We arrived in NOLA to embark on our 10th trip to the city for our Gracenotes Habitat for Humanity Sponsorship.  I am eager to see the progress since the first time I was down here in 2013 when arrived in this vibrant city to help build homes.  We have a great group of volunteers this year with a group of 5 staff and 3 faculty.

The team consists of faculty members Joe Santerre, Winnie Dahlgren, and Cassandre McKinley and staff members Matt Frias, Sarah Froberg, Adam Gojanovich, Jeannie Greeley, and Monique Villalona.  The first day was a team building day in which we got to know each other while listening to some great music.

We enjoyed a great New Orleans style dinner that consisted of gator, catfish, and crawfish. We then saw a live Jazz band in a small venue called Fritzels that was such a great experience.

We are starting to gel as a team very well and I know we will work well together on whatever house building task we are asked to do.  Soon we will have to strap on our tool belts and put on our work clothes, but now it is time to enjoy the music and remind ourselves what a great city this is and why it is important we make sure the rebuilding continues.