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A few words about starting a Symphony Orchestra

Last night we had our final rehearsal with Valencia Film Orchestra. So far it has been an amazing journey, and we are really excited about our concert in the Palau de la Música this Saturday, April 30th.

Putting together a group of 66 amazingly talented musicians has been the hardest challenge of our lives. We have gone through months of hard work, planning and preparation. Thousands of emails and phone calls later, we were able to successfully have our first rehearsal two weeks ago. Everybody was super excited to share beautiful music with fellow musicians from up to 13 countries.
Conducting 1

Every rehearsal has been better than the previous one. Last Tuesday we were super fortunate to have Brian Cole, Dean of Berklee College of Music, to come and prepare the piece he is going to conduct, Mission Impossible. Our final rehearsal was magical, because we finally put together most of the pieces, and we had the amazing Yaron Traub, Principal Conductor of the Orchestra of Valencia, to rehearse Imperial March and Ratatouille with us.

Brian Conducting Yaron

Now we are ready for the performance. Months of hard work are going to be finally come to fruition in what has been an unforgettable experience. We want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of the musicians, volunteers and people that have made this project possible. The most amazing thing is that all of the income from the ticket sales will go towards the children of Fundación FUVANE. What more could we ask for?

See you on Saturday!

Fernando and Elaine

Valencia Film Orchestra


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Color Violeta feat. Berklee World String Orchestra

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  1. Ken Hairr

    We want to start a new symphony in Atlanta Ga area. I would be very interested in how you did it.

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