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AM Agency X Le Musee Passager

Aimee Jagou is a graduate student from the global entertainment and music business program at Berklee College of Music’s international campus in Valencia, Spain.


Since last year, I have been working on my own company with a friend currently studying at the “Institut Français de la Mode”, a fashion school. We met in high school, but really got to know each during university. She was in Paris while I was travelling around, already trying to connect to the music and fashion sphere on our own through different experiences. Both of us are passionate about music, fashion and art; each time we met each other we imagined our dream company – the one we have just launched: AM AGENCY.

To connect all these ideas, we imagined a sound design agency specialized in the fashion and art sectors.

We describe our job as music curators for fashion brands and museums or galleries. We choose music for fashion shows, stores, compilations or modern art exhibitions. But, not only do we select music, we also integrate the fashion brands’ vision and identity, as well as the artists’ message and exhibitions’ theme into our creative process.

Our first project happened last month. We have created an immersive experience for a Modern Art museum based in the Parisian suburbs. With direct relationships with the artists, we have composed different musical paths. These paths propose different interpretations for each space and therefore make the visitors see the artworks differently depending on the sound atmosphere.

In order to produce this sound installation, we collaborated with Luke Dennis, also a student at Berklee’s Valencia campus. He created the audio program and helped us to set up the installation.

This project was really innovative and exciting, and I am glad we made our dreams come true, creating this bridge between art and music.

Not only did we enhance the artworks’ interpretation with music, but we also offered the opportunity for music producers to use their compositions differently, illustrating a museum’s exhibition.

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Carry the Love!


Commencement 2015

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