into this beautiful, sweet, talented, smart young women that you are. I thank God for giving me the time to see you through the years and your growth. Always trust God. He will supply everything you need to do the work you want to do. Blessings and my love, MiMi

  74. Jessica Duran

    Congratulations, Jocelyn Gonzales! We are so proud of you for following your dreams. We hope you continue to live life to the fullest, smile your infectious smile, and dance your worries away.
    Cheers to the new beginning, we cannot wait to celebrate with you in person!
    Love you more than anything!

  75. Jeannie King

    Tim Hanley, we are so proud of you and happy for you! God bless you as you enter the next phase of your life. Keep Him first in your life and all will be well. We look forward to finding out what your next adventure will be! All our love, Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Craig

  76. D’andre Lay

    Congratulations Taraja! You deserve every bit of what’s in store for you in the future and we all can’t wait to see what it entails. Love ya, half-pint.

  77. LaToya C.

    Congratulations, Taraja! You have grown into a beautiful young woman who is doing great things, and breaking barriers. Stay focused, humble, and continue being the beautiful spirit you are. Job well done, Taraja!

  78. Rhonda Rider (Professor, cello and chamber music)

    Congratulations to Zack Foster, Aster Fenwick, and Taylor Stobinski! It has been a great pleasure to work with you.

  79. Dear Class of 2020,

    Congratulations on your achievement! I wish you the very best on your continued path as artists, collaborators, and contributors to the world.

    As you complete your final exams, performances, and projects, I offer you this arrangement of Frank Zappa’s “Sofa No. 1” performed by Berklee alumni Dana Acker (bass), Andres Fonseca (drum set) and myself→(

    See you out there on the road!

  80. Tanya Randle

    To all the senior Boston Conservatory students, especially the dancers, congratulations to a job well done. Over these last four years, you all have accomplished some amazing works of art. I praise your dedication and passion. Please take all that you have learned and lived, and continue to be the same dedicated and passionate artists in the next phase of your lives.

  81. Millicent

    Amy, Lonzi, and NyarLolwe, words cannot capture how proud we are of you. You have been true to yourself, courageous in pursuit of your dream, and resilient until the end. I pray that God’s favor, goodness, and mercy will dwell with you all the days of your life. Seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you. Congratulations, NyarChula

  82. Tony (Coach T) Lightner

    Taraja, first let me say congratulations! You’ve reach another milestone in your life. You accomplished it in grand style both on stage and in the classroom. As you begin the next chapter in your life, commit to being a “life long learner.” Knowledge brings wisdom. You will experience many ups and downs in life going forward. If you want to take your mission in life to the next level, don’t look outside yourself. Look inside. Abolish all fears and raise your commitment level to the point of no return and the greatness in you will burst forward and propel you towards your victory. Love you. “To Your Success!”

  83. Taryn Springs

    I want to thank all the faculty and staff for your hard work, dedication, and passion to help all the students evolve in the world of dance. I know this must be bittersweet for some of you, not being able to send off students you’ve nurtured for the past four years. As a parent of one of your students I know my child will take the advice you have given her and create a space for herself. Special shout-out to Kirk, Ruka, Marissa, Ty, and everyone really. You are very much appreciated!

  84. Bobby Schrader (Assistant Director of Admissions, Boston Conservatory at Berklee)

    Congratulations to the Boston Conservatory at Berklee class of 2020!

    I wish you all of the best in your future artistic endeavors and cannot wait to see you up on stage, in the classroom, or creating new and exciting artistic revolutions in the future.

    Cheers to you!

  85. Jon, Tracy, Lina, and Matthew

    Calli! We have loved watching you develop as a person and artist. We look forward to all of the amazing-ness you still have in store for this world!

  86. Stephanie Araiza

    Four years ago you took your talent, creativity, hopes, and dreams to Boston. You also took a bit of our hearts. We saw your talent grow and mature with every performance. When we saw your choreography at Winterworks, it was simply magic! But most of all, you persevered. When you had to be strong, you were strong. When you had to be brave, you were brave. You never let fear get in the way of your dream. You are a graduate of Boston Conservatory at Berklee! We are so proud of you. We love you forever! Mom, Dad, JT, and Sam.

  87. Pamella Alfreda Awuor

    My beloved niece Amy,

    How time files. I remember just the other day you were going for your audition. Graduation is already here and I am so proud of you. Your hard work, commitment, and grit have paid off and you have excelled. Congratulations love, very well done, we all celebrate your success. This is just the beginning and I look forward to watching you perform in the greatest global music events. Enjoy your graduation. Aunty PamG

  88. Chiquita Francis

    Congratulations, Imani!

