Danielle AngeloniDanielle Angeloni is a singer/songwriter inspired by culture, traveling, and life. She loves collaborative writing, learning, and performing and is honored to be finishing her Degree in Professional Music and Minor in Music Technology and Innovation at Berklee’s Valencia, Spain Campus



Things are really starting to get busy here in Valencia. Late nights in the tech labs, recording sessions on my days off, performances, rehearsal and I LOVE every minute of it! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being exhausted this much.

Valencia SpainBefore my MTI classes started I was honestly scared that I’d fall behind easily and flounder on assignments. After my second week of classes I am SO happy I made the decision to take the challenge. The MTI faculty here are brilliant. We are starting from the very basic skills needed in Protools and Ableton and moving at a rapid, but secure pace.

It may be early to be saying all this… I’m sure I may regret my decision one morning at 4a.m. when I’m mixing a project, but so far the hard work is bringing me the utmost satisfaction!

My MTI classes this semester are:

Recording techniques for record production

Mixing for musicians

Virtual Production Techniques (producing midi in Protools)

Electronic Dance Music (Ableton)

Critical listening

…all of the classes weave nicely to bridge many different areas of production.

I’m also excited to be working with the promoter LiveXmusic in Valencia. Last Saturday there was an open mic/jam session at a venue called Loco Club, hosted by LiveX. Here many Berklee students and I collaborated and performed for each other and the Valencian Audience. This small company is catered toward finding Berklee talent and helping it grow in Valencia.

Valencia SpainI am “over the rainbow” excited for what is to come this semester 😉 Stay close! New tunes are in the works, and will be released sometime within my next couple blog posts.