Heavy Rotations Record rep and student Kaylee Bugg interviews Sirma (HRR) in anticipation of their set at our Berklee CMJ Music Marathon Showcase.

Sirma (HRR) is an electronica/experimental/ambient artist influenced and inspired by creativity, humanity, and multimedia. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, and now living in New York, Sirma’s multicultural background influences her to strive for collaboration and connection. Constantly exploring her sound, Sirma has experience in production and arranging, on top of her solo work. Her debut EP,Traces, was released this fall and is available on SoundCloud. She is currently working on both new material and her live show.

1) From your experience, what is the best way to get your music out to people?

Internet and social media, without a doubt. I still make sure I have promotional physical copies to give out at shows or at meetings for networking purposes- they’re pretty much my extended business cards. And, some people still prefer collecting physical albums. But, I mostly upload my music on Soundcloud and Spotify; those two seem to be the most active platforms for sharing music nowadays.
2) Do you feel that being connected to Berklee alumni has helped your career as an artist?

Being connected to Berklee alumni has definitely helped my career as an artist. I still get updates on networking and gig opportunities – and, being a Berklee alum in the music industry of New York City differentiates me and connects me with other Berklee grads with whom I collaborate outside of my solo project pretty often.

3) What makes CMJ exciting and interesting compared to other festivals? Have you done anything special to prepare for your NYC debut?

CMJ is a dream come true for me, because I know that many artists I admire have played this music marathon in the beginning of their careers. I feel honored to be included in the list of up and coming artists of New York City after living here for only 4 months. This is also going to be my NYC debut- I played in NY before but I never played my solo material, so I’m quite excited for this show. For this special night, I’m preparing a set that will be accompanied by Asher Kurtz from Mals Totem on guitar and Tamer Pınarbaşı from New York Gypsy All-Stars on kanun. I’ll be playing 7 originals and 1 surprise cover. Should be quite interesting!

4) Are there any artists you plan on seeing at CMJ?

I’m a huge fan of Julia Easterlin’s live show so I’m hoping to catch that one for sure. I’m also quite interested in seeing WILSEN, Empress Of and Betty Who.

5) What plans do you have for 2014? 

Working on my second EP right now, which will be released in Spring 2014. I’ll be touring for a while, both nationally and internationally after that. There are also a few collaborations in progress right now- but all will be announced very soon on my social media pages. Keep checking www.sirmamusic.com for updates!