    You are my biggest inspiration and I am extremely proud of you! I know that your life is going to be full of success, happiness, and many blessings. Congratulations on your graduation! I love you from the bottom of my heart!
    Your Big Sis,
    Chiquita “Ke” Francis

  89. Julia Parker

    Simone Wulfhorst,
    You are such a special gift to our family and the world. Congratulations on your graduation! We know you will do great things! Love, Mom, Indigo, and Antonia

  90. Heather Easley

    My sweet Heather-Bean,
    I am so glad to have been witness to your growth as an artist. You have worked so hard, wanted to give up at times, been kept off the barre by injury, but you have come out of all of this stronger. I am so looking forward to your first professional performance! Thank you for being such an amazing woman! ❤️U!

  91. David White

    Well done and congratulations to the class of 2020 from a member of the class of 1966. I was a clarinet and music education major, and BoCo prepared me well for a career as a member of the administrative and production staff at the Marlboro (Vermont) Music Festival.

  92. Laura Watson

    Some days are better than others, and this is a good day. We love you Jennifer Watson. Congratulations to the 2020 graduating class. From, the Watsons.

  93. Madison Araiza

    Maddie, we are so proud of you! While this is certainly a challenging time to enter the “real world,” it has been called the “Great Pause” and “Great Realization” for a reason. It allows us to take a step back and look at all our choices and conceive a new way of doing things. You are part of the next greatest generation to lead us into this new society. I suspect you will do a better job than we did bringing back the humanity we left behind.
    The Porr Family

  94. Tom Feux

    Ms. Madison Araiza! It’s been thrilling to watch you develop as a performer/choreographer and as an elegant young woman. Your Mimi and Pa are very proud of you.


    Years ago, I read a parenting book that included this advice: When your child does something amazing, do not say, “I am so proud of you.” Instead say, “You should feel so proud of yourself.” That is a hard habit to break inserting the parental I and confusing your child’s identity with your own. Forgetting that it’s not about you. Stepping in when you should be stepping back. Chris you have done so many amazing things at your time at Berklee, the entire family was living through you! On this day: my beloved child, you should feel so proud of yourself. It was all YOU.

    YOU set your goal on Berklee once you attended the first summer program at just 15 years old and there was no turning back, no other school could ever measure up, compare to Berklee. YOU worked to make that dream come true and your focus will get you far in life. YOU have taken advantage of the opportunities being a student at Berklee afforded you. YOU began building the internships of your dreams: working with Cliff Burstein and Peter Mensch, quiet giants of the music business, at Q Prime. A Production Assistant for Metallica’s European tour, 15 countries, learning what it takes to put on a production of that size.

    YOU have been blessed to meet friends that will last a lifetime, Henry & Myles, so many good memories: Coachella, pre-Easter parties (yes I still can’t believe you skipped Easter that year ;), rooftop gatherings, now NYC. Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on.

    And of course Naz, our treasure.

    We love you more that words can say – Mom & Dad

  96. Ella Porr

    Congrats, Maddie! I’m so proud of how far you have grown. You are such a beautiful dancer and a phenomenal choreographer. I can’t wait to see where your hard work and talent will take you, I love you tons. ❤

  97. Don

    Madison Araiza! Congratulations on finishing this journey! You’ve come an incredibly long way in a short time (as is the case in this point in life) and you’re ready for the next phase on your life’s pathway! I’m certain you will look back on this time as tough, fun, and liberating, and I know you’ve created fantastic memories! Well done! We are all very proud of you and we love you! Best, Uncle Don

  98. Laurie and Joel Clingan-Darack

    Lily Clingan-Darack! Congratulations, it has been a joy to see you perform and grow these past four years. Not only are you a beautiful and talented artist but you are a beautiful person. You make us so proud everyday with your kindness toward others as well as your comedic personality. The world is a better place with you in it. Looking forward to see where your artistry takes you. We love you, Mom, Dad, and Sophie

  99. Donna N. Beriont

    Sally Beriont—Uncle Trenton and I love you and are very proud of you! Follow your dreams and you will go many places! Congratulations! We are standing and clapping for you today! XO, Aunt Donna and Uncle Trenton

  100. Carolyn Smith

    Asia O. Pyron—may your graduation be the beginning of many more wonderful achievements in your life. Congratulations, God’s blessings, and I love you. Nana

  101. Vickie McElarney

    Congratulations, Sally Beriont! What an amazing accomplishment. So very proud and happy for you. Here’s to the next exciting chapter of your life. I Love you!

