It’s always good to come home when you go away, but it was with a heavy heart that I left New Orleans this morning. It was a time to meet many amazing new friends, to experience life like I haven’t in a long time, and to breathe deep a beautiful and unique city — one that still needs a lot of help.

I can’t thank Berklee or my new found family of friends enough for the most incredible experience I’ve had in my life. It was truly wonderful. The city is so full of life around the clock: brass bands strolling down the streets, horse drawn carriages roam that are seemingly more popular than taxis, and artists selling their creations on the street, using every wall, fence and stone pathway as their own personal gallery.

And just 3 miles away are empty plots and ruined houses that offer a reality check. A reminder that this city full of life is still recovering from its terrible injuries years ago. I can’t recommend more that if you ever have the chance to work with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity that you do so. You’ll never feel so good about a days work in your life.