by Shie Rozow ’97

Growing up I was very timid, especially when it came to girls. In junior high there was a girl I liked. A lot. There was a school dance coming up and I desperately wanted to ask her to go as my date, but just couldn’t muster the courage. I was too shy (no pun intended). Trying to help me, my father told me a story – a crude joke:

A man walks into a bar, sits next to a pretty woman and asks her if she wants to go to his place for some late night romance. She throws her drink in his face, slaps him across the cheek and storms off. The bartender says to the man “you must get a lot of drinks thrown in your face?” The man responds, “yes I do, but I also take a lot of women to my place.”

He explained his point was that if you don’t ask, you’ll never get what you want. Thankfully that wasn’t the extend of his advice and my father then followed up with his 75% chance of success theory. It goes something like this: continue reading on Shie’s blog.

Shie graduated Berklee in 1997 and moved to Los Angeles where he built a career as a composer, music editor and music supervisor for film, TV and interactive mediaShie’s credits span nearly every genre and style including blockbuster movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Oz: The Great & Powerful and Spider-Man 2; critically acclaimed indie features like Big Eyes, Addicted and Hustle & Flow; feature documentaries like Errol Morris’ The Unknown Known & Tabloid;  Hit TV shows including Go On and Desperate Housewives, to name a few. 

Be sure to check out his blog for many great insights into the Film Scoring industry and advice for starting careers: Shie Rozow’s The Blog