  102. Eric Bass

    Zac Bass – Congratulations on graduating from Boston Conservatory at Berklee! You have been on a long and winding road starting in Texas and ending all the way in Boston. We are so proud of your effort, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to achieve your goals. You have worked hard for a long time and have overcome many bumps along the way to get where you are today. Enjoy this moment, you have earned it!

    Love, Dad, Marilyn, Bryce, TJ and Joyanna

  103. Meggo

    Congratulations to Sally! Your star will only shine brighter and become more vibrant now that this chapter is ending and a new one is beginning. You were born to create and soon the world will see what I have seen all along. The world is your oyster, and baby you’re a rare pearl!
    Much love many kisses, XOXO,

  104. Rafael and Deseria Ramos

    Congratulations Sadiya! We are so proud of you! You’re a beautiful and shining light. We wish you all the success that you deserve in your future endeavors. Keep smiling and keep your head up. Dios la Bendiga!

    Love, Mom and Dad

  105. The Du Pree Tribe

    Congratulations, Lil Bit (Sadiya Ramos)! We wish you a future where you rock this world with the fruits of your remarkable talent and passion. We hope you will be a change agent that is needed during these times. We’re so proud of you, and your grandmothers would be, too.


  106. Kenneth Douglass

    My dear Sadiya,

    Congratulations! You deserve every bit of what’s in store for you in the future and I cannot wait to see what it all entails. You are blessed, and there is so much more in your future and I’ll be there as you move forward. So proud of you! God bless!

    Uncle Kenny

  107. Liam Porr

    Congratulations Maddie!

  108. Thea Porr

    So proud of you Maddie! Love you to death, can’t wait to see where you go.

  109. Patrice Danielle Donelson

    Sadiya–I am so proud of you and the young woman you are becoming! Congratulations on your graduation! I cannot wait to see you take the world by storm with your talent and courage. Love you! Danielle Donelson

  110. Arleen Palmberf

    Mega-Congratulations to talented Sally Beriont on your graduation!

    Love, your Indiana Fan Club!

  111. Kim Williams

    Congratulations, Maddie! I am so proud of you! You have always followed your dreams, and never let anything stop you! I could not be more excited to see all that you accomplish in the future! Love you lots!

  112. Clay Williams

    Congrats, Maddie! You did it! So proud and you’re gonna achieve so much! Those choreography skills have come so far from those living room dances we did!

  113. Barry and Karen Williams

    Congratulations, Maddie! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Sending you love and hugs on this special day.

  114. Uncle AJ

    Zach Keenum—Nice job…. a great example of doing it for the right reason! Following your passion isn’t always easy, but I’m proud of you for doing it.

    Uncle Alec and Kim

  115. Alexis y Barbara Zamora

    Congratulations Sammy, God bless you on this important date. We love you. Mom and Dad

  116. Marcy-Yodele Canlon

    Dearest Tara-Jean, chasing a dream is a challenging endeavor. It requires a lot of passion, commitment, and true dedication. It requires courage, bravery, and personal growth. It requires patience and inner strength to resist giving up, and turning around when faced with adversity and obstacles. In the past four years, you have worked tirelessly on what is required. As you venture into the future, embrace yourself, flourish and fly. TJ, we are most proud of your integrity, generosity, and humbleness. We greatly admire your optimism and vivacity. May God Bless You and Keep you Safe. We Love You, Tara-Jean—Your Marmie Jeanne, and Daddy Scar (BEEF BOURGUIGNON XXOO)

  117. Papa Tony

    TJ—My life was complete the day you were born 1/7/98! PaPa Tony loves you very much. I am very proud of all you have accomplished. You are a hard worker, and I have no doubt that you will achieve all that you want with your talent and sheer determination. Remember to keep your eyes open. I remember your First dance at 3, “Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You,” Your first acting role at 5 “Tinkerbell,” and when you were 8, your unforgettable “Second Hand Rose” and the infamous “Keep Young and Beautiful,” starring the one and only “YODELE!” My present every Christmas was watching you perform in “The Nutcracker.” A Beautiful tiny Baby to a Beautiful young Lady. God Bless You, Love Always, Your PaPa Tony.

  118. Rosalie and Pasquale

    Dear Tara-Jean—a beautiful girl, a beautiful dancer, a beautiful personality. We love You! Congratulations on your college graduation! We wish you happiness, love, and God’s blessings. May all your dreams come true. We miss you! Love always, Rosalie and Pasquale

  119. Fran

    Dear Tara, I miss seeing your beautiful face and smile. You are a wonderful girl, so kind and caring, and helpful. Al loved making fresh mozzarella for you! I wish you all your heart desires, you so deserve it! You are a beautiful dancer who lights up the stage with talent and a gorgeous smile. I hope to see you soon. Stay Safe. Love you, Fran

  120. Aunt Jenny, Aunt Marie, and Aunt Madeline

    To Our Beautiful Tara-Jean Dancing Queen! Congratulations from all your Italian Aunts! We miss you. Please come visit us with Mommy in the summer. Tara-Jean, you are a very special girl. We love to look at all the pictures Mommy sends us of you dancing and acting. We want you to be safe, and be happy. We will have a party when you come home! We will have fresh Mozzarella with tomato and basil, Bruschetta, and octopus salad! Please bring Daddy’s eggplant, it’s the best! We will get pasties from Court Street in Brooklyn, and drink Espresso with Sambucca! Don’t forget the Italian Bread, the bread where we live in New Jersey is terrible! FELICITAZIONI PER IL TRAGUARDO RAGGIUNTO! TI VOGLIAMO BENE ABBRACCI e BACI!

  121. Franco

    My Dear Tara-Jean, first and foremost, a deserving congratulations to you on your great accomplishment. Like your parents, I take an abundance of pride especially having been your former mailman, and the great opportunity of observing your growth from a small child to now a beautiful young adult. In departing from this message, I will share with you my High School 11th grade teacher’s favorite writer’s quote. “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ALL THAT YOU ARE. KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING INSIDE YOU–THAT IS GREATER THAN ANY OBSTACLE.” Christian D. Larson All my best! Franco

  122. The Warren and Rivera Gang

    Sadiya! Congratulations on your graduation! And so the next phase of your life begins! Just know that life will be smooth, rocky, full of love, and sometimes hate. Whatever it is just stay the course and see it through. And please make sure you have fun along the way! We love you!

  123. Scott and Cindy Plissner

    Tara-Jean Canlon—Congratulations on your graduation. You have worked so hard and deserve all the best the world has to give. You are a beautiful, very talented young lady and we are sure you will do wonderful things. Keep smiling, keep dancing and soon the world will see how talented you are.

  124. The Rivera’s

    Congratulations, Sadiya! We wish you all the best! With love, Eddie, Les, and Landon!

  125. Mrs. Burri

    Tara-Jean—The sweet beautiful little girl that I watched dancing around the restaurant while I was eating my beef wellington and drinking my Manhattan! A bright girl, a beautiful dancer, a beaming personality. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” –Eleanor Roosevelt. Love and Best Wishes, Mrs. Burri

  126. Tim Briggs

    Congratulations Melissa Briggs for completing a long journey in such style! We are beyond proud and can’t wait to see what your future holds! Love, Mom and Dad

  127. John Iacovelli

    Nick—Where does the time go? Congrats on your graduation. You have a bright future ahead, and continue to just be you. Love, the Iacovellis

  128. Andrew Hudson

    Congratulations to Taraja Hudson for graduating!

  129. Titi and Uncle Joe

    Nicholas Aquilino—Celebrating you and your accomplishments today. Congratulations! We are so very proud of you. You are truly amazing and so very special to us. We love you. Live the life you imagined and we will be cheering you on. Love you, Titi and Uncle Joe

  130. Fern

    Dear Sadiya—Keep shining your light on this world. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments and can’t wait for the next chapters. You are beautiful inside and out. Congratulations on your graduation! Love, Fern, Adrian, and Gil

  131. Joy Petitt

    Sadiya, congratulations on completing your college years. I am so proud of the young woman I have watched you grow to be. My prayer is for you to achieve your goals, enjoy the process, and continue to bring your light to the world. Love you, Aunt Joy

  132. Diana and Evgeny Gurten

    Dear Shirly! We are so happy and proud of you! You’ve did it! And it was excellent. We always believed in you. Best wishes from all our family. Continue to succeed. And of course, we wish you grate love, health, and enough money to fulfill all your wishes. Your mama and papa

