Friends and fellow staffers,


I recently signed up for the Berklee Fund payroll deduction, after the launch of the More Than a Job initiative, which I’m sure you’ve heard about.  I wanted to share why I feel giving to the Berklee Fund is very important, and why you should take a few seconds to fill out this form.

What does working at Berklee mean to you? To me, the growth of the college is vital to our prosperity, as individuals and a community. When I first started working at Berklee eight years ago, I didn’t really understand how or why giving might be so important. It is crucial for Berklee to show donors that we have widespread participation in the Berklee Fund on campus. It inspires them to write larger checks, because it shows in a measurable way that we believe in the mission of the college.

With more large donations, the college continues to grow, providing more opportunities and resources for students. And when the college grows, there are likely to be job and advancement opportunities for all of us. My friends on staff inspire me to give, because of how hard they work, and how much they love Berklee. I want Berklee to continue to improve and be a great place for us all.

Don’t know where to start? If we can all come together, and click here, to donate $1.93 a paycheck, which adds up to $50 a year, that is a great start. If you feel you can give more, that is awesome. Whatever you feel is comfortable. What seems like a small amount actually means so much to us as a community. It goes a long way.

More than anything, I feel it’s a symbol of showing that I’m grateful for the colleagues and the job that I have; I’m sure you can think of just one thing (hopefully more!) that you love about your job. Think of one thing or one person that inspires you at Berklee, and donate today. Join the list of Berklee Fund Donors to help make us stronger!


Shelly Atwood ’06
Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement