The Capital Network (TCN) is a non-profit organisation focused on educating entrepreneurs about the fundraising process. It is directed by some of Boston’s most influential investors who populate its board of directors and board of advisors. As early age startups progress in Boston’s ecosystem, TCN teaches founders about every aspects of funding to prepare them before they meet investors and try to raise capital. Moreover, the organization fosters a very active community of innovators and enables connections and networking for new entrepreneurs.


Robotics pioneer Joe Jones at a TCN event.

Boston’s innovative ecosystem is powered by its concentration of top universities, research organizations and technology focused companies. A lot of up and coming entrepreneurs emanate from those places with a desire to leverage what they learned and solve new problems through fast paced execution fueled by smart influx of capital. Most of them fail along the way and pivot towards something else. Those who succeed eventually earn massive returns they may reinject in new companies becoming investors and advisors themselves. TCN helps talented self starters to navigate this cycle.

I was quite excited about getting to know more about the company on my first day. I felt I really needed to understand why it existed in order to bring my best contribution. Hence we had many meetings to explore what I could do to help out. I started collaborating with the event programer to organize educational events for startup founders. I also had to create social media and marketing content to promote those events and foster the TCN community. Moreover, I talked with my supervisor about designing a new brand for the organization and build a website with new content to support that brand. I also had to go to many other external events to network and build relationships within the ecosystem.

I found out about The Capital Network through my involvement with Berklee ICE. When the institute was founded during my first semester at Berklee I immediately reached out to founding managing dir. Panos Panay to find out how I could get involved and learn more about entrepreneurship. I got impassioned and excited by the new vision centered around creative entrepreneurship. But I knew nothing. So Panos sent me to attend a TCN event and I was hooked. I started a venture while taking a Berklee ICE class titled Startup Lab and was selected to be incubated by the institute. This is how I started my journey as a student entrepreneur. I failed and pivoted many times until finding the right mission at the beginning of last summer. As I neared completion of my degree I was left with a required practicum from my business major and decided to pick an internship. I then had to find the right internship that would compliment my mission as an entrepreneur and help me move my venture forward. Therefore I applied to The Capital Network.

This is an intro to my internship at TCN, read on the next post to learn more about my experience working at this organization and how I leveraged my Berklee education in this unusual field. Hope you enjoy reading!

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