  133. William Oburu

    Dear Amy Onyonyi, We have always known that you were born to make a difference and to exhibit talent to a height far great and beyond. And now, as you pursue this journey of greatness, we pause to celebrate your graduation. Well Done! Lonzioooo, now the world awaits what you have to offer and there is so much success to look forward to. You are ordained to break the glass ceiling, to go where others may not dare to go and to create history! We are deeply grateful to God that he has laid out a great path for you! Congratulations and we look forward to your speech at the Oscars and Grammy Music Awards! With Love, Lucas Oburu, Duchess Neema Peres, Juliet, and William Oburu

  134. Mr. Nandakumar Chari

    Dearest Avik, a big congrats! Now go and conquer the world with your music! Love you, Papa, Mama, and Anana

  135. Adrian and Stacey

    Congratulations Sadiya! We love you. Uncle Adrian and Aunt Stacey

  136. Philip Roberson (Director of Boston Conservatory Audio/Visual)

    Congrats to the wonderful BoCo grads who have worked for the school’s AV (Audio/Visual) Department. Dan Reifsteck, Li-Chen Chiu, Svens Skriveris, Tyler Harper, Tim Hanley, and Zicheng Tang.

  137. Mary and Michael Ushay

    Sally Beriont, You are beautiful in every way, and even with Broadway dark, we know that you will be its shining light in the future. A long road is ending in a great future. Congratulations on this special day–we love you very much! Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary

  138. Julien Renaudeau

    Congratulations, Inés! What an incredible year! Everyday was a new exciting story, and you went through everything brilliantly. I admire you so much, you really can do anything! Je t’aime

  139. Inés Sanchez Benito

    Congratulations to my colleagues of CCMP, Caroline, Brian, Astor and Gillian, and Boston Conservatory at Berklee who have work very hard. It was a pleasure to share with you this year full of adventures and music. I hope we’ll share new artist adventures very soon! Good commencement. Inés, saxophone CCMP PSC

  140. Wendy Linkin

    Dylan…you have come so far! I have loved watching you grow musically over the years and being able to share in your joys and accomplishments! Congratulations!!!

  141. Taylor Briggs

    Proud of you Melissa, made it through to the end!

  142. Tom and Carol Bass

    Zach Bass – Congratulations; you did it. There were ups and downs, but you handled them well and persevered. Carol and I are so proud of you and what you have accomplished. Now, on to whatever your bright future holds. We love you at least to the moon and back.

  143. Kennedy Onyonyi

    Congraulations my dear daughter Amy Lornah Achieng Onyonyi HSC, on your graduation. You are a shinning example of a child of God. You have hosisted high the flag of Kenya and Africa. God bless you. Congratulations.

  144. Sam Hanley


    Watching you grow, both as a musician and a person, has made me incredibly proud to have you as a brother. Congratulations, and best wishes on your continued adventures.

  145. Alheli Montano

    Dear Dancers and Graduates, I am sure your journey has not been easy and I applaud you for being brave and thoughtful about your future and dreams. For not giving up when you wanted to! As an dance alumni, my journey at the Conservatory is one I remember vividly and proudly. It was difficult (especially as back then our dance space was tiny and with obstacles in the form of cemented poles, which taught us to use the space regardless of the obstacles) but it was the best experience of my life! I wish for all of you that you conquer each dream. For my soon to be fellow dance division alumni, stick to you dreams, be humble, and learn from everyone, stay centered and grounded, don’t burn your bridges, be accountable and be on time, come to the 200th rehearsal of the same choreography with an even better attitude than what you came in with when you auditioned, be kind and polite to yourself and your bodies, love your craft and keep shining. May our love for dance and the arts, touch spaces and hearts and make a positive impact on someone’s life and our future generations. Thank you to all the staff and faculty who where part of my learning journey—Tommy Neblett, Diane Arvanites, and Olivier Besson.

