Karenly NievesKárenly Nieves is a singer, writer and food and lifestyle blogger. She is currently, in her third semester, she is focusing on achieving a dual major in Music Business & Management and Music Therapy.

As I started building my Berklee Music Network Portfolio last night, I couldn’t help but notice how many things I’ve been able to experience since I moved to Boston a year and half ago. Berklee has many students who are in constant movement: singing, recording, arranging and just pretty much everywhere all the time and so other students, including me, tend to perceive that they’re not doing enough sometimes.

I’ve heard many times comments asking why videos, recordings, performances, etc. don’t come their way but the truth of the matter is that you need to be brave enough to work, hard, for it. Grab a notebook, write down your schedule and let’s fight procrastination!

Learn where your weaknesses are and put effort into upgrading your game. Throughout the fall and winter, we tend to stay home for a longer period of time because of the cold weather. Take that time and do something productive with it. Create a Garage Band file and play around with the beats, chords and instruments. Take your arranging book and practice for a bit. Then, open a finale file and try to make your favorite song different. Record yourself, so that you get to know your strengths and get used to hearing yourself which, for me, can be a pretty weird thing to get used to.

Build pages to help you share your professional development, whether is SoundCloud, Youtube, Twitter, FB Page (which are getting quite popular around Berklee kids), and/or the Berklee Music Network profile. These are pretty useful when you are short of business cards. Oh, that’s another option: business cards. These ones are especially useful when you find yourself out of the Berklee bubble.

Go to Berklee activities and while you’re enjoying yourself, you create new connections and slowly get to have a network of musicians, staff and faculty. Sign up for the Livewell, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Activities Center and your Major’s Offices.

You will never know what may happen unless you give it a try and always remember to audition for performance opportunities everywhere. You could be heard by the right people, at the right time. Think about it and, when you feel ready, give it a shot. It will be worth it.

Best of luck!



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