Continuing Berklee’s commitment to giving back to the community at large, the college’s Gracenotes Volunteer Committee sponsored its third annual trip to New Mexico. A group of eight staff and faculty members from the College and Conservatory traveled to Santa Fe to work on Habitat for Humanity projects promoting affordable home ownership for Santa Fe area residents. Read the volunteers’ reflection below.

Lauren Linsalata | Staff, Berklee College of Music

Lauren Linsalata headshot“Having concrete evidence of my progress at the end of the week is a big deal to me—not just because we’re building a home for someone who very much needs it. It’s a reminder of what I’m capable of, in a tangible context.”

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Claire Mumford | Staff, Berklee College of Music

Claire Mumford“This is an experience that has already impacted how I view the world around me, and what my role is in creating a forward-thinking, sustainable, equitable environment in small but powerful ways.”

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Michelle Parkos| Staff, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Michelle Parkos headshot“We signed Berklee’s name inside the walls that we put up and will forever be a part of that house in Santa Fe. I am grateful that I was able to have this experience and I hope it continues for others.”

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Nicole Mlynczak | Staff, Berklee College of Music

Nicole Mlynczak headshot“The communal aspect of the trip and shared interest in coming together to do some good in the world was invaluable and inspiring—worth every sore muscle!”

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Micaela Basilici | Staff, Berklee College of Music

Micaela Basilici“This trip exposed me to a world so vastly different from my ‘normal.’ I felt a new perspective manifesting within me so strongly it was almost tangible. I’m still reeling.”

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Terry Kates | Staff, Berklee Online

“Seeing the gratitude and excitement of the soon-to-be homeowners as they watched their new homes take shape was very special.” (Pictured back, right)

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Alexandra Berlyn Jacobs ’18 | Staff, Berklee College of Music

Alexandra Jacobs“This was a fantastic experience that compounded my love for Berklee and for the experiences that I am able to have as I embark on my career. This trip reminded me that no amount of time and money is too small to make an impact on everyone involved!”

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Melinda Thomas | Staff, Berklee College of Music

Melinda Thomas“It was incredible to see the work we were able to accomplish in the three days we worked on that site. The property really went from a cement slab surrounded by trash and giant mounds of dirt to the roots of a house.”

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