  146. HS

    For Sweet, Dear Tara-Jean, A Kind and Loving Child with a Generous Heart and Contagious Spirit. A Smile so Bright it Lights up a room. Congratulations on your Graduation. May Your Aspirations come to Fruition. There are Angels in Heaven Watching Over You. God Bless You Beautiful Girl. You have been Blessed with the Best Gift anyone could hope for—Loving, Happy, Forgiving, Generous, Supportive Parents. May the Good Lord be with You and Keep You Safe. Hope to See You Soon. Love, HS XO

  147. Tanya Maria Kempton

    My beautiful carissima Serle Clara Siliani!
    I’m so very happy and proud of you for your brilliant accomplished and admirable determination through this unforgettable journey in Boston. It was my intent to be there to celebrate with you and your parents as we did in the very beginning 5 years ago but the uninvited guest, COVID 19 decided to disrupt so many plans. Nonetheless, find way to savor this alternative, certainly unique, celebration of Life’s blessings! Bravissima!!
    With congratulations, friendship, & love I send you best wishes always!
    God bless- Tanya (and extended famiglia)

  148. Doug and Diana Palumbo

    Congratulations Nick! It seemed like yesterday when you first entered Berklee, and here you are graduating already. Diana and I are so proud of you. You’ve already accomplished a tremendous amount of success, and your journey is just beginning. Keep working hard so all of your dreams come true. You are an amazing young man! Congratulations, we love you!

  149. Mary and Clinton Beriont

    Dear Sally, Graduation congratulations to our beautiful, talented, and tenacious daughter! Your incredible passion has led you to where you are today – never lose that. Continue to trust your instincts and follow your dreams – we will be there to catch you and celebrate with you every step of the way. Always remember “Being true to yourself never goes out of style”!
    Congratulations Salbert! All our love, Mom and Dad XOXO

  150. Diana Filiano

    Dear Gillian Dana, now a masteress of music. You always put your all into what you do, and you have become adept at dealing with unexpected occurrences in life and still figuring how to live and thrive despite. And, accomplishing this in a pandemic and dealing with disappointments of not ending this year the way you had hoped shows this beautiful and valuable skill set! We are so very proud of our hardworking, talented and beautiful daughter and hate not being there to share in this day. Happy graduation! Love, Mom, Dad, and Clare.

  151. Catherine Hancock

    Dearest Minh, The whole family is so proud of you, especially in these tough times. You’ve worked so hard and I know success will be yours in whatever form it takes. Congratulations and I’ll be watching the performance this evening. Much love, Grammy

  152. Linda

    Congratulations Tara-Jean Canlon! We’re so proud of you and your accomplishments. Can’t wait to see what your future holds. We have no doubt that you will do amazing things! Love, Linda, Danny, Tara, Lauren & Jessica

  153. Kristen Wisneski

    To my dearest pal, Jeet. You are one of the most salt-of-the-earth humans I know. Of all the crazy things to happen, Miss Rona came in and tried to steal your thunder. Yet, try as she and anything else might, nothing can. You are a force to be reckoned with and an artist through and through. On top of that, you are the greatest friend. I love and miss you. Congratulations, and happy graduation!! The world is yours for consumption.

  154. The Canlon's Restaurant Staff

    Congratulations Tara-Jean! You are destined for great things! Good luck with everything! Love, the Canlon’s staff—Alyssa, Amanda, Emily, Megan, Flora, Sean, Anthony, Jill, Courtney, Nicky, Ryan, Katie, Timmy, etc.

  155. Ellen Ushay

    Congratulations Sally Beriont! We love you!
    Uncle Rob, Aunt Ellen, Mary, Emily, Laura, Claire and Grace

  156. Catherine Beniers

    Congratulations Sweetheart. Knew one day you would have to be out in the real world. Hope you find what makes you Happy. Love you, Noni & Grampe

  157. Ross & Gayle Miller

    Congratulations Jacqueleen on your graduation! It has been so fun & heart warming watching you grow from a sassy little ballerina to today a confident, poised, & stunning dance professional. The whole world is your’s for the taking. Well done!
    love, Uncle Ross & Auntie Gayle

  158. Catherine Boncaldo

    Congratulations Sweetheart. Knew one day you would have to be out in the real world. Hope you find what makes you Happy. Love you, Noni & Grampe

  159. Julieta Cadorniga

    Our Dearest Franco
    “Know what makes your graduation extra special? It’s having watched you grow up, having so many good memories of you and knowing all the challenges you’ve worked through to get to this day.”
    Congratulations Franco! May this be the start of greater things for you. You made us so proud of you.
    We love you very much.
    Mom, Uncle Danny, Cecil, Will, Daniel, Pia, Charlie, Regine, John, Lea, Joshua, Lola

  160. Kevin Millis

    Congratulations to all of the 2020 Graduating Class, and in particular, here is a shout out to Dylan Millis, one of your very best!!! Way to go, Dylan!!!!

  161. Stephen and Jane Nevitt


    Congratulations on achieving this next honor as part of your ongoing musical journey. Your mother and I are proud of all you have accomplished, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds as you continue to develop your artistry and craft.

