Ben KonenBen Konen is a student at Berklee College of Music. With the help of International Programs he and his band, Cluttered Clarity, will be touring around Europe this summer. Read more about Ben’s adventures here.

Last week I explained that sometimes in your career, you have to take business decisions against your friends. This week, I will explain that good friends will also help move your career forward.

For those of you that read the previous blog posts, you know that the last couple of months were really busy. I had to organize a tour and all the work that it brings with it. Unfortunately I only had little time to do all that work. When I told my friends about the project, I had a lot of great feedback from them. Further more, some people offered me their help, which I gladly accepted.

Cluttered ClarityOne friend took band photos for us for free. I called him, and he rapidly scheduled us for a next day photo-shoot.  When we had to replace a band member, he was available to take some more photos.

Another friend of mine writes great music and asked me if he can write and arrange some music for us. I was so busy with the managing that I was happy that I had to compose less music. It only took a week and I had one original and 3 arrangements for our band.

Berklee has a great business department. Fortunately, some of my friends took advantage of the classes offered by the business department, so when I was faced with problems with the law about the music, they were willing to help me out. Whenever I had a business related question I could call them and they gave me great advice.

At a college the size of Berklee, it is almost impossible to really know all about the possibilities the school has to offer. I was glad that some of my fellow classmates had already been in similar positions. They recommended which person at Berklee I could ask for support, which company or organization might sponsor our band, and advised me on different things like how to set up a band.

Last but not least, there were a lot of people outside of Berklee that helped me a lot and made it possible for this tour to become a success. Some friends checked out my website and gave me a feedback on the layout, others messaged me whenever they heard about a place that was looking for a band or where they heard a band before.

I am really grateful for all the help I received from my friends in Boston and all around the world. Without them I wouldn’t have the great opportunities I have right now. They gave me great feedback, contributed their own work, and widened my network.

Yours truly,
Ben Konen