Berklee-Valencia-Bron-Don-Study-AbroadBron Don formed in the fall of 2013 at Berklee College of Music. In January 2014, they recorded their first EP entitled “The Vibes Project”, which was released on February 6th, 2014. Now they’ve decided to experience a semester abroad at Berklee’s Valencia campus in Spain.

18:00, Somewhere Over The Atlantic

Believe it or not, this day, January 9th 2015, marks the official one-year anniversary of Bron Don. At this time last year, Mitchell Cardoza and I (Michael Cangemi) arrived at John Cattini’s house in Albany, New York, after completing our 1st semester at Berklee. There we recorded what turned out to be our first EP, “The Vibes Project.” Little did we know that in one year’s time we would be on a flight to Valencia to Study Abroad and play music around Europe.

Shortly after the formation of Bron Don, we heard about the Study Abroad program offered by Berklee. After a quick discussion with our friends, we all decided that it was clearly a no-brainer. Four months abroad, in Valencia, with our band, AND our closest friends? What’s there to debate! So we all applied during our 3rd semester and in the Fall 2014, we found out that we had all been accepted to go abroad. Unfortunately, our good friend and drummer, Cody Flores, had opted to not Study Abroad in order to stay in Boston and pursue his academics and musical career. Drummer-less and with Europe fast approaching, we held auditions and soon after found fellow 3rd semester-er Colin Mohr. With an EP and Album, “De La Cosmos.”, under our belt, we quickly got to rehearsing and gigging with Colin in preparation for our trip abroad.

As John, Mitchell, and I sit here on our flight to Valencia, we can’t help but be excited. In a few hours we will be in Valencia, and be reunited with Colin and the rest of our friends. We have a once-in-a-life-time semester ahead of us, with the opportunity to get learnt in some stimulating classes and travel around Europe spreading the Bron Don vibe and love. Stay tuned for more news about our time abroad!

Peace and love,

Bron Don
~Michael Cangemi
~Mitchell Cardoza
~John Cattini
~Colin Mohr