    All the best,
    Jane and Stephen Nevitt

  162. Neil Donohoe

    Every now and then, the world is thrown into a time of havoc and uncertainty. When it subsides, we can return to the way things were, or embrace a new beginning. You are the generation of the next innovations. I know you will do miraculous things, as artists and artist citizens of the new world. Much love and admiration.

  163. Whitney (Cousin)

    Congratulations Beautiful! You did it! So proud of you & May the lord bless you on your journey! ❤️

  164. Jack D’Emilio

    TJ !!!!! A huge and hearty congratulations to you, one of my most favorite friends and artists on the face of the planet. I love you and miss you terribly. I cannot wait to watch you conquer everything ahead of you. Any time you ever need a scene partner over zoom, you know how to find me !!

  165. Sharawn Lopez

    To my love Tarija Hudson, to say I am proud of you is an understatement….you are a beautiful, intelligent, talented, outstanding young lady!!!
    It’s all up hill from here!!!! Keep pushing and reaching for the stars…. I will always be here for you and push you to never give up! Always, Always put GOD first and there will never be a question where he has placed the period!!!!
    Love ya infinity baby girl!!!!

  166. Jake Lemons

    To my amazingly talented cousin Alex-Congratulations on your graduation!! It’s been a true joy to witness you mature into such a kind, sincere and intelligent young man. I hope you know that you are loved and that we are SO proud of you. I cant wait to see what the future holds for you. This is your moment, seize it!

  167. Steve Perry

    Dear Ben, congrats on your Master of Music degree! So excited for your future.
    Love from Mom & Dad

  168. Maddie Powell

    Tara-Jean Canlon!! I am so proud of you! In some odd way, this unique online graduation celebration is fitting for you, as you are both great at keeping people on their toes, do everything with with the intent of love, and are unlike anything anyone has ever known before. You are a heartfelt artist and superb human being- I could my lucky stars that I get to call you my dear friend and Sister in Comedy. This world is bound to offer up so much magic to you and I can’t wait to be there to see it. You are limitless. Congratulations!!!

  169. Dale Owens

    Congratulations Andy on a job well done earning your masters degree in music performance! Still in awe of your final trumpet recital back on March 7th just before the BOCO campus shutdown!! Your hard work is self evident as you continue to elevate the level of your performance each year and your family is so proud of you!!! Looking forward to what God has in store for you as you continue to learn and excel.

    Love you!


  170. Bill Sheehan

    Congratulations Samuel Zamora!

    You have made a truly remarkable achievement. You should be proud of your perseverance and success. All of us at A Faith That Does Justice applaud your accomplishments and appreciate the time and talent that you have given our cause.


    *Our Tara-Jean*

    -Your Angels in Heaven-

    We are Always Watching Over You…

    Our Life was filled with Joy and Happiness the Day You Were Born

    Love Forever, your Grandma Annie Precious XXOO
    Alice in Wonderland



    Grandma-Cross-a-Street told Mommy that one day she would get a big surprise.
    From heaven, Grandma kept her promise to Mommy, and on January 7th you Graced us All. I know that Grandma & Grandpa Cross-a-Street -aka- Jean and Umberto Mio
    will be with you Always.

    Remember to- “Keep-a the EYES open”

    Love and Miss you very much,
    Aunt Lee oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  173. Kathleen Beckmann

    Dear Taylor and friends and Staff,


    Although we are in unknown territory you will all blossom and grow with all that you have learned, and shared with each other at BOCO , these pass 4 years. Love is in your hearts in who you are and the gifts you have been given, sharing your gifts with make that love grow. CONGRATS enjoy the journey. Much love and Laughter,


  174. Tom and Joan McBride

    Congrats Rebecca –

    You’ve done the hard work. You’ve earned the degree. You have the very best education behind you … one of the 106 dual majors of Berklee’s 2020 Class.

    You will achieve great things in the coming years. All the best wishes for a bright and happy future!

    Pop Pop Tom and Joan



  176. Tara-Jean Canlon




  177. gail mclaughlin


    Dear Kayla,
    You are talented for sure but more than that you are thoughtful, loving and a
    gift to all the family. Im proud of all that you are and all you have accomplished.
    Hugs, Grandma

  178. Emily True & Adam Stanford

    Dearest Clara,
    It is with great love and pride that we watch and celebrate as you complete your BoCo journey. Watching you grow as a dancer since the age of 4 has been one of the greatest joys of our lives. We will miss our trips to Boston, but now we have London to look forward to! Congratulations and all our love.
    Mom and Dad

  179. Debbie Rizzo

    Congratulations Nicole Rizzo!!! I couldn’t be more proud of you and all your hard work at Boston Conservatory.

    All my love,


  180. Linda Owens

    Dear Andy,
    Congratulations on this accomplishment!
    You have a dream and you are working hard to make that dream come true. I pray for a lifetime of joy with your music as you use it always to glorify our Lord Jesus.

  181. Nina Morrow

    CONGRATULATIONS MELODY MORROW!!! We can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of you and all your accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, with all your hard work and dedication, it is certainly going to be an amazing one… Love you to the moon and back, Mom & Dad

  182. Kathy Brittng

    Dear Dana, I know that you wanted to graduate together with all your friends, but I am thrilled to be able to be a virtual part of your graduation. You are destined for great things in your life and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I love you! Aunt Kathy

  183. Cyara

    Congrats to Taraja!

  184. tara drake

    We are very proud of you and all your hard work. Congratulations!!

  185. Peter Johnson

    Dear Nick and all your co-graduates, companions, and friends,

    Finding creative solutions to unexpected, earthshaking challenges was never part of any curriculum guide I’ve ever seen. You’ve learned the skill despite the slight oversight. Congratulations on the lessons you’ve learned, abilities you’ve nurtured, your successes, and the wonderful opportunities you’ve positioned yourself to be able to have.

    Our love and best wishes to you and all!
    Peter & Cindy Johnson

  186. Albert Potgieter

    Congratulations Reinier and the Class of 2020! Wishing you all the best for a bright future. Warmly, Albert, Annelise, Leilani and Mocha.

  187. John Rizzo

    Congratulations Nicole Rizzo, we are so incredibly proud of you and all you have accomplished! You never let any of the many obstacles stop you in your quest to live your dream to this point and we have no doubt you will continue with your tenacity and drive to even bigger accomplishments.
    Love you to the moon… and back again. Dad and Laurie

  188. John Haukoos

    To say I am proud of your talent and accomplishments is a huge understatement. One of my greatest joys is watching and listening to you perform your music. Your time at BoCo is just a chapter—albeit, an important chapter—in the life on an artist. And you have completed it with style and class. I love your music, your artistry, your intellectual curiousity and your sensitive heart. Here’s to a bright future filled with music and wonder! I love you, Mum

  189. Guido Calvo Chaves

    Felicidades Samuel.
    ¡Le deseo muchos éxitos en su vida profesional!
    Un abrazo.

  190. Linda Millen

    Jimmy Millen! Congratulations to a hard working, talented, bright young man. We love you and we are very proud of you!
    Love, Mom, Dad, Julianna, Clarissa

  191. Michele Kraemer

    Congratulations Josephine! We couldn’t be prouder of you and of all you have accomplished to become the talented artist you are now. You have put all your energy in doing what you’ve always dreamed of. Keep climbing the mountain. We love you. Maman, Papa, Tim, and Isabelle

  192. Phil and Kay Deaton

    Congratulations Simone. So proud of you!

  193. Lisa and James Mitchell

    Congratulations Alexis Mitchell! We are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. Thank you for the music you bring to the world!

  194. Julio

    Muchas felicidades Inés Sánchez. estamos on line para ello.

  195. Mark Oto

    Congratulations to Calliope Maiwald on her graduation!
    A Wonderful achievement for our star!

  196. Emily

    Charity Bigs.
    Congratulations on this achievement. Really proud of you. Nothing is impossible. We thank God for this achievement.

  197. Joan

    Congratulations Amy Lorna Achieng Onyonyi.
    I am very very proud of you!
    Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”
    Amy thank you for always shining for Jesus! You Love God Hallelujah!

    You did Great! You are doing Great and Yes you will do Great in Jesus name, Amen.
    May our Good Lord bless you exceedingly abundantly more than you can think, ask or imagine.
    I Love you Auntie Joan

  198. Bill and Peggy Araiza

    Madison, we watched your first ballet recital when you were three years old and continued to watch you mature into doing the thing you love most….dancing. Reach for the stars and remember you can be anything you set your mind to be. We are
    so proud of you and love you up to Heaven
    and back! Baba and Poppy


    Tara Jean, I am so proud of all your accomplishments. Continue to follow your dreams. xo
    Maureen Miller

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