Joo Won Park (www.joowonpark.net) graduated in 2001 as a dual major of Music Synthesis and Contemporary Writing & Production. He is now working as a Visiting Assistant Professor of computer music at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio.  Joo Won is also a performing electronic musician.

Name: Joo Won Park
Major(s): Music Synthesis, Contemporary Writing & Production
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Current City: Oberlin, OHJooWonBW

How does your degree play a role in your current career path?

I am currently teaching computer music at the Oberlin Conservatory. Many teaching jobs at the universities require that you have Master’s degree or higher. Berklee has given me right training and experience to pursue masters and PhD in music.  I also have been in contact with my Berklee professors for 12 years. They have helped and supported my through my graduate school years and beyond as a mentor and role model.

Did you participate in an internship? Why or why not? If yes, how did that experience affect your career path?

Yes. I was an intern at the Harvestworks in New York City in summer of 2003. In addition to the housekeeping tasks, I was able to teach and help some students and professionals. I have met many digital artists and musicians who are not affiliated with Berklee (or any schools) through my internship. The internship also gave me an idea of a life as a music technologist and educator.

Can you touch on the importance of your networking, skill and talent?

As a musician, I believe that improving my skill and talent is the most important thing. There are no music professionals with mediocre skills. The networking will follow as long as one has the right skill. I gained confidence in my specialty, which is performance of electronic music, by experimenting and failing for many years. I  made more meaningful networks after I built that confidence.

How do you connect with other people? How much does social media play a role in your career as an employee and artist?

Social media is an important tool to meet new people and stay in contact with them. However, a human-to-human interaction is much more preferred method for making a meaningful connection. Typing “hi” on someone’s Facebook has impact than a warm hug. Most of my successful collaboration and gig started with non-social media interaction.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My musical hero of all time is J.S. Bach. Beside being a great composer, he was also a performer,  educator and a family man. He worked very hard to improve his skills while facing non-musical life challenges.

Also, as a student at Berklee, Richard Boulanger (aka Dr. B), was a role model for me. I wanted to become a teacher like him, so I went to graduate schools and studied for six more years. He has introduced me to music and books I have never known.

Joo Won Park can be found on the web at www.joowonpark.net, one of his recent projects is 100 Strange Sounds, be sure to check it out!

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