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With their rich, dirty bass and guitars riffs, to their big drums, and edgy vocals, The Ben Cote band definitely delivers the Rock N’ Roll lifestyle that is lacking in today’s music industry! After trial and error with multiple bands they finally found their hook in the summer of 2014. The Ben Cote Band started in the Worcester live music scene, frequently playing at venues such as Partners Pub, The Palladium, Beatnik’s and dozens of other locations. You can also see them playing shows in Boston, especially at Berklee College of Music.

Lead singer and guitarist Ben Cote started off at The Musicians Institute in Fall 2013. After a year Ben decided that he needed to get a more advanced education to help further is music career. Now he is a 4th semester student studying Professional Music here at the Berklee College of Music. Through Berklee professors and courses his craft is getting strong and can be seen through his original music. Cote’s thirst for Rock N Roll couldn’t be more real. He has teamed up with drummer Sam Mogel and bassist Max Dzeiwit to create music heavily inflected by classic rock icons including Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix and many others.

Earlier this month I was given the honor to meet one on one with The Ben Cote Bands lead singer Mr.Cote to talk about his Berklee involvement as well as his bands accomplishments.

To Read The rest of their story and their journey go to The Berklee Groove website.

Be sure to go to their show here on campus at 1140 Boylston St, March 21st at 4:00pm

To meet band members Ben Cote, Sam Mogel and Max Dziewit and read their individual bios below:



Twitter: @bencoteband

Instagram: @bencoteband

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