Nikole Luebbe graduated in 2014 and is now working as the Music Coordinator at Heavy Hitters Music.

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September 2013 I was beginning my last semester at Berklee, September 2014 marked the end
of my third month working as the music coordinator for Heavy Hitters Music. Time has been moving very quickly lately and in the span of 12 months I have gone from college student, to intern, to college graduate, to full time employee. In an industry that can be very unpredictable and unstable I have been very lucky in that I have never been to unsure of what my next step will be.

In September of 2013 I made my first trip into the Office of Experiential Learning to meet with my advisor Brian Curr. I told Brian I was interested in music supervision and that my dream internship would be to work for Chop Shop Music Supervision. Brian was an invaluable resource to me, he made sure I was prepared and kept me level headed by letting me know I needed to pursue backup options, as it was not likely I would get an interview with Chop Shop.

I tracked down the company email and started cold emailing Chop Shop as well as other supervisors in LA trying to get a hold of anyone who would listen. I was also lucky enough to be introduced to some BIG LA names by Berklee Professors and Faculty. Finally by the end of October I had an interview set up with Chop Shop, Neophonic and the VP of Fox Music. By Thanksgiving I was offered the position at Chop Shop.

In January I flew to LA and showed up early and eager to my first day at Chop Shop. Over the next four months I was able to assist the supervision on Scandal, Greys Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Hart of Dixie and Supernatural. I learned all of the ins and outs of how an efficient team works and about how the magic curtain separating artists from the silver screen is lifted.

By May my time at Chop Shop was up and I left with a upgraded resume and a sense of how the music biz in LA works. I flew back to Boston for a week, graduated school, and started in on the daunting job hunt. Every day for two months I sent resumes, cold emails, cold calls, searched, and cried as I stressed about the end of my student loan grace period coming up and the reality that finding a job in this industry is not easy. In a period of 8 weeks I sent over 300 resumes and contacted Justine Taormino (Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs) on a religious basis to see if she had any leads. Finally one day, Justine did have a lead, for a boutique music library seeking a music coordinator. I sent an email with a resume and cover letter, assuming I would hear nothing back. But I did hear back, I went in for an interview, and was hired the following week!

I was lucky enough to land a position that uses the expertise I cultivated at Berklee while also allowing me to grow and learn as an industry professional. As music coordinator I am responsible for many facets of our music catalogue, I am the front line of the A&R team, the person putting together “Pitches” or playlists for Film and TV searches, and generally making sure the office stays on track and on top of deadlines. I am excited to see where this position leads, and so relieved to no longer be desperately throwing my resume at anything that moves!

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